Pop Junk Comic Con 2013 News and Reaction.


Pop Junk Movies: Comic Con 2013 News and Reaction.

Well Comic-Con has really just become the summer news dump in the world of geek culture and summer movies and this year did not disappoint.  Here’s a quick run down with my thoughts.

Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron: Marvel announced this weekend that Avengers 2 will have the subtitle of “The Age of Ultron” a story written by Brian Michael Bendis that I recently finished reading so this news really got my blood flowing.  It’s a story with a heavy time travel theme where the heroes must take the fight to Ultron a robot bent on destroying all human life into the future and some travel to the past to stop his creation by Dr. Hank Pym.  However after a bit of digging I found that the story line will not followed and basically Ultron will just be the villain and they will craft a story around it.  After this revelation and also rumors Hank Pym won’t be in the movie at all, my guess is Tony Stark slips in as Ultron’s creator.  This is an even safer bet after watching Iron Man 3 and they way it kicked off phase two, it’s a solid set up to a self aware robot villain.

So what happened to Thanos, the villain we saw in the post credits of Avengers….did Marvel call an audible?  If so, then why?  I thought we were going to be treated with some huge interstellar cosmic war, and I was in on that.  I always assumed and admired Marvel for they’re long standing plan and it seems to have taken a left.  Are we seeing our fist cinematic ret-coning of the marvel universe?  I guess when your paying Robert Downey Jr dump trucks full of money to play Iron Man, Stark gets to be Ultron’s daddy.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Footage was showed at comic-con which I’m super pumped for and I’ve heard the footage was pretty goofy and out there which I was expecting with James Gunn directing.  What’s odd about Guardians of the Galaxy to me is that this is a franchise that was never particularly popular and came about when Jim Stalin and the rest of Marvel were dropping acid in the 70’s and writing weird space shit and talking trees.  Recently it was rebooted and a new team was thrown together and Marvel gave this movie the thumbs up which I thought would segway into Avengers 2 and it’s cosmic themes but that no longer seems like the case.  Marvel has been printing money as of late, will Guardians of the Galaxy be the first flop? (give or take The Hulk) So far everything shown and seen does not give me that feeling.  I mean you had me at Michael Rooker.

Man of Steel 2: DC and Warner Bros. announced Goyer and Snyder will be back for the sequel which will feature a team up or fight with Batman.  They hinted that they will be taking ideas from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns which I’m guessing they haven’t read yet but heard it was awesome.  The Dark Knight Returns features a fascist Superman who fights a 60 year old Batman in a super suit who beats the ever living dog shit out of Superman just to prove that he can. If that’s the story they wanna tell good luck.  My thoughts on Man of Steel are that they really whiffed on the character of Superman.  Grant Morrison who wrote Superman with a sense of wonderment as a god among men, uplifting the reader and leaving you understanding the character and his place in our world. I thought that Snyder and company however failed to capture that ten fold while concluding with what seemed like an hour of an 8 year old smashing two action figures together.  Nolan captured Batman’s essence perfectly in his trilogy perfectly and I thought said everything he needed to say about the character and put him to rest.  Now we’re taking this two ideas and smashing them together because money.

Sure it’s a great business move that will generate plenty of money going up against Avengers 2 and New Star Wars but I don’t think it’s a well thought out idea.  It gets people excited and it will look shiny and great but I feel like this will not be well throughout, seems too knee jerk a reaction.  I don’t think they’re going to have anything artistic or fun to say with this movie….it’s not exactly a passion project if you catch my drift.  So who knows, I’m not routing against this movie, I just think they could have come up with something better than what feels like some executive in a suit shouted out “Let’s put Batman in the sequel, that’ll put some asses in the seats.”

X-Men: Days of Future: It seems Wolverine is the character that will be going back in time from the crummy future to help save the world instead of Kitty Pryde as it was in the original comic book. Again from a business sense I get it, not wanting to put this huge blockbuster on the shoulders of Ellen Page is a no-brainer.  Also seems no Cyclops and Jean Grey which I know were killed for no reason in X-3 but I was hoping for some type of ret-con or time travel bit but doesn’t seem the case.  Also at comic con we saw a sentinel head…just hope the actual one for the movie is house sized.  I have high hopes that they are righting the ship because I really think the X-Men franchise has been one of the most mishandled franchises in comics on the big screen.  The already written material and potential for some really great movies as been over looked for too long, so here’s hoping they’re moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed for the HBO mini-series “The Age of Apocalypse”


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