The Walking Dead – S4 – E14 “The Grove” A Reviewcap By Sagebeth


“You’re wrong. All of you” – Lizzie being oh so wrong.

Just look at the damn flowers and count. I really dug this episode especially compared to the usual episodes and I think I’ve figured out some of the reasons why: Melissa McBride (Carol) acted the shit out of it and dark character death. So lets just jump right from the beginning with one of the only things the writers are getting right this season: a killer cold open. We get a super short shot of a copper kettle on a propane stove, “Maybe” by the Inkspots plays adequately warning me that this moment is about to get creepy, and we spy a child playing joyfully outside the window with a walker… lovely. After the credits we rewind to Team Children (Carol, Tyreese, Mika, Lizzie, and Judith) traveling along the train tracks.

Carol is keeping watch at night while the other sleep – or rather everyone but Lizzie who is too busy being crazy and attempting to prove she can help Carol. The key bit of information one should gleam from there conversation is Lizzie confessing to killing people back at the prison with a pointed reference that she didn’t mean to shoot them in the head. Carol also discusses Sophia here, establishing that the reason she lost Sophia was because she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Carol is so brutally honest now – its sort of perfect. The next day Carol discusses the girls with Tyreese, giving him the full rundown: Lizzie can kill people but she is crazy and doesn’t understand that walkers aren’t cuddly stuffed animals while Mika is worse because she can kill walkers but cannot kill humans or yummy animals for that matter. Later on Tyreese is with crazy Lizzie and right before he can hammer a trapped walker Lizzie begs him not too and mysteriously he doesn’t which is just feeding more into her crazy nature but whatever. Looking for water further away Carol tries to instill some wisdom into Mika: Running away doesn’t always work and she best get comfortable killing real people soon. I really wish Carol would try to understand why a little kid would see killing people are wrong but I get it. While out they run into a rustic cabin getaway that seems perfect for them.

While the adults check the inside for threats the girls stay outside where Lizzie eerily stares at a baby’s grave sight while Mika tries to instill into her crazy sister that walkers are not effing people. Of course a lone walker from the house crashes outside the house into the girls. Lizzie has a full blown panic attack while holding the baby while Mika takes down a walker by herself. Sure she wastes bullets but not every kid can be Carl. After the initial shock and the adults come barreling back outside, Mika soothes Lizzie’s frayed nerves by instructing her to look at the groves garden flowers and count to three – a known antidote for Lizzie that was used when Carol stabbed their dying father in the brain earlier this season. I personally want to know if Lizzie has always been a bit out there and now in a post apocalyptic world without meds she is just completely broken. Was looking at the flowers always a cure all? or just a band aid for the real problem? Caution over thinking TWD can cause depression.

After settling in a bit, Carol prepares some water to boil in the kettle and we notice that this is quickly becoming the scene from the cold open. She spies a giggling Lizzie outside playing tag with a freaking walker. She speeds outside, knife in hand, and Lizzie begs her not to kill her “friend” but when Carol doesn’t listen and kills the walker we get some prize quotes from little crazy animals known as Lizzie: “You killed her!”, “She was my friend!”, and my particular favorite “What if I killed you?!”. Yet, even after all that crazy Carol decides that she is going to have to level up Mika due to Lizzie’s case of the crazies. While out hunting with Mike, they spy the smoke from the fire Daryl and Beth set weeks ago we find out that not only is Mika still a sweet little girl but also an awesome smart sciencey student explaining that said fire is still burning because the smoke is black. The whole lesson seems for naught anyway after Mika fails to kill a deer because Bambi.

Later on Mika spies Lizzie running around outside with something in her hands and follows her and what she finds solves at least one of the more annoying mysteries. We stumble onto Lizzie feeding a trapped walker a mouse clarifying that Lizzie was the individual sabotaging the prison by feeding walkers, and carving up bunnies and rats. Mika lays it out there: Back at the prison when they had time to be children and do childish things like naming the walkers she was pretending but she knows the situation is dire and Lizzie just doesn’t understand the danger. Lizzie counters this by inferring that she can hear the walkers and they simply want her to be like them and that mayhaps she should change. Ugh. So much crazy. Awesomely this is when a horde of walkers begins to attack from the trees and they are all burnt up and smoking from getting caught in the blaze from the moonshine cabin. Sick. The girls run and Lizzie saves her sister from a walker showing she isn’t completely broken (that second anyway). In a predictable manner everyone rushes to gun down all the walkers, but unpredictable Lizzie helps and proceeds to mourn all of them afterward.

While re-humanizing themselves inside the house that night Carol questions Lizzie concerning her thoughts on the walkers and Lizzie says that she knows the truth and she also knows what she has to do now. Carol, and the viewers, assume this means she is finally realizing how nuts she has gotten but when doesn’t assuming make an ass out of you and Carol?

The next day Carol and Tyreese are out hunting – Tyreese has been mostly used to awesomely react facially Lizzie’s crazy this episode but now we are reminded that Carol is responsible for killing his girlfriend way back when and he has no clue. This is mostly identified by nightmares Tyreese has on screen in which he explains he sees Karen getting killed by some “stranger”. This whole hunting trip is weighed down with insane tension for viewers and Carol but it a simple comforting moment for sweet Tyreese who legit hugs Carol. It’s a bittersweet moment that almost immediately is ruined upon returning to the cozy grove home. Mika lays dead by Lizzie’s bloody hands, with baby Judith laying on a blanket watching the whole thing. Lizzie, with full on crazy-ville, is all no worries I only stabbed her in the stomach not the brain so she will come back. Gulp. She also thinks Judith should change as well… which is actually terrifying. The adults attempt to move on her but she brandishes a gun at them until Carol manages to lie to her well enough that she believes everything is fine and shes not in trouble. Carol and Tyreese play this perfectly, attempting to pretend everything is fine and after Tyreese leaves with Judith and Lizzie so Carol can “placate” Mika and not kill her (though she of course does) she finally lets out a much needed cry. Carol is a great character who has shit luck at this mothering thing. Back with Tyreese who communicates that he now completely understands the looney toon that Lizzie is helps Carol point out the sad obvious fact: Lizzie cannot be allowed around other people.

So Carol literally pulls an old yeller, and takes little Lizzie out the pasture. Outside they see the smoke from the far off fire again only this time it is white signalling that it has put itself out, and whatever violence from afar is finished – unfortunately it isn’t done at the grove. Lizzie begins to cry thinking Carol is mad at her for pointing her gun at her and Carol just tells her to calm down and look at the flowers. Tears begin to fall as Carol takes out her gun and shoots young Lizzie dead. Covered in sweat and tears on her way back to the house Carol spots the same deer from earlier and cannot find the will to take yet another life. With time her and Tyreese will add two more graves the mini burial sight on the grounds and unlike when Tyresse buried Karen, this is a somber event.

Later that night, while hilariously doing a jig saw puzzle Carol pushes her gun over to Tyreese and lets loose the secret shes been keeping from him: She killed Karen and David. He grips the table, making it move, but the vengeance expected is absent. Tyreese is not like that. Even Rick seemed to react worse than him. He simply whispers “I forgive you. I’m never gonna forget. It happened. You did it. You feel it. I know you do. It’s a part of you now. Me too. But I forgive you.”. Poetic and straight forward. I demand more Tyreese! Or at least an origins episode/flashback. Anyway, even though the idea of staying on the grove indefinitely was brought up in the past, after all the death, and secrets revealed Carol and Tyreese decide it is high time they moved on. They pack there things and hit the road with baby Judith adorably strapped to Tyreese’s back.
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