The Walking Dead – “Live Bait” S4 – E6 A recapview – By Sagebeth

“You can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game” -“Brian” on chess

This episode should have dominated much like The Governor dominated most of the cool moments last season. He brought something new –  a strangely hypnotic insanity that grew every single episode therefore his big reveal two weeks ago as someone watching the prison felt so fulfilling. This newest episode was completely Governor-centric and therefore should have been astounding right? RIGHT? This entire episode turned me off though. We took a look at what has happened to Phillip – The Governor – since we last caught him last year and that should have been interesting right? Instead of the revenge seeking mad man we all expected instead we just got Brian… just Brian. Ugh I’m just going to give a speedy recap because this entire episode left me confused and completely underwhelmed. In a few words I’d call it boring and mismatched. This man may be “the last pale light in the west” but he quickly becoming the most boring.

We pick up right after The Governor has massacred all of his people last year except for a couple of henchmen – keyly Martinez. He leaves with them and after a pointless zombie walking into a fire scene his men leave him in the middle of night – which is the smartest move they have ever made. So now the mad man is alone in a world of his own making and whats the first order of business? He goes and destroys his old town in a wicked dramatic way. Then in a more confusing move he begins his journey of lone mad man to homeless looking mullet dude who eats cat food. After traveling alone for a while the Governor becomes a haggard bearded mess and takes on the name Brian – the name of a dead man he saw on a wall. Isn’t that his name in the comic? I don’t know. This whole move is boring and drawn out. I kept searching for more meaning or at least a purpose but this whole thing seems to just be a way to over complicate an already extremely complicated man.

The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Right when Phillip-Brian-Govenor-Mullet guy is seemingly on his last legs – ambling around zombies doing hysterical pratfalls and seemingly ready for death – he sees something unthinkable up in an apartment window. Is that his dead daughter? He enters the building and goes up to that apartment and we meet the most naive little family on this side of the end of the world. It wasn’t his dead-dead daughter but another little girl, Megan, her tough but dumb lesbian aunt, mother who looks like Maggie named Lily, and dying grandfather Don. I probably couldn’t buy this whole plot line because it has been far too long and brutal for people this naive and dumb to still be alive. I’m going to call them the Gorbelli’s even though it is not their name and just the name of the food truck they’ve been living off of. He approaches and is basically immediately taken in. They take his gun – which he hands over without them asking and they don’t even check his things. In fact the only mildly interesting thing about this entire situation is that he is staying in an old lady apartment which screams ‘a little old lady lives here’. The Gorbellis explains they’ve been waiting there since the shit hit the fan for the national guard to come and rescue them… wait still? They still think some army is coming to get them? Small hick towns are made of dumb. Tara is trying to be threatening as well claiming she is a cop and that is why she has all the firearms but I didn’t buy that then – its sort of sad that they waited the entire episode for her to own up to that lie.

So basically we watch this mad man wolf turn into a trained kitten while interacting with this family full of sheep. He doesn’t call them on any of their bullshit, but is overly willing to become the protector of the young girl in the family who apparently doesn’t talk anymore. This entire episode made me wish he was still a murderous asshole because I was waiting with baited breathe for him to just murder these people in cold blood just to pretend to be this girls daddy – but instead he does little errands like retrieving backgammon boards and oxygen tanks from elderly homes. After some time jumps, he finally cuts off his mullet and his beard reminding me at how handsome this actor is. Unfortunately Lily is thinking the same thing as she constantly pops into his apartment to take care of him. She even leaves her young traumatized daughter alone in his company like an idiot for a few minutes. It’s completely idiotic. This family is so out of the loop they don’t even know that killing the brain is how to put down a walker. They also don’t seem to expect that after Don dies for him to come back to life and try to eat them. Why didn’t ‘Brian’ tell them? Why did he wait until the old man died and reanimated? Whatever. Basically after Don dies Megan is terrified of the Govenor again and stops talking to him. He decides to leave and now both sisters decide this is the best time to leave their completely safe apartment which has kept them alive way too long.

So they head out on the road like morons – the Governor leading them like a deranged Moses. One night while the whole gang sleeps in the back of the truck Lily starts throwing some subtle moves at him and they end up having sex right there next to her sleeping family. I think this was supposed to remind us at how sexy David is but all I could think about was how much Lily looks like Maggie and that the Governor sexual assaulted Maggie last year… What the fuck is going on? Why does this have to happen? So seemingly pointless. Anyway moving on, the truck breaks down leaving the gang of pointless people on foot. Of course their timing sucks and Tara twists her ankle seconds before they run into a group of walkers. Lily helps her sister while Megan finally gets over her fear and lets Papa Eyepatch save her. They run into the woods and in an unexpected move both he and the girl fall into a familiar looking pit full of walkers. He fights like the MAD MAN we all all know and love to protect her – is it just me or does he get super strength as well? These are all some amazing shots of FABULOUS ZOMBIE VIOLENCE which were basically the only entertaining moments during the episode – and the encounter had to be only for a minute or so. Right after all the carnage a familiar armed face pokes his head in the hole all “Whaaa?”. It’s Marteniz. So now the Governor is reunited with some of his men, has a new family, and a new seemingly stable personality along with a new name. Why couldn’t this just be a revenge plotline? Emily Thorne you are needed! So are we supposed to buy this? Because I don’t and that is probably why I found this entire charade of an episode so insanely pointless. Is he really different? He seems to know how crazy he was but is that really in the past? Can you just walk something like that off?

Next week the Governor writes a musical and casts Team Prison as the leads so they will like him again and they can all make malted shakes and hang out together like the good old days… wait what?


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