The Walking Dead – “Indifference” S4 – E4 A Reviewcap by Sagebeth

www3“…And then one day you just change – We all change” -Carol


Up is down. Down is up. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. I actually really liked this episode of The Walking Dead. Sure I’m still feeling the sting of a departure of one of the few characters I like and understand but isn’t that what good television should be? I find myself still flip-flopping on what notions were “right” and “wrong” but I need to remind myself that TWD belongs in this moral grey area. The devastation of life is pitch perfect when actual viewer opinions conflict. Sigh. Of course it was still a little bad but it wouldn’t be TWD if it wasn’t flawed. Basically I’m going to miss Carol – Though I’m sure she’ll pop up again wearing yet another mask: Renegade Carol. Maybe she’ll get a new headscarf. But, I’m getting ahead of myself! Lets start at the beginning:



In what turns out to be her last conversation with her scary new fake ‘daughter’ Lizzie, Carol explains through visitors glass that she is going out on a supply run with Rick. She gives some words of wisdom and informs Lizzie not to call her mom – which crazy Lizzie said was an accident. While they talk, Rick, with his wounded hand wrapped, goes back to playing CSI, investigating where Karen and forgot-his-name-never-even-saw-him were being kept before Carol killed them. He pictures Carol nursing Karen and then knifing her in the head – Eek. Then they recycle more shots of him staring ominously outward. Okay is this guy a bad actor or does Rick never really know how he truely feels? I can never tell what this guy is thinking.



Back with Daryl and Team-Meds we get a gander at Tyreese still totally bugging out. While the group attempts an easy task of cutting through overgrown vines to get into a locked gas station (which they know holds walkers) so they can fix a car also hidden under the growth, Tyreese crazily slices at the vines getting his machete?hammer?whatever stuck in the wires locking the door shut – SLICE. Suddenly, walkers are reaching out of the growth and everyone manages to either get free or kill their attacker, Tyreese refuses to let go of his walker and literally has a tug of war with it. Team-meds accurately calls out Tyreese on his death wish and only a chill conversation with Michonne seems to bring him down a notch. I’m loving this new Tyreese though – so much better than mister ‘I don’t like killing things’. We also get some Bob backstory as he becomes Bob the witness – It turns out Bob has become the lone survivor of not one but two groups. RED FLAG!



Now reaching a picturesque looking vet college Team-Meds does the impossible and succeeds in their mission of retrieving the medicine Hershel needs for the sick but they run into some trouble while attempting to exit. They run into a small pack of walkers, who are displaying some of those pretty bloody eyes you get when you have the super flu therefore eliminating the possibility of fighting through them because they don’t want to get infected. They fight and scramble down hallways like a machine of workers all doing their little jobs until they seemingly reach the end of the line. But Tyreese THE BEAST saves the day by creating an exit by throwing a fire extinguisher through the window. They all make it out but the last one, Bob, stumbles nearly losing his sweet bag over the edge of the roof into a pool of walkers. He battles, not letting go of the bag much like Tyreese did earlier in the episode and wins as our group helps him but they also discover a sad truth: It wasn’t their medicine he pocketed from the school but a bottle of booze. Bobs demons certainly make him more interesting but we all know he is probably the sabatour right? RIGHT? If I’m wrong TWD is officially blindsiding me. Before Daryl tosses the bottle, Bob warns him to stop by fingering his gun which completely sets Daryl off. Fuck Bob the witness. Daryl advances on him like a tiger, disarming him, and literally body bumping him until Tyreese breaks it up. Daryl proclaims that a drop better not pass Bobs lips before they can use their meds on the sick survivors. This whole Team-Meds exercise has taught me one thing: Daryl truly and honestly cares for the community. Between collecting jasper for someone, complaining about Michonne not staying at the prison, and his display with Bob we now know that his hero act is less act and more genuine caring survivor backing everyone’s corner except those who harm the group.



Now back to the better meat of this episode: Carol and Rick are out alone lacking good conversation but some fun drama. While raiding a house a Pijama-Walker literally falls down the stairs trying to get to Carol. Rick rushes to pull her out of the way but Carol finishes it by stabbing the walker in the head. Surprise surprise more people amble from the second floor. A couple (Sam and Ana) appear from their hiding place in the bathroom bearing fruit and needing aid. They were a part of a bigger group and fell in love before being separated from their herd. They immediately start asking where Carol and Rick are from. Carol steps in and puts Sam’s dislocated shoulder back in place – a talent she learned to do for herself on the internet when she was still her husbands punching bag and Rick asks his three little questions. They pass and Rick suggests they wait there for Carol and him to finish their supply run but Carol thinks they should join them on the run so they can finish faster – also much more dangerous for the couple who are utterly not very tough looking. Also Ana has a bum leg which is sure to slow her down but they want to prove their worth and do some work. Rick kindly lends his shiny watch to Sam so he can keep track of the time. Then we are treated to some more Carol and Rick time as they raid a small garden. We get some awesome nuggets of information: Carol thinks saving the couple is humane but if they aren’t strong enough to help she doesn’t think it is the right call. Carol wants Rick to face reality so that “we can live”. Rick can be a farmer but not JUST farmer. Rick was a good leader and they compare the people they have killed. Ha Shane references are worth it. Carol wants Rick to just accept what she has done. Carol also talks about her past and her horrible marriage and how weak she was. She didn’t know she could be strong but now she does. She also can barely say Sophia’s name, and sees the entire thing has someone elses “slideshow”. Also we learn that Lori was also horrible at cooking pancakes (adding it to the list of everything else) and refused to not cook them on Sundays. What a bitch – Hahaha.



Soon they stumble across a broken basket of peaches, which leads to Ana’s bum leg literally laying in the grass. Further away walkers are finishing off the rest of Ana. Carol is barely affected – perhaps ‘indifferent’. While Ana is dead, Sam is missing/late for his meeting with Carol and Rick. Carol doesn’t think it matters if Sam is alive or not and Ricks watch was nice but they really need to go. Ha. They finally have it out verbally and both Carol and myself are shocked that not only is Rick not okay with her decision but he is exiling her from the group. This decision he claims is for him all because someone might have lived: Karen, Sam, other faceless people but they didn’t because of Carol. He is flat out giving her a fraction of the supplies they have and sending her off in a car. Before she leaves she gives her watch to Rick – an old present from her dickhead husband. Sweet. FABULOUS CHARACTER EXIT ALERT! Can’t wait to see what this lady does without the lame prison group. Also why on earth does Rick think it’s wrong for Carol to make the calls she did when he is making a huge one right now? What exactly makes this guys opinion more valid than others? Is it the cop thing? The white southern dude thing? TWD writers once again having no idea how to steer Rick as a character without having him just be god. I just have trouble taking this decision while CAROL IS BEGGING AND CRYING. Whatever.


PS: Anyone else notice everyone’s bags were featured more in this episode? I want Bob’s satchel! Also Michonne decides she doesn’t need to leave the prison anymore because SHE STILL HAS NO REAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

And scene.


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