PopJunk Movies Podcast: Top 5 Action Sequences


Top 5 Action Sequences.



Adam and Evan are joined by their good and long time friend Sean Harris.  Sean brings a lot of passion for movies to match Adam and Evan’s love of action movies.

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National Geographic: Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bomber: Gave me a sense of what this movie will look like chronicling those 5 days and the various characters you will have (girl hurt in bombing, FBI agent in charge, Ed Davis, etc) An interesting look at how technology not only totally hindered the investigation but also helped solve the case, a good balance of pros and cons.

Birth of the Dead: A good in-depth look at the making of night of the living dead and how it mirrored a lot of the social economics of the 60’s and why it’s such an important film.

Never Sleep Again: a good look at the nightmare on elm st. series.
Top 5 Action Sequences.


  1. The Battle of Helms Deep-Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers. (2002-Peter Jackson)

  2. Hard Boiled (1992-John Woo): Hospital Shoot Out

  3. The Dark Knight (2008-Christopher Nolan) Prisoner Transfer

  4. The Matrix (1999-The Watchowski Sibblings) The Lobby Scene

  5. The Battle of Hoth- (1980-Irving Kirshner) The Empire Strikes Back-The Battle of Hoth



  1. Commando (1985-Mark L Lester) The Mall Scene.

  2. The Empire Strikes Back (1980-Irving Kirshner) Luke vs. Vader

  3. Kill Bill (Quentin Tarentino-2003) Crazy 88 Fight (streaming on netflix)

  4. The Matrix (1999-The Watchowski Sibblings) The Lobby Scene

  5. Taken (2008-Pierre Morel) Kitchen Scene



  1. Commando (1985-Mark L Lester) Final Shoot-Out

  2. Aliens (1986 James Cameron) Power Loader

  3. Heat (1995-Michael Mann) Bank Robbery-Shoot-out

  4. Old-Boy (2003-Chan-Wook Park) Hammer Time (streaming on Netflix)

  5. Hard Boiled (1992 John Woo) Hospital Shoot-Out

Correction: We said OldBoy is not on netflix streaming….that’s a lie…it’s back on netflix streaming, along with the American remake but don’t watch that one please.




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