The Walking Dead; Season 4 Episode 3: Isolation A reviewcap By Sagebeth


‘Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’

-A poster at the prison

As per usual this episode had a handful of cool and a bucket of weird/bad/odd decisions. In the spirit of wasting no time lets jump right into one of the major actions done this episode; a mystery was solved. Instead of stringing us along for seasons we got at least one answer this week: Carol is responsible for burning the two sick bodies from last week (Karen and ?David?). This was a fun reveal that they merely hinted at in the episode but clarified in the end. It is one of those reveals that actually tricks me into thinking this show is better than it is. Were they alive when she pulled them outside to burn them?  Already dead and zombified? Struggling? Initially I thought this was pretty badass of Carol. She has gone from doormat to extremely proactive caring mother of a group of survivors. She did it to save the community and unfortunately it didn’t work making the action moot as Tyreese pointed out while he reacted to grief the same exact way Rick does: Insane pointless rage. He hits Rick. Rick hits him. It mirrors the awesome fight in the comic except it was pointless and just hinted at how unstable both these men are. Tyreese wants Rick to be a cop and care that some MURDERED his girl. Tyreese needs to remember that two murders of infected individuals who are headed to dying slowly via THE FLU really doesn’t stack against surviving a long term zombie apocalypse.

While on the topic of Tyreese I want to show some love for this maniac with hammer he was at the close of this episode. This is a man spinning on all wheels, with his life falling apart, and no where else to turn. This is what needed to happen to make Tyreese a better character and how boss does he look with his swollen face? Sweet. Due to Karens murder and his sister Sasha catching the flu, Tyreese is a man on the edge – maybe him and Rick can keep each other company. I want to see these guys cuddle. Everyone is either getting quarantined or getting very sick – people are dying everywhere – it is a red shirt party so far though unless Glenn (who is also sick) or Sasha bite it. Also Hershel feeling helpless due to his missing limb decides he needs to keep doing his job taking care of these people and confines himself in the cellblock to care for them ultimately forcing himself to become infected (especially after the fucking doctor coughed in his face – people use your elbows not hands! Stop smearing your mouth blood everywhere. Gross assholes). The answer is for some of the survivors to make a long trip to a vet-hospital and find some antibiotics. Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are the lucky players and we get another moment reminiscent of the comic. After driving into an entire horde of walkers (Oops) Daryl reverses and tried to turn the car but in a great visual the car backs over several bodies and manages to gets stuck grinding into their meaty flesh heads. Thinking quick Daryl advises everyone to make a run for it to the forest. Some fun headshots are made in a mad dash to escape trouble and Tyreese waits for everyone to get away before exiting the car (hammer ready) for some full on Tyreese versus dozens of walkers. The survivors get away and SURPRISE SURPRISE Tyreese makes it through, bloodied and mentally unstable but stronger. Tyreese, your ramblings on morality and humanity are all well good but zombie headshots are BETTER. In fact his many hammer shots are all winners of my FAVORITE SWEET VIOLENCE AND GORE AWARD this week. Mmm

Another character I want to note is the return of Carl the emotionless maniac. With the return of his gun came his hat as well as his cold calm controlling demeanor – I think I kind of love this kid actor now which is surprising. In a surprising move, upset at being quarantined, Rick assigns Carl the job of watching all of the people there. It’s so cute seeing Carl ordering Hershel around and carrying that familiar flashlight-gun but its sort of unsettling at how quick he is sliding back into the KILLER he is. I likey. Also I appreciate Hershel’s need to ‘do his job’ helping people. Also Carols new better identity is leaving her cooler but also much more guilt ridden and risky which isn’t always the best combination. Who knew the three craziest people on this show would be Rick, Tyreese, and Carol?

I should probably back up a bit to discuss the car-radio tease. Right before the group looking for meds ran into the MEGA-HORDE of walkers, they were consumed with a voice seemingly coming out of radio. We hear nothing but static and some sort of message on a loop which excites me on a very basic level – lets hope something good comes of this unlike last seasons crashing helicopter.

PS: I’m sick of this damn graveyard of red shirts they have. The larger it grows the more I find it ridiculous. In a world where THE DEAD COME BACK TO LIFE can’t you realize that someones empty dead body is nothing but a vessel that should be burned or destroyed to make room for new life? Stop burying your dead especially when they are all nameless assholes.

And scene.

What’d I miss?


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