The Walking Dead – S4 E10 – “Inmates” A Reviewcap – By Sagebeth

“If you don’t have hope, whats the point of living?” -Beth quoting Hershel

Back on The Walking Dead, we get caught up with some of the other survivors after the fall of the prison. The entire episode is about these characters coming to terms with their new circumstances and trying to find a way to move forward or at least back to a safer place. Beth and Daryl are in thrown into a team and unexpectedly coming together as quite the unit even though Beth is on the verge of experiencing actual feelings again. We catch up with Tyreese and Team prepubescence and get two fun surprises – maybe even three. Bob smiles. Maggie acts. Glenn wears swat gear – again and teams up with someone unexpected. Then this little episode ups its game in the closing moments giving comic book fans something to chew on while supplying other viewers with a brand new pack of characters – already with more personality than most of our other players. Woop. Lets jump in the deep end of the forest of mystery.

We learn in the opening voice-over that Beth has apparently started journaling after they were able to create roots and stability at the prison. While we watch Beth and Daryl run for their lives away from the prison we are treated to hearing one of Beth’s earlier entries concerning hope. Just as she comes to the conclusion that they could perhaps stay at the prison for the rest of their lives we watch as she and Daryl lay in a field, desperately catching their breath, as vultures circle above. Welcome to the forest of crazy allegories and symbolism guys.
Later on Beth uses the pages of her journal as kindling for a fire and the unexpected happens. Daryl is very silent, still trying to probably figure out how to stay the same heroic man he has become without Rick, Michonne, Hershel, etc but Beth is putting the leadership hat on without him. She is not a fan of sulking alone by the fire and insists they do something about this. She asks him to use his tracking skills and they argue over faith. Beth puts her money where her mouth is by taking off alone into the forest to try tracking down any other survivors alone – Daryl can’t let her do that obviously so he follows. They find some old tracks, some half eaten, berries, and some rabbits carcasses inside a nearby log – I’m liking how they are suing everyone’s story-lines together – leaving hints of others and teasing how events will go down for other characters.
Further on they stumble onto some train tracks where they use team work to dispatch some walkers. However this is finally where Beth lets all the pain in – loss of the prison, her father, sister, other friends. We spy a child’s shoe in the mess of fleshy carnage on the ground where the walkers were feasting. More voice over teases us with past Beth voicing her worry over life without the prison but her plan of believing in a future for her “Daddy”. Unexpectedly touching.

Backing up in time we catch up with little sisters Lizzie and Mika as they bring us an expected reveal: Judith is alive. Not a real surprise but I’m sort of excited for news of her survival reaching other characters. Mika is crying, which is expected of a young girl, while Lizzie wears a creepy stoic stare and arms her sister with a knife. Tyreese, who they rescued back at the prison, is holding Judith (He was bleeding very badly back a the prison, hence her bloodied car seat). Mika wants Carol and Lizzie gets smart sharing her worry about it getting dark soon and them having no place to stay. We get a lot of time with Mika being a terrified little girl, Tyreese trying to not look completely terrified with his daunting task of care taker, and of course they have Lizzie silently killing bunnies. CRAZY! It was so subtle I had to recall Daryl and Beth finding the corpses earlier also clarifying that Beth and Daryl are following them. Is this also proof that Lizzie is the prison saboteur/rat killer/walker feeder? They hear something out in the woods so they keep moving bringing them to the grape bushes.
The girls get a snack while Tyreese comically changes Judith’s diaper and finally this kid is starting to act like a baby. Judith is beginning to cry in a way that only a baby can – without abandon. Another noise scares the crap out of them, fully expecting a horde of undead to pounces on them from every angle but alas the forest of mystery has other animals that make noise. Crows bust out of a bush scaring little Mika into a full blown run – leaving the rest of them in the dust. Dude I hate kids – especially when they do dumb shit because they’re children. They catch up with her quickly so I don’t have a full blown temper tantrum about the hell that is child actors. She is sorry but she is not like Lizzie her crazy ass tough sister. They are interrupted again when they hear human screams in the distance. Tyreese also wearing his hero hat, stations the girls with the baby and takes off with his hammer ready. Not the wisest decision but surely telling about the lengths Tyreese will go to to both save people and/or find his sister or another prison survivor. Also its worth it in my opinion because I love watching Tyreese go to town on zombies with his hammer – Winning this weeks award for best kill/show of gore.
Obviously as soon as Tyreese is gone Judith must realize her horrible company and begins to cry again. Lizzie does the one thing she can logically think of to do – begin smothering baby Judith. This gets even worse as two walkers begin to approach the girls and Mika cries out for her sisters help but Lizzie is too busy slowing murdering a baby. We flash away from the scene leaving me oddly hoping Judith isn’t about to die now because this show has tricked me into caring. We pick up with Tyreese using his hammer of destiny to try to save a group of strangers being attacked. Everyone ends up dead though with only one man bitten and alone. Before Tyreese can process what the hell to do he is called to by a woman’s voice off-screen and its…  CAROL! Off screen she saved the girls from the walkers as well as baby Judith from Lizzie. And because Rick never got a chance to tell Tyreese what she did he legitimately hugs her. He is overjoyed to see her alive. Carol, not willing to come clean or knowing this is not the time, lies about her exile and whereabouts the last few days. She claims she was out still on a supply run and returned right when the Prison was being overwhelmed. She apparently saw the kids and him escape from a distance and has been following them since then. The lone bitten stranger gives them a bit of advice, (Note that this infected man is the same walker who appeared to Beth and Daryl earlier) concerning following the train tracks to somewhere safe. Further down the tracks the group finds a sign announcing “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.” Then someplace on a map is marked as “Terminus.” I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a pleasant safe haven to me – Is it possible this is too good to be true? Terminus sounds so… final. So terminal. Carol also refers to the old prison as a graveyard signalling that it is truly in the past.

Maggie, separated from Glenn, just sharpens her knife while Sasha dresses Bob’s gunshot wound. He oddly smiles like the creeper he is. I always assumed he was the prison saboteur (still might be) or at least that he has something screwed up going on. That theory is kept alive as we see him smile for all of his screen time. It’s either something creepy OR he is legit an alcoholic with a ridiculous case of survivors guilt and finds himself alive again except now he is not alone. Perhaps it is as simple as his obviously growing crush on Sasha. I don’t know.
Maggie unwilling to make any single other decision goes off in the direction the bus where she left Glenn. Sasha just wants to keep living but insists they shouldn’t split up so they all end up heading in that direction. They pass a sign warning drivers that hitchhikers may be escaping inmates from the nearby prison. Ha. Further down the road they find what looks like the abandoned bus. When they last saw it it was filled with infected survivors, including Glenn but now it appears everyone inside has died and zombified. I wish we could have seen that – I’m assuming it was a domino effect from the bus being shot up as it left the prison. Maggie insists they seriously check every walker inside to find Glenn – It’s wholly pointless though as all they do it waste tons of ammo putting down a bus full of walkers only to find Glenn totally not there. However it was worth it to watch Maggie be an actual actress transitioning from sad to angry literally killing a walker with her bare hands, to oddly happy crying when she doesn’t find Glenn on the bus. Is this her hope poking through?

Glenn is officially having a shitty effing week. Just returning to health after almost dying earlier this season Glenn finds himself waking up alone as the abandon prison completely overrun with walkers – only alive due to an extremely lucky location choice to pass out. After realizing his bleak situation he heads to his and Maggie’s shared cell to contemplate and plan. Luckily all it takes is seeing a picture of his missing wife to get his ass moving. He gathers supplies, and retrieves his good old swat gear from under his bed. He has faith – somehow. He gears up and enters the fray in the prison courtyard – its tough but hes doing it and hopefully turtling to protect his neck. His escape is interrupted though when he spies new character Tara (Lilly’s loud swearing sister who immediately saw the folly of her actions back when the Governor started his attack on the prison), trapped in a small gated part of the prison. He nearly ignores her but he also knows he needs her help to escape so goes to chat up the enemy.
Tara is still extremely shell shocked from the events, and it takes Glenn’s presence to sort of shake her out of it. Her gun is fully loaded meaning she didn’t fire one bullet during the assault proving her real innocence further. Following his lead they both help one another escape the prison.
They make it to the familiar hitchhiker warning sign before we learn more about Tara. She saw her sister Lilly end the Governor once and for all before being overrun by walkers herself. She also inadvertently reveals Hershel’s slaying to Glenn who was too sick and removed from the situation to know anything. Now his resolve to find Maggie has tripled. He is so devote that I actually believe it. He also shares that he needs her help which is proven when a small group of walkers completely exhausts his still ailing body and Tara is needed to save his ass. While bashing in the last walkers brain with Glenn’s rifle an armored truck appears and Tara hilariously throws the rifle on the ground and screams “Hope you enjoyed the show assholes!”.

New character alert!! Out of the truck walks three comic book inspired characters: Mulleted Eguene, Pigtailed Rosita and a man with a serious mustache: Abraham. Abraham the obvious leader of the bunch remarks on her language and questions what else shes got. Then they sort of pose as the show concludes for the evening which made me giggle. I know it is a call back to one of the comic book covers featuring these characters but it was so hilariously showy. Will Abraham bring on some much needed personality to this mix? Are they to be trusted? Will the whole group make it back together? Any Terminus thoughts? What about that radio message earlier this season? Looking past some questionable child acting, poor scenes and obvious plot maneuvers I’m once again oddly excited about The Walking Dead.
Until next week sickos.


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