The Walking Dead – S4 – E2 “Infected” A Reviewcap By Sagebeth


“You have the people you know. That’s it. They might as well be the only people left in the world.” -Tyrese whining


Really? A super flu? This seasons big bad right out of the gate is THE FLU?! Trust me. I get it. Illness is scary especially in a post apocalyptic world but is this really the right move? There isn’t enough death in the air? However I am taking this plot development in stride and… Carol are you really asking Carl not to tattle on you? What? Nooo! Not the piggies! I see my attention span isn’t ready for much intellectual debate so lets jump right into this review.



This episode opened showing us a mysterious unknown character feeding rat heads to fence walkers helping to move along the damage they are doing to one of the outer fences. This problem should be fixed as soon as they wake up and see it right? Wrong. In the A.M., farmer Rick comes outside to work on his garden – notices the fence sort of swaying and proceeds to still tell Carl that they will continue to not help kill walkers. Carl apologizes for asking such a crazy thing of his father (the nerve?) and shares that he is trying to live a normal life but in the meantime can he have his gun back…? The most badass kid on the show and Rick is neutering him. Before Rick can shut him down again they hear screams. Young ladies, Mika and Lizzie are running out of D Block screaming for help. What has happened?



After we saw someone sabotaging the prison fence we cut to a semi-sweet (and therefore weird because this show can’t do organic romance well) scene between Tyrese and Karen. It’s late and they are getting cuddly in the library – while Tyrese hilariously sings to her. Tyrese isn’t broken enough for this universe to be not annoying. Tyrese wants them to bunk together (how are these hotties not already boning?) but Karen is playing hard to get or something equally nonsensical during the apocalypse. So in true fashion as soon as Karen starts planning when she will eventually let Tyrese play her skin violin something devastating happens. She enters the showers (Where Patrick just died in the last episode) and immediately washes her face with some water that Patrick coughed all over. Cue me telling my TV that this bitch is dead – until I made a weird connection. Karen is carrying a flashlight that looks EXACTLY like the flashlight the mysterious saboteur was using, sending my mind into overdrive – Why would Karen ruin their little haven? Especially after being the lone survivor of the governors crazy death march. Undercover spy for dearly missed Phillip? Or am I expecting too much for this show? Is it just supposed to show that the saboteur is a member of the prison society and therefore has access to use their neat flashlights? Discuss.


Anyway Karen washes her face with contaminated water, thinks she hears some movement but finds nothing so she heads to her bunk. Undead Patrick appears to follow her footsteps back to the bunks and instead of following her into her bed, he follows the sounds of some poor mustached man snoring. This is actually my favorite piece of sweet ZOMBIE VIOLENCE this week and in an unprecedented move Michonne isn’t involved. Patrick takes a chomp out of Mr Mustache’s neck therefore silencing any sort of scream that he should have had. Cut to the later morning and all hell breaks loose in the cell block as both walkers and this new found ‘infection’ begins to spread. Loved when Mr. Mustache stood up and his guts fell out.



While everyone freaks out in the cell block, Michonne appears to be heading out on her own again for an undetermined amount of time until she hears the chaos from the cellblocks. While turning around to come back she somehow gets rushed by walkers and manages to fall and hurt her ankle forcing her to be saved by Carl and Maggie. Yeah Carl didn’t waste any time picking up a rifle and using it to save a loved one – good on you boy. Then he puts it right back down as if Rick is going to pop out of nowhere and yell at him. Humph. Later Michonne spends some quality time with Beth and Judith representing quite the cast of females in completely different areas in their lives. I felt this whole scene was chalk full of fun theoretical goodness but it probably just a cheap ploy to show us something we didn’t know about the mysterious Michonne: She most likely lost a baby in the past. This is shown when Beth asks Michonne to hold baby Judith for a moment and Michonne reacts like the baby is a ticking bomb – eventually she relents and we get to see Michonne sweetly press her face against Judith. Mmm Baby smell and cries. Women.. am I right? JK I liked it.



While clearing out the horde, Rick does something awesome: He starts helping again. Him and Daryl working like a machine taking out threats and clearing out bunks. Also anyone else catch Daryl straight up taking a rifle for someone as if to say “I got it from here dude”. Finally after most of the carnage, they find Patrick as a walker and shoot him. They note his bloodied eyes and before I can call shananagans they find another man who seemed to have turned like Patrick – no bites but bloody eyes/mouths. While inspecting the body, our group’s medical experts including some dude who better actually be a doctor (not a damn vet) notes that the blood pouring out of orifices means disease (really this happened). This leads to Rick finally voiceing something pretty concerning: He saw another walker outside the gate with the same bloodied eyes as well as hes seen a sick boar and a sick pig. RIP Violet. You will be missed as much as TDawg in my book. Sigh – Tdawg makes Tyrese look like a kitten. Glenn suggest its some new walker disease but Doctor-face explains that he’s seen this type of illness pre-apocalypse. Who the fuck is this guy? Where did he work? Malaysia? This isn’t the rage virus but rather some sort of swine flu. Ugh. This shit is tiring me already – its hard to stay interested. The point is that this doctor dude says in the olden days (They really said the “old days” as if the renaissance was last week) diseases like that thrived in close quarters so everyone who was in the cellblock could be infected.



Carol is busy as well, as she pulled someone bitten onto one of the cell beds and proceeds to get him ready for an amputation much like Hershel except it was the mans arm. However she stops as she finds he is bitten directly on the back of his neck as well. Sucks for him as well as his young daughters, who are worse than Carl used to be: Mika and Lizzie. Samuel (dying man) asks Carol to look after his daughters as if they are her own (no problem, mama is lonely anyway). I guess I was wrong about Maggie and Glenn! Right plot guess but wrong characters. She brings them in to say farewell to their dying father and these little girls overact like no one I’ve ever seen before. Lizzie thinks she and her younger sister should be the ones to stab her father in the head so he doesn’t come back to life (Mika should have gotten pissed that she was volunteered) but before Lizzie can gather the balls she gives up and goes to cry with her sister. They spaz out while Carol kills their father for them. It annoys me.

Later on outside, Carol informs the girls that their father wanted her to take care of them and jump right in by telling Lizzie that she is weak and in this world she can’t be. HA! Tough love Carol is sort of awesome – She is so different it is refreshing. This is when things get weird again though as Lizzie starts to cry claiming her tears are for that nametagged walker (‘nick’) that just recently got put down outside the fence… Oh so Lizzie is crazy? I am having flashbacks to the twin boys from the comic…Anyway after Lizzie runs away to cry and be crazy. Mika AWESOMELY delivers some enlightening news to Carol: Lizzie isn’t weak, shes just funny in the head. Christ. Mika can’t you explain everything in that lazy sarcastic way from now on? Even later Carol approaches Lizzie again and insists that she needs to be strong for her father and not let her fear of Walkers ruin her. She gives Lizzie back her knife. Carol I don’t think you accurately calculating this this little bitch is CRAZAY. Fun fact: In the opening Karen passed a drawing Lizzie did with ‘Nick’ being the only stick figure named. Gulp.



Finally seeing the council at work left much to be desired except for an oddly empty chair screaming for Rick to fill. They are discussing this new flu business and quarantining the infected to another cell block (death row haha). Their undesirable conversation is saved by them hearing Karen coughing out in the hallway where they tell her and Tyrese that she might be sick now and to stay away from one another. This seems to be going way too swimmingly as Sasha and Karen calm Tyrese. Karen also shares that another man is coughing like her – They are sent to stay away from everyone else into the Tombs.




In the prison yard Daryl is pointlessly burying bodies of people they lost. It’s annoying but its worth it to hear Daryl tell Rick that he more than earned his ‘farmer-rick’ time from being their leader. This interesting conversation is interrupted by a resurging plotline: Maggie needs help because the walkers converging on the outer fence are beginning to really start to break it – WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED TO GET BAD THIS FAST? I want to complain more but it was sort of a cool rush scene with everyone working together trying to kill the walkers through the fence. This is when they also notice that someone has been feeding rat heads to the walkers and Sasha notes that this is exclusively the reason they are clustering and not spreading out. There is also a sick HONORABLE MENTION SWEETSWEET ZOMBIE VIOLENCE with a deteriorated walker literally being pushed through the fence like a playdoh spagetti. YUMMY. In a mad dash effort to fix the fence Rick has one of his better master plans: Daryl drives him outside the gate with a box full of piglets and he proceeds to lead the walkers away from the fence by leaving a trail of bleeding pigs. NO PIGGIES! Rick actually looks super sad to be killing his livestock especially when the last pig sprays blood in his face. Yum.

Later while burning up the pig pen, Rick explains to Carl that they either infected the pigs or they got the sickness from them and this is his reason for staying away from Judith for awhile. They need to keep her safe. Carl thinks this is a good time to tattle of Carol (who asked him not to tell Rick a second time) and AWESOMELY Rick doesn’t even care. Carl seems pleased by this and even in better spirits when Rick takes their guns out of a box for them to use. Will we get to see that sheriff hat again? Anyone else not even wonder where it was? ME! This scene ends as Rick begins to burn his clothes probably assuming he is infected in some way.



Looking overly jolly Tyrese is entering into the Tombs to go visit girlfriend Karen with some sad looking flowers but instead of some flu-love Tyrese finds both her and her cellmate outside burned alive. Toasted. Will this be the move that finally breaks Tyrese’s spirit for good? Can he become a badass powerhouse of a man now? Instead of that big dude who feels bad killing walkers. Until next time…


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