Best Wrestling Feuds of All Time 10-6

Ok I’ll give you the criteria for this list because it’s pretty specific.  There’s a ton of all time wrestling feuds I’d love to talk about, but unfortunately I didn’t see them unfold with my own two eyes so it seems pretty disingenuous include them.  I started watching wrestling pretty hardcore around 1989 so we’re talking best feud’s in the last 22 years.  Now these can open for the debate and if you have some displeasure with this list, or if you approve of some of these picks then leave a comment.

#10: Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boys vs The Dudley Boys.

This feud raised the bar to an all new and destructive level as far as tag-team wrestling is concerned and may have inadvertently destroyed it in the process.   These 6 guys participated, perfected and almost made obsolete the destructive nature of the triangle tag-team tables, ladders and chairs match.  Between 1999 to 2001 these guys just tore each other apart in various hardcore tag-team matches but when they met at back to back Wrestlemania’s tag-team wrestling would never be the same.  I never remembered any serious bad blood these three teams had for one another, rather than just trying to prove that they were the best team, and we the fans benafited from some of the craziest spots in some truly jaw-dropping matches.  Who was the real winner in this feud, well not only did Edge and Christian win the majority of the big money matches, they both went on to the most successful singles careers afterwards.  Even after these guys finished up this long running feud trading the tag-team titles for years this feud even went into singles matches and got real personal.  When Edge broke away from Christian and became a successful singles competitor it became public that we was cheating with Matt Hardy’s long time girlfriend and WWE female wrestler Lita.  After Matt was fired and re-hired these guys took they’re real life public feud into the ring in a serious of matches.  This Feud really spanned almost 10 years minus the Dudley Boys who didn’t stick around as long as the other two teams.

#9: Raven vs Tommy Dreamer

Back in 1996 when I was a young-en starting high school, kinda bored with pro-wrestling with WCW/WWE bullshit, someone told me and a buddy of mine if we wanted to see some real wrestling, put on the Spanish language station on a friday night at 1am.  So we sat up, bloodshot eyes, fighting falling asleep to a snickers commercial in a Spanish when all of a sudden….

ECW blew my fucking mind when  first saw it, it was over the top, rediculous, and amazing all at the same time.  Looking back on it now, it’s kinda bad, but in that way that Evil Dead 2 is kinda bad, but awesome.  The one guy I loved and this feud really stuck with me when it was all said and done was Raven vs Tommy Dreamer.  I’ll be honest I hated Tommy Dreamer, I respect him now after seeing what he did to keep that company afloat, but I hated him and I was a pretty big Raven fan. This feud had it all a 14 year old could want, bloody ass brawls, drama, hot half naked chicks making out, it was awesome!  Soon after this feud cooled off Raven left to drown in obscurity in WCW, but the damage was done, I was hooked as an ECW fan thanks to give feud.

#8: Bret Hart vs Owen Hart.

Who could forget Survivor Series 1993?  The Foreign Fanatics vs The All-Americans?  Nope….I’m not even talking about Shawn Michael’s the his Knights vs The Hart Family.  I’m talking about the first tear in the relationship with brother’s Owen and Bret.  This was a viscous family feud with Owen being jealous of Bret’s success and who was the best wrestler.  Truth be told, both of these guys ruled in the ring and their sibling rivalry gave us two awesome matches; One at Wrestling 10 at Madison square Garden seeing Owen gets a clean win…The other was a steel cage match for the title at Summer Slam seeing Bret victorious. It’s so stupid but what I will always remember is the weird little bit of spit that collected on the side of Owen Hart’s mouth after the match from the end of the match to the promo after the match where he tells everyone he beat Bret and he’s the best and I kept thinking, just wipe your damn mouth.  Bothers me to this day.

Fast Forward to 4:28 to feel my pain.

#7 The Rock vs Stone Cold Steven Austin.

This is a less of a feud and more of a rivalry as these two guys battled for almost a decade.  If you remember this all started at the 1998 Royal Rumble where Austin dominated the entire Rumble which was pretty predictable.  What wasn’t predictable was the last guy he was in the ring with was a very young and up and coming heel in “The Rock”  Although he defeated The Rock and threw him out of the ring to go on and win the title at Wrestlemania 14, The Rock was on the rise.  Rising so fast that at the next years Wrestlemania 15, The Rock was (The Corporate) Champion, Austin won the rumble again and these guys faced off in the first of 3 Mania matches.  Austin won the first two matches and then The Rock finally came away with a win at Wrestlemania 19, not for a title, but for respect.  These two guys were at the top of their game with this feud and had some great ring chemistry.  My favorite thing about any Rock/Austin match was no one….and I mean NO ONE….sold the Stunner better than The Rock.  It was like a bomb went off when he hit it, great stuff.

#6: The Undertaker vs Mankind.

I was leaning toward Kane being The Undertaker’s best feud but to be honest most of those matches kinda sucked.  I was in the crowd at Wrestlemania 14 when they had their first match and it was pretty boring.  The Undertaker worked better with a dance partner he could really throw around, enter Mick Foley as Mankind.  While it can be debated he had a better match set with Shawn Michaels, I think the feud with The Undertaker was better.  Mankind bursted onto the scene in WWE and had an immediate impact feuding with Taker, stealing his manager Paul Barrer and having some really inventive matches.  We saw the first ever Buried Alive match and a Broiler Room brawl.  These guys would just beat the bag out of each other and this would all lead up to one of the craziest matches of all time.  King of The Ring 1998 will always be known as the night Mankind and Undertaker stole the show.  What else needs to be said about the Taker/Mankind Hell In A Cell:  WWE listed it recently as their number 1: OMG moment of all time and with good reason.  When you see The Undertaker grab Mankind I remember thinking “Oh he’ll reverse this, they’ll never throwing someone off the ca-HOLY SHIT!”  You can hear it in Jim Ross’ voice he can’t believe what he’s just seen, it’s truly amazing.  That match continues and just get more brutal, its a sight to behold.  What gets lost in the craziness of that match is the fact that these guys had such a long standing feud over the span of three years, culminating in one of the most famous matches of all time.


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