The Walking Dead – S4 – E13 “Alone” A Reviewcap By Sagebeth

“I don’t think the good ones survive” -Daryl on survivors

I give up on trying to stay positive when it comes to this show. The last few weeks I could muscle through the bullshit and bad plot devices but I hit a wall this past week. I can handle the closeness between Daryl and Beth because their scenes are mostly entertaining and true. I even got closer to Bob this episode and still at the end of the day I just wanted to punch myself in the face. It all started with promise: another cold open leaving me wanting more.

It is before Bob has joined Team Prison and he is utterly alone. Just him, his booze, and some casual walker encounters made for a great cold open giving us a doorway to appreciating Bob – who will most likely die now that I actually like his character. Also I should note I probably finally enjoy Bob because this actor is actually talented when he gets some actual acting to do. This past Bob is scruffier, dirtier, and completely trapped in his own lonely hell. He ambles around lifeless like a walker until Glenn and Daryl run into him. They ask him those special questions and right after they offer him a spot on Team Prison Bob agrees without knowing a single detail because he just wants to be back with people. It’s a telling moment about a man who has been more mystery and less apparent so far this season and too bad it was one of the few moments I enjoyed this episode.

Fast forward in time to Bob, Sasha, and Maggie fighting off a horde of walkers in the middle of some well timed fog. I understand the writer was probably shitting themselves over the visuals of walkers in the mist but it felt wholly not needed. Their desperation is already apparent – we didn’t need the bullshit. Bob gets bitten – well it looked like it but the walker only bit part of his bandage…? It’s a ridiculous set up events to spur these three into eventually joining the rest of the survivors on their way to Terminus but instead we got an entire episode about how Bob is happy not being alone, Maggie is crazy without Glenn, and Sasha is the most logically person in the room until she just isn’t – my head hurts just revisiting this charade but alas I must.

They spy a sign on the railroad for Terminus, and Bob connects it to the radio message he heard on a radio earlier this season. The fact that this place is broadcasting only hints to Sasha that it all obviously too good to be true so they shouldn’t even try but Maggie is 100% banking on going to this mystery. Her reasoning is that Glenn would look for her there. Bob agrees and adds that other prison survivors are probably there or on their way. Sasha doesn’t want to even entertain the thought of her brother being dead but she also doesn’t want to imagine him being alive at Terminus. It’s logical until it isn’t. Bob offers a vote on it knowing it will leave Sasha out numbered and they head on the track to Terminus. However later on while resting at a makeshift camp Sasha voices her concerns to Bob about Terminus: She wants to stop looking for Glenn because he is probably dead and moreover wants to stop traveling all together and set up camp in a town, most likely high ground. Of course Maggie heard her and decided they didn’t need to risk their lives for her so she told them so in a note and headed to Terminus alone. Bob, earning favor from me, immediately begins packing his stuff to go catch up with her. Sasha reluctantly follows his lead with a puss face.

Next Bob and Sasha discuss his creepy smile which is all about him not being ‘alone’ anymore while a lonesome Maggie finds another Terminus marker. She guts a walker and adds to the hopeful message in blood: a note to Glenn that she is going that way. I’ll give Maggie the kill of the week for that yummy stomach ripping she did. Girl, is surprising especially wearing those crazy eyes. Bob and Sasha fail to catch up but they find her message. That night Bob sleeps or tries to while Sasha keeps watch. Bob calls her out on her refusal to even entertain the thought of her brother living or dying but also flirts telling her she is both the toughest and sweetest person he’s ever met. Sort of aww in a pathetic way. Further in their travels they find another marker as well as a three story walk up that would make for a perfect camp Sasha had in mind. She tries to convince Bob again. He wants to keep going to Maggie though, understanding that being alone out there is the opposite of where anyone should be. So Bob tries something new: He kisses her. She doesn’t pull away. She doesn’t reciprocate. Nothing had changed so he heads up alone and I’m suddenly filled with dread that he will not be as lucky as Sasha and Maggie down the line. (could be wrong but truthfully i don’t even care anymore)

Sasha, now alone, checks out her dream camp. It’s walker free and looking not too shabby – even in this lonely moment Sasha doesn’t let much emotion through. Approaching a dirty window she looks outside at the scenery from above and both the viewers and her notice Maggie sleeping among some dead walkers. Time speeds up as everything happens all at once. Sasha accidentally touches the worlds most dangerous window and the entire thing falls out and smashes on the ground. Walkers stir and Maggie sits up straight startled by the noise. Walkers begin rushing toward the noise and Sasha rushes down there to help Maggie fight them off. They save each other here, fighting together, and not alone. It’s sort of poetic – to a fourth grader. So they team up and decides going to Terminus as a team isn’t that bad at all…. Therefore making this entire episode a filler piece of shit. Ugh. They meet up with Bob on the tracks and head to Terminus. Cut to the end of the episode and we spy Glenn checking out one of the Terminus signs (unknown if its one Maggie graffitied) hinting that his group will head that way as well.

A bright part of this episode was found in a dark place. Beth and Daryl are featured again and sober Daryl is making good on his promises to teach Beth how to use the crossbow (and also to track and hunt). It’s all cool until Beth literally walks into an animal trap and finds herself tripped and caught. Ha. This only happened because the writers wanted her to be incapacitated this episode and that is why this show pisses me off. It felt like a set up to get Daryl to give her a piggyback ride. My head hurts again. Anyway, they stumble into a cemetery with a funeral home and since Beth’s ankle is like twisted they decide to try to check out the house as somewhere to stay. Daryl gives her a piggyback and WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO CAROL? WEREN’T THEY SETTING HIM AND CAROL UP FOR LEGIT SEASONS? AND THE HAD A FEW FLIRTY MOMENTS WITH DIRTY TALKING BUT WHERE IS HER PIGGYBACK RIDE? WHERE IS HER HAND HOLDING? Sorry. Excuse me. Back to the recap.

Surprising both of them they find the funeral home empty, but kept so it is obviously someones camp or was recently. The only bodies they find are actual dead bodies of people in various states of embalming. They also find a pantry with what Daryl dubs a ‘white trash brunch’: peanut butter, jelly, pigs-feet, and diet coke. Since it is fully stocked Daryl decides to leave some for who they obviously belong to (thought the good ones died Daryl?). So Daryl and Beth enjoy an evening with fine food, and some nice music provided by Beth on the piano singing a song by a band that formed in 2011… making this one hugely annoying continuity error but I’ll ignore it considering this episode is stock piled with bullshit. That night Daryl carries her bridle-style to the kitchen where he has prepared more white trash brunch for supper but they are interrupted by their walker notification can line on the front porch. Daryl all business prepares to fight… a one eyed dog. He sniffs him and runs off before Daryl can lure him in. If this show is smart they will make the dog some kind of scout for a future villain but we’ll probably never hear from it again. Sort of hilariously Beth rushes her gimpy ass to the front door to see the dog and looks super bummed that he’s gone.

Another day, and they are eating more of the food but Beth is now writing the owners a thank you note regardless if they will ever return. Daryl, suddenly different, offers that they stay there and try to make it work for new people if they return. Beth is hopeful for his soul but that’s about the only thing this is helping. She asks what changed his mind and he still silent and shy. She stares until she realizes that it is in fact her that has changed him. Romantic and sickening. Romance is not something they have ever done on this show well. Thankfully they are interrupted again by the zombie noise device outside and a dogs bark. Daryl grabs a pigs-foot and heads to the door determined to get this god damn dog into the house but AWESOMELY Daryl is made to look a fool. He opens the door wide to a horde of walkers. RUN! He order Beth to grab her shit and book it out the window, while he leads the walkers down into the basement, fighting them the whole way. With what little he has Daryl beats back death, and make it out of the house in true bad ass fashion. Everything is lovely until we (both the viewers and him) see Beth’s ‘shit’ left alone in the street and a car donning a cross of the back, speeding away. Daryl begins to legit run after it screaming hysterically for Beth.

Apparently Daryl has continued running into the next day and exhausted himself as he drops the ground at a fork in the road (note also the train tracks which better not be a coincidence). While he passes out on the ground he is surrounded by six familiar looking men, who turn out to be the biker dudes who Rick encountered earlier. The leader, Joe, leans in toward Daryl is in surprisingly bashed in the face as Daryl hits him with his crossbow and aims his arrow at his face. Joe, in fun villain fashion, laughs and compliments Daryl on being a ‘real’ bowman. Then he tells Daryl some nonsense about not hurting himself when hurting others is more fun. Yup. This guy is a charmer. Daryl drops his bow, and suddenly Daryl is surrounded by a bunch of grimy cold-hearted bad asses – must feel like home.


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