Pop Junk Movies Podcast: Top 5 of 1994

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Since so many great movies are celebrating their 20th anniversary we decided to give our top 5 movies of 1994.  See show notes below for lists.



The River Wild
Blue Chips
Ed Wood
Dumb and Dumber
Shawshank Redemption


Interview with a Vampire
Shawshank Redemption



Cory (off pod)

Ace Ventura Pet Detective
The Clinet
The Chase
The Crow

Show notes: Jeff Daniels played Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.  Weird Note: He mentioned James Garner and he died the next day.  Sorry bro.





PopJunk Movies: More Leftovers!

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We went podcast crazy this week, 2 episodes of Leftovers and a top 5 for the 4th of July.  Check us out on podOmatic or itunes. See links below to get us in your ear-balls post haste.

Leftovers part 2—-> http://agrover81.podomatic.com/entry/2014-06-29T14_00_56-07_00

Top 5 to watch on the 4th of July—–> http://agrover81.podomatic.com/entry/2014-07-04T16_16_28-07_00

Leftovers Part 3——->http://agrover81.podomatic.com/entry/2014-07-06T16_52_38-07_00

PopJunk Movies Podcast: Top 5 Action Sequences

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Top 5 Action Sequences.



Adam and Evan are joined by their good and long time friend Sean Harris.  Sean brings a lot of passion for movies to match Adam and Evan’s love of action movies.

Now Playing: Adam

National Geographic: Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bomber: Gave me a sense of what this movie will look like chronicling those 5 days and the various characters you will have (girl hurt in bombing, FBI agent in charge, Ed Davis, etc) An interesting look at how technology not only totally hindered the investigation but also helped solve the case, a good balance of pros and cons.

Birth of the Dead: A good in-depth look at the making of night of the living dead and how it mirrored a lot of the social economics of the 60’s and why it’s such an important film.

Never Sleep Again: a good look at the nightmare on elm st. series.
Top 5 Action Sequences.


  1. The Battle of Helms Deep-Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers. (2002-Peter Jackson)

  2. Hard Boiled (1992-John Woo): Hospital Shoot Out

  3. The Dark Knight (2008-Christopher Nolan) Prisoner Transfer

  4. The Matrix (1999-The Watchowski Sibblings) The Lobby Scene

  5. The Battle of Hoth- (1980-Irving Kirshner) The Empire Strikes Back-The Battle of Hoth



  1. Commando (1985-Mark L Lester) The Mall Scene.

  2. The Empire Strikes Back (1980-Irving Kirshner) Luke vs. Vader

  3. Kill Bill (Quentin Tarentino-2003) Crazy 88 Fight (streaming on netflix)

  4. The Matrix (1999-The Watchowski Sibblings) The Lobby Scene

  5. Taken (2008-Pierre Morel) Kitchen Scene



  1. Commando (1985-Mark L Lester) Final Shoot-Out

  2. Aliens (1986 James Cameron) Power Loader

  3. Heat (1995-Michael Mann) Bank Robbery-Shoot-out

  4. Old-Boy (2003-Chan-Wook Park) Hammer Time (streaming on Netflix)

  5. Hard Boiled (1992 John Woo) Hospital Shoot-Out

Correction: We said OldBoy is not on netflix streaming….that’s a lie…it’s back on netflix streaming, along with the American remake but don’t watch that one please.



PopJunk Movies Podcast: Top 5 Wars Movies

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This week in honor of father’s day Adam and Evan discuss their favorite war movies.  In the second part of the episode they invite their father and he has his list of his favorite War movies.






  1. Kelly’s Heroes. (1970)

  2. The Thin Red Line (1998)

3.  Black Hawk Down (2001) (streaming on Netflix)

  1. Enemy at the Gates (2001)

  2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)


  1. Glory (1989)

4.  Zero Dark Thirty (2013)

3 .Black Hawk Down (2001) (streaming on Netflix)

  1. Apocalypse Now (1979)

  2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

John (Dad)

  1. The Longest Day(1962)

  2. The Battle of The Bulge (1965)

  3. Patton (1970)

2.Midway (1976)

  1. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Game Of Thrones – Season 4 – Episode 10 “The Children”

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“Your legacy is a lie” -Cersei celebrating fathers day
A Reviewcap By Sagebeth

This is it everyone – The finale of Season 4 for Game of Thrones. Stick with me while we revisit what went down in the aptly named episode focusing on both ‘the children of the forest’ as a race and ‘the children’ in reference to parents and their own legitimate children on the show.  Now buckle in because this last hour was quite the ride.

“You spent too much time with us Jon Snow. You can never be a kneeler again” -Tormund keeping it real

Jon Snow is heading back into enemy territory, walking amongst the burnt carnage that was the previous battle, to either kill or talk to Mance Rayder aka The King Beyond The Wall and we get a harsh reminder that Mance is both clever and witty. He literally lets us know that he knows how screwed the Nights Watch are but then follows this up with the real reason for him getting this whole army together: Winter is coming and therefore they NEED to escape the White Walker threat so they can continue living. This is something viewers may forget in the fog of battles and bloodshed: That the wildlings are just trying to continue being the free folk AND stay alive. Mance has some demands for everyone favorite pretty bastard: Open the tunnel gate and the Nights Watch will be spared. If they don’t Mance promises more mass death. This whole deal is completely appropriate and fair but Jon has to know his brothers would NEVER go through with this. It is against EVERYTHING they think they are there for. I also want to point out how effing cool Mance was to Jon in general considering he sees him as a dirty turncoat – They even share a drink for the dearly departed Ygritte. So sweet. Ygritte got a lot of respect and love post mortem from Jon, Mance, and Tormund. Anyway right when tension is getting a bit high and its looking a bit bleak for Jon Snow they hear some fighting. Yay more battle!

Surprise! We get some first time overhead charging battle shots of men on horseback surrounding the Wildling forces! Ah! And who is coming to save the day? What banner is littered everywhere? A burning stag of course! Stannis Baratheon has arrived in the north with his new Braavos Bank money army. Huzzah! Stannis in a truly kingly move has taken his new army North to fight the coming threat rather than attack King’s Landing again. Mance, continuing to prove his metal and brawn refuses to bow but thankfully Jon Snow remember how well he was treated as a prisoner last season so he recommends doing the same to Mance. Sweet. Also Jon Snow reminding us he fits into this episodes title reiterated to Stannis that his father (Ned) died for him.
Later on, after Jon Snows wise advice, Stannis and Team Fire (Davos, Melisandre, Lobster daughter, and cray-cray wife) watch as the Nights Watch burns their dead from the night before. In a creepy voiceless moment Melisandre watches Jon through the flames appraisingly. Gulp. Careful with that one Jon – She is dark and full of terrors, loves burning people, and seemed entirely too interested in you. Afterward Jon continues his touchingly sweet moments as he takes Ygritte’s body North of the wall. He builds her a pyre by a Weirwood Tree for all the old gods to see and lets it burn. Goodbye Ygritte. You got more than most unfortunate people on this show (Love, Views, and some genuine enjoyable head from Jon Snow) before they die and that is certainly something to be proud of.

“I love my brother. I love my lover.” -Cersei playing an old dependable card

So it turns out that Prince Oberyn was entirely reckless when he fought the Mountain and lost two weeks ago – The Mountain is still alive but dying from poison Oberyn must have had on his blade. At least he died knowing his enemy would also eventually die a painful slow death – seemingly until Qyburn comes along. Grand Maester Pycelle thinks nothing can be done to help The Mountain but Qyburn and his mad scientist experiments have other plans. Cersei, in need of a strong man to kill people for her, sends Pycelle out and lets Qyburn try some of his tricks on him. Jesus, can’t this big asshole just die? I think its cool that Westros is getting its own Dr Frankenstein but I’m just about finished with the massive Mountain.
Cersei, still reeling from her win over Tyrion, decides to push her luck and flat out tells Tywin that she refuses to marry Loras. She knows if she does she will once again be separated from her child and she simply sees this as a worst case scenario. Once this episodes title echoes all over this scene has it is about Tywin and his children as well as Cersei’s children. She even threatens metaphorically burning their House to the ground by publicly admitting that ALL of her royal Baratheon children are actually incest Lannisters with her twin brother Jamie. “You’re legacy is a lie” She spouts in his face as he proves for the first time that he simply is blocking out their incestuous relationship. He looks absolutely rattled and that is something I never pictured him doing. Probably feeling like she has won again Cersei seeks out Jaime who is still pouring over his meager paragraph of good deeds in the Kings Guard book. She flat out makes all of his romantic dreams come true by telling him all of the little things he’s wanted to hear from her, especially since he has returned this season. She choses him. She kisses his metal hand (That most definitely disgusts her) and tells him she loves her brother. They make love right there on the table in victory while I pray Jamie isn’t further seduced by her poison lady parts.

“He came from the sky. The black one. The winged shadow.” -Some bad news for Dany

Dany is back on her judgey throne with more problems to fix back in Meereen. An older slave comes in to complain (without blame) about his shitty situation as no longer being a slave. “The young may rejoice in the new world you have built for them, but for those of us too old to change there is only fear and squalor,” he explains trying not to offend her. Its all pretty understandable and reeks of realism as Dany basically tells the dude to go back his master and instead of selling himself back as a slave he should only lease himself for a year. Khaleesi needs to get a job fair up in this bitch to explain how one lives with being livestock. This whole tired plot-line is interrupted by some real trouble. Big ole’ Drogon has apparently upgraded from burning up tiny goat herds and killed some nice meek slaves young daughter. Yikes. She can’t offer him three more of those and get on with her day like before. So the “breaker of chains” decides to lure her dragons into the catacombs beneath her giant pyramid and chains them up down there. It’s a sad sad event, and Dany cannot hide her tears as she walks away from her crying chained up babies. Unfortunately or fortunately Drogon is actually no where to be found so only her two smallest kiddos are being kept in lockdown. My pointless question is: Is Drogon just still out playing somewhere? Or did he recognize that he used his fire on something that would piss off his mother? Am I being too naive about the dragonkitties? Anyone else feel utterly and helplessly bad when she walked away from her crying babies? During my last watch I actually got visibly upset.


“I’ve been watching you, all of you, all of your lives. with a thousand eyes and one. Now you’ve come to me at last Brandon Stark though the hour is late.” -Gandalf?
Bran and Team Hodor are still trekking North and right before they reach their ultimate destination of a wicked large Weirwood tree a skeleton hand suddenly shoots up out of the snow. A wight! aka a dead body coming to life at the bidding of White Walkers. Bran has to warg into Hodor again as this little group are overtaken by these reanimated skeletons. Meera fights awesomely but they are nearly overrun as Jojen is stabbed in the gut multiple times! Ahh! This isn’t a complete surprise as Jojen literally has a vision earlier this season in which they reached their destination but his hand was on fire signifying his impending death.
Thankfully everyone else on Team Hodor is saved when a new race in Westros is introduced. A fireball flinging title of the episode namesake: Children of the forest. They are a nonhuman race who inhabited the land before humans – sort of a mix between Native Americans and Elves. They like the dragons, and white walkers, are supposedly extinct. Ugh Westros has communication problems – haha. So after Meera pity kills her brother, and the little ‘child’ throws a few fireballs she leads them into a cave of roots under the great tree. Sort of awesomely, the skeletons try to follow them and fall to pieces as soon as they enter the cave because the White Walker power like cannot exist in there. Sweet. Further into the cave the little one leads them – exclusively Bran – the an ancient looking man who is the physical representation of the awaited three-eyed raven. He slightly explains that he will help Bran get back something he lost. Bran hopes for his legs but the dude shoots this down saying he will never walk again but he may fly… Hmm what flies ladies and gentlemen? I doubt he’s taking about ravens.



“Safety? Where the fucks that?! Her aunt in the eerie is dead. Her mothers dead. Her fathers dead. Her brothers dead. Winterfel is a pile of rubble. There is no safety you dumb bitch. You don’t know that by now you’re the wrong one to watch over her.”
“Thats what you’re doing?”
“Aye thats what I’m doing” -The Hound finally admitting his true relationship with Arya to Brienne


Out in the middle of the Riverlands Brienne wakes up Podrick complaining that their horses were stolen. Haha. Fortunately I love their little comedic moments but alas this scene is about to turn more serious. Further away Brienne catches sight on Arya Stark practicing her water dancing with Needle. We get a few sweet moments where Arya can show her enjoyment at a woman warrior before the Hound appears. Brienne is determined to fulfill her quest in rescuing a Stark and the Hound is not ready to relinquish his hostage so in a move I did not expect but absolutely loved seeing: Brienne of Tarth and Sandor The Hound fight. It was such a spectacular fight and a bit grueling to watch mostly because we actually want both of these characters to stay alive. It gets dirty after the Hound gets sassy and admits to not being a knight – and awesomely Brienne adapts well and proves she is not a knight herself by literally using a rock to beat at his head until he is finally thrown backward off a small cliff. Ahh! Somehow I found the strength to laugh as Brienne realizes in the chaos Arya has disappeared. Her and Podrick start looking and Arya goes to see what has become of her captor: Sandor.

Seemingly mortally wounded The Hound tells her to go find Brienne and go with her for safety and ironically intones for her to “Remember where the heart is”. Bravo to the actor Rory McCann for constantly upping his game this season. He begs Arya to put him out of his misery and it is insanely heartbreaking. When it doesn’t work he tries to goad her into it by bringing up his past sins with her like killing her friend the “butchers boy” and even fantasizing about raping her sister but nothing is wiping the cold look on Arya’s face. She approaches and EVERYONE thinks she is about to honorably finish him off but instead she takes his money and leaves him there bleeding out slowly. So like most people I subscribe to the rule that people are concretely dead if we watch it happen onscreen so I’m going to cross all my limbs and hopes we see more of The Hound in the future.
Meanwhile, Arya travels away alone and spots a ship. She begs passage North from the Captain but he smartly tells her she doesn’t want to go that way and he most certainly isn’t – Arya probably doesn’t know what the hell to do here until she finds out where the ship is going: Braavos. She takes out the large coin the faceless Jaqen gave her back in season two and says the magic words: Valar Morghulis. Suddenly her money isn’t good there anymore and the Captain is giving her a cabin and taking her with him. YES! Arya is heading out of Westros… which apparently is the cool thing to do! I also want to mention that this was the actual last scene in the episode so Arya actually got this years epic happy ending – Never would have expected that.

“I can’t go back there. She’s in there.”
“What? You afraid of a dead whore?” -A Tywin/Tyrion father/son conversation for the ages


Finally we get to Tyrion and his fate. It’s the night before his execution when he gets an unexpected nighttime visitor. YES! It’s Jaime and he’s there to help his beloved brother escape. For a moment I’m terrified Cersei’s hypnotic pussy has cursed him and he’s leading Tyrion to his death but its totally not! Jaime and Tyrion share a true and heartfelt goodbye hug and kiss. This is the best brotherly relationship on this show and it looks like we’re about to have a severe lack of it. He bids Tyrion to go to a certain door and knock twice so VARYS can help him escape! Yes Another great true relationship is between Tyrion and Varys.
Tyrion is not ready to leave his life at Kings Landing forever yet though and decides to visit his old chambers up in the Tower of the Hand – his fathers current bedchamber. Tension rises and we’re not sure why until we notice Tywin is no where to be found however a sleeping woman in his bed is. Shock! Gasp! It’s Shea! She wakes thinking it is Tywin and we hear a soft “My lion” except now it is meant for his father! We all expect some talking but Shea almost immediately dives for a knife and an actual fight ensues. It all ends morbidly as Tyrion strangles her with her gold necklace. He echoes a hurt “I’m sorry” when it is over. Feels!
Now an emotionally broken Tyrion grabs the old Lannister lion crossbow off the wall (probably the same Joffrey used to torture whores with) and walks down the hall to someplace we’ve never visited in the Red Keep before: the privy. Tywin is sitting in the privy doing his business when his youngest son enters with a crossbow pointed at him. Naturally Tywin relinquishes none of his pride and authority while in this incredibly demeaning situation. He orders Tyrion to put down the weapon so they can talk in his room. He also LIES saying he would never have killed him but Tyrion is not budging. He is upset about everything. His situation but now more importantly Shea. Tywin dismisses her life being worth anything because she was a whore. Tyrion threatens Tywin to never say that word again and when Tywin of course does it Tyrion shoots him in the stomach. Thunk! “I am your son” Tyrion shares before shooting his father a second fatal time. “I have always been your son”. Tyrion has just killed his father – Happy Fathers Day everyone! and one of this shows strongest characters and actors. Charles Dance. I love you.

Finally Tyrion drops the crossbow and makes his way to meeting Varys who notoriously helps good people when he is finished helping himself. He helps Tyrion into a holey box, much like the one he got in the past with his evil penis stealing mage inside and says he will headed to the free cities (!!!). Then while he is being loaded onto a boat the Red Keep’s warning bells begin to sound. Did they notice Tyrion  was gone? Was Tywin found? Was Tywin found dead? Varys calculated what the bells must mean and decides to board the ship with Tyrion. Told you heading out of the Westros was the cool thing to do.
The End and goodbye to probably my favorite season of GOT so far.
Until next season suckers.

Game of Thrones: Season 4; Episode 9. The Watchers On The Wall. A Reviewcap By Sagebeth

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“Love is the death of duty” -Maester Aemon keeping it real

This weeks installment of violence, lack of hope, and gratuitous nudity we took a break from the 75 plots happening all around the world and instead got to focus purely on a great battle at Castle Black. Sure we’re all extremely curious about other things (i.e.: Tyrion’s impending death sentence) but much like an earlier episode with the same director, Neil Marshall, (S2 E9 ‘Battle of the Blackwater’), it was sort of refreshing to just relax and enjoy one epic battle. Plus, we got to do something we hardly ever have time to do: Show Jon Snow some love when he gets to be the leader/warrior he is while encompassing just an honest art of war battle. Seriously it all feels like a fresh breath of air compared to the insanity constantly circling around Kings Landing.  One last fun fact before we jump into the reviewcap: This episode is the most expensive to date and I believe it. Between the wall itself, the “biggest fire the North has ever seen”, and other seamless CGI (Seriously I never call CGI seamless nor praise it but this weeks deserves it) this episode was a marvel of technical genius. Seriously who is going to forget about that long ass tracking shot? Anyway lets get into the recap of an episode in which tons happened while nothing really changed – other than mass death to friends of Jon Snow. 


Samwell, still thinking Gilly dead and possibly awaiting his own, just has to ask Jon Snow something very important… So how was having sex/being in love with Ygritte? Haha. Jon however is still super shy and “not a poet” so his answer is poor. However, later on Maester Aemon catches Sam wasting candles reading about the actions of the Wildlings at night and can help satisfy Sam’s wonder about love. According to this ex-Targaryen “Love is the death of duty”. This echoes in my head as I picture tonights couples: The tragic Jon and Ygritte and the cute Sam and Gilly. Sigh. Also must share the love of Sam pointing out that his vows don’t literally ask for celibacy. Haha. 


Ygritte, Tormund, and the other northern flank of Wildlings are waiting for a signal while Tormund talks sex to all who will listen. I love this red headed hairy monstrosity. Ygritte looks super annoyed as he begins a tale he has most definitely told to her numerous times. This leads to an altercation between her and the bald can dude and this entire scene fades from memory because NONE of the wildlings saw Gilly and her baby jauntily walking by them heading toward Castle Black. Maybe Gilly is a ninja. Who knows. 


Sam thankfully happens upon Pip not letting Gilly in the gate and drops his first F-bomb to let Pip know he better let her the fuck in. Haha. She is let in and aww. “From now on, wherever you go, I go too,” Sam tells her before he hides her and the baby in a storage room. Of course he hides her because this is also when the horn starts sounding siting the Wildlings. Sam also has a great character building line concerning why he isn’t hiding with her: he said he was going back outside because “Thats what men do”. Then epic moment alert. They smooch and its as sweet as I imagined. 


“It’s time” A wildling warg informs Team Ygritte and they stand up and see the sky on the horizon lighting up from the massive fire Mance Rayder promised way back in season two. Three? Two? Whatever. Its a huge god damn fire. Cue the boys of the Nights Watch sprinting into action attempting to prepare for the coming storm of death. Jon Snow informs Lord Commander Alliser Thorne that their barrels of oil (To be seen later) are loaded and we get a very unexpected change of form from petty Alliser. He is totally fine with Jon saying a big “I told you so” concerning the massive army they are facing. Props to Jon for not actually saying it. Then we get a moving speech about leadership and suddenly I like this tall asshole. He jumps into action truly leading the men willing into the face of inevitable death. This new side is much more enjoyable than his one sided insult match with Jon. 


Poor Pip is not prepared for this and it actually takes some wise words from Sam to help his hands to stop shaking a least a little. Cue the actual Wildling attack from both sides. I also want to mention there was a quick sick moment when Ygritte was charging the gates. She was firing her flaming arrows and she neatly dodges one shot back at her. This is officially the only time someone has been seen trying to kill her. Thousands of people come out of the forest and OMG there are giants riding mammoths. AHH! This shit is getting real.  Commander Alliser decides to go where he can fight them face to face and leaves Janos Slynt in charge on top of the wall. Time to discuss another new side of a character we’ve all loved to hate. Janos Slynt is fucking terrified and immediately becomes the punchline of the episode (literally he actually runs to immediately hide in the same room as Gilly showing the true coward he is after Grenn loudly says he is needed somewhere else). On the ground level fight Alliser and Tormund set their sights on each other and we are gifted to a great fight between. Go Giantsbane! Go Alliser! Tormund wins the match but Alliser is only wounded and immediately secured in some kind of secret hidey hole. Seriously where did he go? 


Jon is finally in charge by default on top of the wall and we see some more pretty cool stuff. Wildlings are beginning to try to climb the wall so how do the men fight that? Rudimentary pulleys to slightly lower them over the side of the wall of course. Thankfully the Nights Watch doesn’t have to worry about Wildlings shooting arrows at them from that side because it was far too high… never mind Apparently Archer giants can totally make that length with their crazy spear-like arrows. Crazy. One of them actually connects with a man and sends his lifeless body hurling off the wall and lands in the middle of the fight happening in the Castle below. Ha. 


Speaking of below, Pip and Samwell have been working together with arrows and a crossbow with not actual luck but finally Pip kills one and has to celebrate it with Sam. “Oh is it over?” Sam jokes when Pip doesn’t immediately continue fighting. The laughter doesn’t stay as one of Ygritte’s arrows finds its way into Pips neck. Sam holds his dying friend. Meanwhile, Jon has started dropping surprise barrels of violence onto the enemy as they are trying to bust open their ice gate. Smartly, the giants hook the door up to one of their Mammoths and SMASH. Nights Watch have dropped a fire fuck ball barrel on top of them scaring the Mammoth into running and leading to one of the giants getting killed. This completely pisses off another giant. In a move of anger the giant begins to open the gate with his bare god damn hands. Jon rightly fearing them getting through the gate sends his friend Grenn to make this doesn’t happen. It is sad because Jon basically orders his friend to his death. In the tunnels Grenn and five other men begin to recite their vows passionately as a charging angry Giant closes in on them. Aw the feels! 


Back in the courtyard, letting Pip rest in peace, Sam begins to fight them on his own and he totally arrows a rushing Thenn right in the head. Nice! Then he heads back up the wall to ask Jon for more men – why ask Jon you say? Why because he is in charge at the moment. Ha. And with wildlings over the gate, and Alliser down the Castle won’t stand much longer so Jon finally gets to be that heroic fighter with gorgeous hair we all want him to be. 


As Jon Snow literally tuck and rolls out of the elevator in the fight we get an amazing present. There is a fantastic continuous tracking crane shot of the entire fight inside the castle and I’m still recovering from how perfect it was. The shows theme plays but it is tweaked and remixed for the occasion. Talk about a perfect moment. It only gets better as Sam does something Jon asked of him: To get “him”. This mysterious him is none other than Ghost! YAY for Direwolf neck crushing! How could I have forgotten about Ghost? With all the insanity going on I haven’t even gotten a second to remember the handsome red eyed Ghost. That is how much action has been going on – I forgot about the amazing mystical creature. 


Meanwhile, in all the mess of gore and death Jon and one of the large bald Thenn dudes start to square off. Jon is actually doing much better than anticipated until he loses his sword and ends up getting his face smashed into an anvil Wiley Coyote style. Ouch. More fighting and Jon is literally stuck in between this monster man and a hard place until he uses a lesson he’s been taught this year and spits his own mouth blood into the guys face giving him enough time to grab a hammer and plant it in the bald mans head. Dead and dead. We have no time to celebrate though as Ygritte has tracked him down and chaos and has her arrow trained on him yet again. Shock. Yes. Happiness? Yes. He smiles in such a genuine way. Is it because he knows she won’t shoot? Is it because he knows she will is glad to go down to her? Is it just to see her still alive? It doesn’t last because suddenly another arrow has found its way into her back. Olly, the poor little boy who has his entire village killed in front of him had decided to fight where he could after a small speech by Sam. He nods to Jon as if to say cheers but Jon isn’t happy. He rushes to a dying Ygritte 


You can actually hear the blood entering her lungs. She remembers their time in the cave and wishes they had stayed there. He promises they will return there – giving Ygritte a chance to once again tell him he knows nothing before passing away in his arms in the middle of the ending battle. Sad. Tragic. Poor Jon. 

Back on top of the wall they have one more finishing move to show the wildlings called the “scythe” which they use when climbing wildlings get too close. They cut it loose and a huge bladed scythe swings across the ice wall like a windshield wiper batting away their bodies as if they were flies.


They decide the wildlings have had enough for the night but they are warned not to cheer too loud as they are still terribly outnumbered. Back in the courtyard, unexpectedly Tormund Giantsbane is still alive and kicking but he is unfortunately the last wildling on that side of the wall alive. He is also severely littered with arrows but wants to continue to fight but a sad and broken Jon Snow just shoots him one more time and kicks him for good measure. Tormund is led away in chains as he screams that he should have thrown Jon off the top of the wall and Jon agrees with him quietly. Samwell goes to see Gilly and their little reunion is cut short by the already mentioned punchline of the episode: Janos hiding with her in the little room like a child. 



In the morning Jon and Sam are chatting again except now Jon is significantly more emotionally broken and truthfully I’m suspecting some sort of concussion because of his bad decision making. Thats right – Jon Snow has decided to go back beyond the wall to meet with Mance/kill Mance without his sword. He sees it as the only possible way to stop the wildling army – by killing Mance or changing something from within their side rather than actually fighting them. Man I don’t know but I sort of can’t wait. Jon exits the outer gate and stares into the bright morning sky and the screen turns white. Love it but am I the only person who is know thinking about Lost finale with the bomb? Is that a spoiler? 

Until next week for the season finale!!! 


Snow. Bran. THE TREE! Incest. Tyrion. Arya and swords! Mance is going to lill everyone and ZOMG DRAGON KITTIES! 

 Bonus Jovi!!!!

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PopJunk Movies Podcast: Top 5 Love Stories

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The gang gets emotional and talks about Love.  Check out this week’s episode of the podcast where we discuss our top 5 Love Stories




  1. Romero and Juliet (1968)

  2. Blue Valentine (2010) (Currently streaming on Netflix)

  3. Before Sunrise (1994) Before Sunset (2003) Before Midnight (2013)

  4. Chasing Amy (1997) (Currently Streaming on Netflix)

  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.



  1. The Princess Bride (1987)

  2. Silver Linings Playbook. (2012)

  3. The Terminator (1984) (Currently Streaming on Netflix)

  4. The Professional (1994)

  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Honorable Mention

Moonrise Kingdom

Say Anything

Edward Scissorhands

Lost in Translation

True Romance

Brokeback Mountain

The Crow



Errors: Matthew Quick wrote Silver Linings Playbook.