The Walking Dead – S4 E15 – “Us” A Reviewcap By Sagebeth

“After I save the world, I still have to live with myself” Eugene being mullety

As per usual the latest episode of TWD was filled with both awesomeness and horribleness but it also had to work as a set-up for the final episode next week. Did it succeed? I’ll leave it up to you. Here is a breakdown of what went down with each group we visited this week. So without wasting time lets just jump right onto these train tracks of CGI blood.

Glenn, Tara, Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene are still ambling down the train tracks toward Terminus and we get some insight into the “world savior scientist” Eugene. He talks Tara’s ear off concerning: dinosaurs, batteries, and video-games. He mentions the completely ridiculous notion that some people think this zombie virus is what did in the dinosaurs but he is not in that party of thought BUT he would love to see an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus. Haha “That there is a video game worthy of a pre-order.” he remarks. So this guy is supposed to carry the secret to the world ending? Right.

Eventually this group comes upon one of Maggie’s markers for Glenn to head to Terminus and Glenn loses all touch on sanity and begins a mad run down the tracks. I get it but it is totally annoying to actually see. After some time of traveling very quickly Abraham wants to slow down and rest but Glenn is re-energized on life, hope, and stupidity and insists they keep going. A walker surprises them but is easily put down however Tara falls and hurts her knee in the melee. Even though she is heavily limping Tara insists she’s sticking with Glenn and his plan on running blindly down the tracks. Rosita calls Glenn out for selfishly using Tara’s loyalty against her but Glenn ignores this and offers Abraham a deal: He’ll gift Eugene his riot gear if they continue until sundown and then they can go their own way. Deal.

Later on Eugene is geared up as they approach an opening to a tunnel. This lovely sight screams gates of hell. This was one of those moments that piss me off because it doesn’t feel organic – it feels like someone said let’s have a scene in dark tunnel and they wrote themselves around the idea. Maybe some people only watch this show for the “scare” or the “horror” but that doesn’t mean plot should take a back seat and it always seems to be the case on this show. Anyway, Abraham wants to smartly go around the long dark tunnel filled with reanimated corpses and knows Glenn wants to do the opposite so they decide to part ways here. He gifts them some food and a flashlight and Eugene lets Tara know how hot she is – until she tells him she likes girls and he pretends he already knew. Haha. Again I say so this is the guy who Abraham thinks can save the day? Right. Who is seriously drinking the koolaid?

While traveling in the tunnel Glenn and Tara find a ton of walkers pinned down by lots of rumble from the ceiling caving in. They climb over a mountain of dirt and walkers, with Glenn checking all their faces to make sure it isn’t Maggie, Sasha, or Bob. On the other side of the small mountain they find the rest of the tunnel completely overrun with walkers. How could they not expect this? Oh I forgot the writers just wanted to trap them in there for theatrical and special effect purposes – my bad. Glenn still wants to push forward and finally Tara decides to pitch an idea that doesn’t end in imminent death. So they seem to distract the walkers with their flashlight while they try to sneak past. While all this is happening the other half of the group finds a rank smelling minivan that totally had some soccer mom rotting in it for months. Abraham is finally allowed some nap time in the back as Rosita and Eugene argue over who will be the navigator. Rosita gives in eventually and unfortunately for her Eugene’s true plan is to bring them to the other side of the tunnel to hopefully meet up with Glenn and they don’t realize this until they literally get there. They all argue until Eugene spots something-someone-whatever close by. We go back inside the tunnel and find Tara’s loyalty is repaid by getting her foot stuck in the rubble. Glenn finally realizes that he basically led this girl to her death tries in vain to free her while she screams at him to just leave her and find Maggie. I, in an out of character move, actually like Tara and her cursade to severly punish herself for working with The Govenor or ‘Brian’ as she calls him. Glenn will not leave though even with a small horde approaching them. Being both noble and insanely irrational he begins fighting them off, emptying his clip extremely fast. It looks like this is Glenn’s last stand until lights appear as well as a group of people with some nifty automatic weapons who gun down all the walkers saving both Glenn and Tara. Who is it? It turns out Eugene spotted Maggie, Bob, and Sasha and they all teamed up to go get Glenn. After a touching reunion Maggie explains that she caused the cave-in in the tunnel in a last stitch effort to live which actually is pretty cool – wish we could have seen that. Maggie has been a badass for two seasons and al people talk about is the guy shes boning… ugh. Then in an a move that was meant to scream how much she loves Glenn, Maggie burns his one photograph of her. Now I understand it was supposed to be a grand gesture to ensure that he will never need a picture of her again because she will not leave him but all i could think was “its just a damn photograph and one of you will die soon”.

After some group discussions everyone but Maggie and Glenn decide to at least check out Terminus but will eventually head to Washington DC. So they hit the road and surprisingly we actually get our first look at Terminus as they arrive. A large fenced in warehouse, decorated with sunflowers and other goodies growing is the scene. The group opens the gate and heads into an empty courtyard resembling the prison community but a bit nicer. Eerily the only thing missing is people. One individual lady is preparing something by an ominous grill. Her name is Mary and she offers to get them settled and fed. Anybody else getting insane creepy vibes from this entire thing? If you aren’t then you clearly forgot this is TWD and nothing is this nice. My mind immediately jumped to the hunters from the comic hence me calling their community grill ominous. Exciting? A bit.


In case anyone forgot Rick is still on this show. He’s sharing his concerns about their amount of water with Carl and Michonne who are too busy playing a balancing game on the train tracks than to listen. Michonne loses to gravity and forfeits some of her candy to Carl. He sweetly ends up sharing it with “like they always do”. Is it just me or does Carl like Michonne more than he did Lori? At least he’s got taste. Do you miss Rick? Do you find it as entertaining as me that we only get to spend time with him when truly heinous events are happening to him? That’s why he’s been missing as of late: He is happy and boring.

Next we catch up with Daryl and his new biker friends. They sleep on the ground surrounded by barbed wire, which works as an alarm clock as they are woken up by a walker literally scratching his mouth off by walking into the wire. This most definitely wins my GORE OF THE WEEK AWARD for the splendor. It was so sick yet so awesome at the same time. With Daryl we learn how this group works: They do anything they want and must ‘claim’ anything they find. Claiming is sort of like calling shotgun, and Daryl takes a little too long to figure this out. He bickers with one of the men who ‘claimed’ a rabbit Daryl shot. The head dude, Joe, who also is working as a great character, settles the feud by literally splitting the damn thing in half soloman style. Joe blatantly enjoys Daryl and later during a conversation he finds out Daryl plans on eventually leaving them for a better place. But Joe can smell the awesome on Daryl and really wants him to stay with his merry band of assholes. He lets him know more rules for his group, mostly on no stealing or lying. This is put to the test later on when the same man who claimed the rabbit hid his half in Daryl’s pack hoping to get him in trouble. This plan however backfires because Joe saw the whole thing go down and listened to his man lie to his face before informing everyone of the truth. This leads to everyone beating the dude down, as Daryl watches on. Can Daryl sustain his hero-complex surrounded by this old familiar mayhem? He later finds the man dead and nearly covers him in a shroud but thinks better of it and lets him sit there to rot.

Joe continues to take an interest in Daryl, sharing his booze with him. This is also when they stumble upon a marker for Terminus and Joe tells Daryl that they aren’t going to Terminus but tracking some guy who killed one of them and… OMG HES TALKING ABOUT RICK. They’re tracking Rick, Michonne, and Carl. At that moment we spy the candy wrapper Carl and Michonne shared earlier and we know they are not far behind them. Unexpectedly cool. Now some of those Rick hijinks from earlier make so much more sence.

And scene. Until next time.


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