Popjunk Movies Podcast: Top 5 Side Characters you’d like to see in their own Movie.


Here’s a new episode back to the usual format of drinking, now playing and top 5.  I’ve had a few people ask me to do this so below will be show notes, the movies we’ve talked about in this episode, corrections to bullshit we said, etc.  Enjoy!





Top 5 Side Characters you’d like to see in their own movie.
What were we drinking.
Adam: Samuel Adams: Rebel IPA

Cory. Ellie’s Brown Dog Ale.

Evan: Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale
Now Playing: Bigger Faster Stronger: 2008 by Chris Bell. (Currently Streaming on Netflix Instant)
Heckler: 2007- Michael Addis (Currently Streaming on Netflix Instant)

Top 5 List.

Dr. King Shultz-Django Unchained.
Merry & Pipen- The Lord of the Rings
Doc Holiday-Tombstone
Winston Wolf-Pulp Fiction (Streaming on Netflix)
Sitterson & Hadley-Cabin in the Woods (Streaming on Netflix)
Billy Bickle-Seven Psychopaths.
Williams & Ropper-Enter The Dragon.
Vincenzo Coccotti-True Romance
Winston Wolf-Pulp Fiction (streaming)
Cobra Kai- The Karate Kid (Not streaming, but the garbage cartoon from 1989 is.)

Honorable Mentions.
Charlie Prince- 3:10 to Yuma
Vincent- Collateral
Kuato-Total Recall.
Lucas Lee- Scott Pilgram vs. The World
Ernie McCracken -Kingpin


Marshell Bell who played Kuato in Total Recall: Not Dead, sorry dude.

Julia Sweeney was in Pulp Fiction. Jane Curtain was an awful guess.
David Wooderson-Dazed and Confused should have made my list and Billy Bickle should have been honorable mention.



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