The Walking Dead – S4 E9 – “After” A Reviewcap


“It’s for you”
Welcome back to the mysterious southern forest of zombies, family strife, and sweet sweet gore. Dear Walking Dead, I didn’t miss you but now that you’re back lets put all your shittiness behind us. You brought it this episode, giving us some much needed insight into my favorite sword welding mysterious mistress as well as letting Carl be the teenager badass/asshole he wants to be. With this fresh start comes something unexpected: A strong episode of TWD. Lets dive right in to this Carl, Rick, and Michonne heavy party.

The smoke is clearing from the tragic fall of the prison giving us the full visual of their little safe haven completely fallen to shit. Undead pile in, and we spy Michonne’s majestic horse completely gutted on the ground. The Governor is shown still very double-dead on the ground for you assholes who forgot. Michonne herself slinks in, reverting back to her sole survivor mentality. She neatly creates two pet walkers, and lets her time with the group fade away but not before stabbing Hershel’s undead head laying on the ground. Swell. Opening credits.
Later on we get a special gem: seemingly a flashback. Michonne is clean, wearing a skirt, and discussing art with her “lover” and his friend. As she prepares cheese and stuff to eat her kitchen knife magically transforms into her signature katana. So not a flashback but a dream! Even better. A little boy runs into the scene, and she greets her little “peanut” affectionately. She just keeps smiling awesomely as the entire scene slowly changes from old happiness to more current horrors. Her lover and his friend slowly transform into the original pet walkers she had back when she first appeared in this forest of mystery. We find out that she is definitely the sole survivor from this little group – including her adorable little boy.


Carl and Rick are getting away on foot. Well Carl is walking way too fast for the beat to hell Rick who is looking down right horrible. They bicker over things, letting anger come to the surface. They end up in a father son BQQ joint where Carl lets his angsty hormones fly. He rolls his eyes at a note from BQQ junior to take care of what he couldn’t: Daddy BQQ is a walker. Ricks too weak to fully take it down and Carl shoots him. Rick chides him for wasting the bullets, a lesson Carl totally doesn’t heed this episode.Carl does some uncreative swearing and even name drops Shane just to fully show Rick how mad he is at him. They separate to scavenge for food, and Carl awesomely announces that he wins as his pack is larger. So is it all a game to him? or is this the only way the poor kid is staying sane? To win is to live.
They find an empty house to stay in for the night. Carl finds a sweet teenage paradise of a room and glumly wipes the smile off her face as the only thing he can use in there is the video game cords to help lock the door tight. They both go to bed angry. In the morning Carl prepares some dry cereal for breakfast, and pulls a full on Simba when he realizes his father is less sleeping and more fallen into a coma of some kind. Of course his voice attracts a couple of walkers to the door. Thinking fast Carl goes outside and lures them away – knowing this must mean it is his time to shine. Predictably this entire adventure goes lopsided as it ends with a third walker entering the fray tripping up Carl. They all end up on the ground in a pig pile on top of him but he thankfully wastes tons of bullets killing them before they can get him. He then pukes up his breakfast and once again plays the “I win” game.
Back in the house he returns to scream at his comatose father. He releases all of his pent up rage at Rick ranging from being pissed that he couldn’t recently protect everyone at the prison to even being mad about his mother. He’s pissed about Rick pretending to be a farmer. He sees himself as an adult now and he doesn’t need Rick. Doesn’t want Rick. Doesn’t need his protection. He ends his tirade with a good ole teenage favorite “I’d be fine if you died”. Of course we can’t take his word for it. It’s a teenage boy who just came to realization that his father is in fact not superman – a moment we all know and understand. He learnt than his parents aren’t all power beings we all believe them to be as children. In a fit of independence Carl goes out alone on a supply run. Improve king of a dystopian future Carl pulls out a lawn light to use as a melee weapon attempting to conserve bullets. After a hilarious shot of him failing at breaking down a door with his tiny body, he finally breaks into a new house and begins to look for booty. SCORE. Huge can of chocolate pudding in the kitchen. Now he begins to check each room in the house. The quiet of the scene should have given it away but I actually jumped when a walker appeared in a doorway. After a tense scuffle Carl manages to lock it in a room. Then in another move that is completely telling of his age he writes “Walker inside. Got my shoe. Not me.” in chalk on the door. Then Carl’s ultimate finishing move for the day was sitting on the houses roof and eating the entire can of pudding. Epic victory.

After the awesomeness that was a Michonne nightmare she hit the road with his new pets. While finding a small horde to duck into Michonne spies some tracks in the mud and after some debating she leaves them be – especially after her horrible nightmare essentially reminding her that her happiness can never last so she is better off utterly alone. She ends up walking with a group of walkers and coincidentally she spies a young African American woman who could pass for a Michonne doppelganger except she is very dead. It’s all too much for Michonne and she finally sees the metaphor painted on the forest wall: What is the difference between a life of solitude and being a lifeless walker? So in a fit of rage and utter determination we’ve rarely seen on her Michonne massacres her entire entourage – including her new pets. GORE OF THE WEEK ALERT! Michonne, always the winner, takes this prize for seriously cutting like 21 (that I counted) walkers like jelly. Sole survivor may be her title but it certainly isn’t worth it to her. She goes right back to those boot tracks in the mud and begins tracking them – perhaps knowing it might be a certain father and son she is getting sweet on. We find out it is them for sure when she stumbles on the father son BQQ place. She also says a small prayer/speech for her dead boyfriend: Mike. It is about how he was right concerning not staying in a camp and that perhaps if they’d done that they would all be alive but instead its just her. I get the feeling that when the world went to hell she and Mike completely grew apart – hence her missing him when he was there. Michonne is a deep pit of sadness but thank gawd she has this strong badass outer shell.

Carl is sitting with the still passed out Rick and horribly Rick starts hardcore wheezing (most likely some sort of punctured lung) but to Carl it sounds like his father is turning into a walker. Yikes. Carl backs away and raises his gun and just cries. He is tremendously scared and admittedly alone. Much like BQQ junior he cannot end his father and just surrenders to what he thinks is his father intent to eat him but instead we spies that Rick is just laying there wheezing but now awake and very sorry for scaring him. A little later, Carl has told his father about all his lonely adventures including the 112 oz. can of chocolate pudding. Ha. Finally letting go on one of his hang ups Rick tells Carl he is a man now which is a little overkill if you ask me but I think Carl needed it. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. We see that Michonne has indeed tracked them down. Sigh. Rick looks through the peephole and just laughs. Carl probably thinking Rick has lost his mind asks who it is. “It’s for you” said Rick essentially answering the question as well as giving the reason why he does basically everything he does. Its also the reason Michonne is there. For Carl. For the kid. For the future.
OMG Is that a fat lady singing? Did TWD just have a happy ending? So who do they need to kill next week to make this shit stay good?


~ by ATOM on February 11, 2014.

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