Pop Junk Movies: Top 5 Movies That Scarred You For Life





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The Last Gladiators: An examination of Hockey’s most feared enforcers. Must see for Hockey fans, for non hockey fans it’s still a fascinating documentary for what is a strange job. 4 Stars (streaming on Netflix)

Punch Drunk Love: Bottom Line: Anderson makes Sandler passable, Hoffman is brilliant, great camera work, sometimes it’s a little slow but Anderson Directs the hell out of it. 3.5 Stars (streaming on Netflix)

The Grey: A surprising tale of survival with a philosophical agenda about life in general. 4 Stars (Streaming on Netflix)

Requiem for a dream:
PeeWee’s Big Adventure:
Meet the Feebles

The Prince of Darkness
Event Horizon
The Fly

Honorable Mention

Little Monsters
Event Horizon
Return to Oz
The Never-ending Story
A Nightmare on Elm St.
The Thing
The Exorcist
The Entity
Superman 3
(Listener Pick-Should have mentioned it on Podcast,) Kids


~ by ATOM on May 27, 2014.

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