The Walking Dead – S4 – E11 “Claimed” A Reviewcap by Sagebeth

“Son of a dick” -Abraham on Eugene’s handiwork with a gun

I am liking the writers adventures in trying to encourage character development and more of a slow burn mentality but damn these episodes are starting to drag whenever newbie Abraham isn’t stealing the scene. It’s still a worthwhile watch in my humble opinion – but it treads the line between shit and fun very finely. So without waxing poetic about the same old bullshit I’m going to give you a quick reviewcap of some of the plot movements this episode.

But far the most exciting events to go down this week belonged to newbies plus Glenn and Tara. We open with them and I find myself thinking of them even when they aren’t on screen. Tara covers her hands writing down street names and turns they’ve made since hitting the road knowing in the back of her head Glenn is going to wake up and most likely want to go back. But most importantly we got to see Abraham do his zombie killing with charisma. He barks at Tara not to waste bullets making him smart and takes on three walkers solo melee style. He even notes one of them looking like a mess which was sort of awesome and as Tara notes afterward he was smiling the whole time like he’d won a GD prize. I’m going to give him the KILL OF THE WEEK due to the sweet rifle butt to the side of the head but the CGI blood always takes me out of the fun. It’s like CGI Jaba or Yoda – Utterly agonizing to see. Abraham’s answer for the grin: He’s lucky. Ha.
Glenn wakes up confused and pissed that he’s being essentially driven further away from Maggie – wherever she may be. It’s illogical but so in character I’ll take it. Glenn isn’t choosing survival but life. Him and Tara get Abraham to stop his big military truck so they can get out and go back toward their place in the forest of mystery. Abraham tries logic. He tries reason. He tries rationality. But Glenn isn’t moved by anything except his complete and utter devotion to Maggie so when Abraham infers that she is most likely dead Glenn reacts with the opposite of logic: He punches him. Dude Glenn is pint sized compared this beefy mother effer though so this fight feels so completely nonsensical – I don’t care about his “love” but it is also the only emotion I truly buy from Glenn. Confusing for me, as a viewer in what exactly I feel. This is interrupted thankfully by their noise attracting walkers out of the surrounding fields. Eugene, mulleted trashy looking aspergery sounding “scientist” tries to warn them but just picks up an automatic rifle to take on the small horde and proceeds to shoot up their awesome truck including the entire gas tank… lovely. Usually dumb mistakes piss me off on this show but I bought it from this guy.
So without a vehicle, Glenn and Tara (being extremely loyal and/or dumb) leave to head back toward the prison area. Rosita sees a picture of Maggie and instead of fist bumping Glenn on his hottie and watching him walk away she follows him…? Because why not. Eugene points out that they mind as well go back with them considering they are car-less and have no clue what is front of them on the road. So they all head back on foot. Abraham coming off as cool soldier guy with many a story to tell, Rosita as quiet Hispanic hottie who is hinted at loving Abraham, and as for Eugene… Well can you ever really believe in a man with mullet? Can a smart scientist have a mullet? Am I being too judgey? How on earth can you trust anyone with a mullet who claims he can save… you know, the whole world? Is that even possible? Feedback is needed from real fans of this show. Also I do want to share that I’m enjoying Tara – the potty mouthed lady went from background noise to illogical but incredibly loyal. Sure she could smartly attached herself to obvious survivor Abraham but she feels indebted to Glenn and his search for Maggie so she sticking to his side like glue. It’s sort of dumb but ultimately earning herself some respect.

It’s breakfast time in suburbia which also happens to be Michonne and Carl bonding time. Rick listens from the kitchen as Carl laughs from the first time in awhile only to be reminded of Judith and suddenly the sadness kicks back in. The also argue about soy milk which felt so forced I actually wrote “milk is dumb” in my notes. Rick confesses to Michonne later that he is very thankful to her because he cannot be both Carl’s father and best friend. Michonne is oddly happy to take that place since her trial by walkers a few episodes ago when she realized her full want for being a part of a family again. It’s weird to see Michonne suddenly acting like this whole person, with real full sentences and a smile but I oddly buy the whole thing.
It is decided that they will stay in this new house to plan their next move so they need more supplies. At Michonne’s insistence Rick finally admits he is basically beat to all hell and gives Carl his gun so he can stay at the house and rest. I’m liking his intense trust in Michonne – It’s oddly refreshing. Imagine Lori still alive in this position – Did you just gag like I did? Lori = gag reflex. Anyway, Michonne and Carl go off on their own adventure to collect supplies and creep us out with Michonne talking like a real live human being with emotions and everything. She tries to cheer up Carl by spazing out over finding “Crazy Cheese” and proceeds to pour the crap into her mouth proving Michonne was an awesome mother and Carl is a dickhead teenager. At least he admitted to laughing on the inside. This was when she dropped the bomb that she had a kid in the past and proceeds to pretend she didn’t just blow his mind. He is filled with questions and Michonne basically ignores them all until promising to answer them one by one as they loot for supplies. She tells us his name was Anthony Andre and he was a handful like Carl – while this happens she is taking in the shitty artwork decorating the house: happy bunnies, sunny skies, doggies, flowers, etc. Then she stumbles upon a wicked dark painting and begins stealthing around the house hoping there isn’t something super dark in one of the rooms. In a back children’s blindingly pink bedroom, she finds a whole family dead together. She leaves and Carl immediately assumes she found a dead baby proving that the idea of Judith is never gong far away in his mind. Carl shares that he hopes Judith and Andre are together wherever they are: and Michonne smiles, not quite taking that as truth but sharing in the small joy that at least these two found each other in this messed up world. She isn’t Lori and he isn’t Andre and that is okay.
Back at the house Rick has fallen asleep while reading but is woken up by men’s voices echoing downstairs – and it sure isn’t from a TV being left on. In a hilarious mad frenzy Rick grabs his book, water, and watch and hides under his bed right before one of the men come into the room to take a nap on said bed. He doesn’t hear Ricks shallow breaths or the ticking of his watch so once again Rick has won this wicked game of chance – its also worth to see him smushed under the bed with a full grown man passed out on top of it. This is of course too safe so another biker looking dude enters the room and demands he get that bed because the rest are “kids” beds. DUDE! I’m pretty sure that tricked out teen’s room has a gorgeous bed but of course TWD has to make insane plot maneuvers that break my brain. The two full grown men fight over the bed and awesomely one of them is choked out on the floor literally looking into Ricks eyes but powerless to tell anyone about him. I thought he died here and the angry biker dude was being insanely dumb for leaving a dead body on his bedroom floor to turn any moment but upon reflection he is merely passed out – So Rick needs to get out of dodge ASAP. He waits for stronger biker dude to fall asleep and escapes his deadly hiding spot – just nearly running into trouble at ever turn only to win because the writers love torturing this guy.
He nabs a trophy as a weapon and goes back to the passed out biker to finish him off – because he saw him but is interrupted by another person coming upstairs. Rick scrambles into a bathroom which hilariously has a dude sitting on a toilet – no not shitting like he obviously should have been but just sitting fully clothed on a closed toilet seat. Seriously mother fucker was just sitting there staring at the wall or something before his tango with Rick. They fight and of course Rick wins because its Rick – he takes the guys gun and grabs some scissors for the road. Thankfully the bathroom windows could open because for some insane reason (stupid plot device) every other window he found would not. Real safe suburban house stupid family. Rick, finally starting to legit get my respect as a survivor leaves through the window but not before cracking the bathroom door so the dude he killed can turn into a walker and torment the house full of vagabonds. We know they are bad because while Rick is running around like a lunatic they discover Michonne’s shirt and discuss who will take their turn with the woman first. Lovely. I also know they’re bad because there was someone I’m going to call the menacing ball bouncer being played by one of those actors who is seriously always a villain (Jeff Kober, who I exclusively remember from his duel roles on Buffy as killer steroid vampire and Rack the supernatural drug dealer). Rick escapes out the window and jumps off the roof somehow managing to not die from his injuries on the way down and finds himself stuck hiding from the menacing ball bouncer on the front porch. Just as Rick works himself up to kill this guy he is saved by the newbie walker in the house – ball bouncer goes inside to see the commotion and in a timely fashion this is when Michonne and Carl are returning to the house. Rick just manages to warn them and they all run away from this mess – which is probably going to follow them? right? Like prior survivors they find themselves on the train tracks and they bump into a second sign advertising this much debated sanctuary. At least they’re going in the direction of Judith now.

Until next week lets cross our fingers for more Abraham and less baby drama.


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