Game Of Thrones – A Catch-Up By Sagebeth


With the approaching new fourth season of Game of Thrones I decided some of us need a speedy-quick review of where we left off in season three. So without wasting anymore time lets hurry up and find out where our favorite characters were last.


“Here’s the young wolf”-Walder Frey
“Forever young”-Roose Bolton
With the complete devastation done in last years Red Wedding we find most of the participants dead. Robb Stark’s corpse was being paraded around with his direwolf’s head sewn on his body making for a gruesome but awesome visual. Catelyn Stark’s throat is slit, and she also is dearly departed unlike her brothers. Blackfish luckily got away while silly Edmure has been staying in the Frey dungeon. Roose Bolton also lets us in one the fun fact that it is in fact his bastard son Ramsey Snow who is torturing Theon. Last we heard from them, Ramsey had sent Theon’s penis to his family, and renamed his prisoner Reek because he has taken that much power away from his captive.
As for Arya, she hit the road with her new partner in crime: The Hound. He proves himself to be a huge upgrade from Hot Pie and Gendry when Arya decides to knife a man to death and the Hound jumps right into the fray to help. Sure he’s annoyed that she didn’t tell him first, AND that she stole his knife to use but it was all together something I can’t wait to see more of. Valar Morghulis indeed, Arya. Further away on the Iron Islands the Greyjoys get their dick-package from Ramsey Snow. Daddy Greyjoy doesn’t care but Yara actually cares for her brother so she gathers her 50 best men and hit the road-er-water to find/help/save Theon/Reek.


“I’m not tired!” -Joffrey going to bed
Sansa and Tyrion are finding some common ground as a couple who doesn’t do coupling. It’s too bad there little duet can’t last as Tyrion learns of the fate of her family. During the little dinner meeting when Tyrion finds out about the Red Wedding, we also get something delicious that has been a long time coming: Tywin disciplines Joffrey by literally sending him to bed without supper. This power struggle is one of the most interesting to me in the coming season. I’m also predicting that one of these players needs to die soon or rather will meet an unfortunate end considering the Lannisters have been getting way too much good fortune as of late. Well that is everyone but Jamie. A handless raggedy version of Jamie is back in King’s Landing and I wonder how he will be received other than a shocked gasp from Cersei. Also crossing my fingers that Brienne gets to stick around with him because these two are nearly as interesting as Arya and Sandor. Also I’m a bit concerned with what happens with Shea considering her entanglement with Tyrion and Sansa as evidenced by the spider calling her a complication. PS: I miss the Spider, Littlefinger, and all their bitchiness.

“You didn’t conquer them. You liberated them” -Jorah of the Friendzone
After winning yet another battle with a slave city, Dany and her merry band of followers have a meet and greet with the now free slaves of the city of Yunkai. After some brief debate at if they will actually accept her, suddenly crowds upon crowds of slaves pile out of the city gates. Dany’s advisers try to make it professional but Dany is moved by their dirty faces. She talks to them personally about their new freedom and then a completely unexpected thing happens: They utterly accept her. Cries of “Mhysa” (meaning ‘mother’) pour out of the crowds. Now even more serene and moved, Dany bids her three gorgeous dragons to fly above them as she begins to personally greet her people by walking unguarded through the crowds allowing them not only to touch her but lift her up above their heads all while chanting “Mhysa”. It’s all very meaningful and a truly exquisite image but does this mean Dany’s troubles are gone? Doubtful. PS: I’ve missed the dragons and can barely contain my glee that they will in fact be even bigger now.


“I’ve been around Ghost enough to know a Direwolf when I see one, and I’ve heard all about Hodor”-Samwell proving he knows Bran
Ygritte gets one more chance to confront her lover, Jon Snow after he (finally) betrayed the wildlings in favor of his beloved Nights Watch. Naturally everyone’s favorite redhead (fuck Sansa) demonstrates both her intense hate and love for him. He doesn’t believe she would actually shoot him but not only does she attack him with arrows but her three shots all hit home, injuring him as he flees on horseback. However if Ygritte truly wanted him dead he would be dead by now. In another spot Samwell, Gilly, and Baby Sam, run into Team Hodor (Bran, Jojen, Meera) as they crisscross in their journeys in opposite directions. Bidding Bran the best of luck Sam gives him some dragon-glass (known killer of wight walkers), as well as some directions on how to cut through a passage in the great wall. Then Sam and his new little family head to Castle Black where they begin readying all their ravens to warn the whole kingdom of the coming Wight Walkers. Exciting. It actually feels like winter has truly come.

“When you get to Flea Bottom have a bowl of brown for me”-Davos
After bonding with Gendry, Davos decided to help the bastard boy escape. It was courageous and well meaning so of course Stannis sentenced him to death for the second time. Hahaha. Naturally while awaiting his death again Davos manages to use his new found reading skills (Thanks to lobster girl) to use on the message from Castle Black concerning the coming Wight Walkers. After sharing this tidbit with Stannis, Melisandra does a complete one-eighty and says they will need Ser Davos to be alive for this coming task. So Team Stannis is taking on the Wights now? This will either be awesome or he will bore them to death while Davos and Melisandra have a slap fight.

Are you as excited for the coming season as me? Come back for recap/reviews of each new episode as they come out.


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