True Blood – “At Last” Season Six – Episode Four A Recapview

“Do it like you do to yourself”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the newest episode of True Blood has done the unthinkable: I’m hooked. Seriously, after some of the newer twists and turns, return to some old school true blood tropes, and injecting some real laughs, this show has had a weird return to form. In fact, some of it felt very old school True Blood before some of these plotlines tangled themselves up so tight shit stopped making sense and the vintage silliness from earlier seasons vanished entirely. I won’t even waste anymore time on my pointless feelings and jump right into a full episode recap, including some opinions, views, and theories.

We pick up back at the Stakehouse residence where Jason’s head injury has finally taken him down for the count. For episodes I’ve been begging someone to get this kid looked at but of course Sookie doesn’t see the a problem until Jason flat out passes out on his feet. Ben rushes back to help her, and stays by a sleeping Jason while Sookie runs off to call an ambulance – right before she mentions wanting Vamp blood to help heal him before realizing there is none around.
Cue Ben to apparently tell the audience the one thing we’ve been guessing for the last few episodes – actually in my case hoping – Ben is a VAMPIRE! He bites his arm and feeds Jason healing him but also in a way outing himself – I’m left wondering if Ben legit didn’t want Jason to die. Then I remember that if he’s a Vampire then he is most certainly the old Warlow. Ben is WARLOW. Warlow is BEN. Jesus I’m suddenly a character on Buffy in season five dealing with Glorificous but I cannot explain enough that I liked this reveal and the only thing I liked more was that they revealed it this early – imagine if this was an end-season payoff? I can hear my booing from this timeline.
Meanwhile, Nora is trying to outrun cra-cra grampa Niall and losing. He finally corners her with a hand laser and begins his questioning: How does she know Warlow? Nora counters, ever the intellectual, asking about his knowledge of Lilith and the Vampire Bible. Niall is awesomely all “Lilith Who?” leading to Nora giving her entire rundown of the Lilith situation and needing Warlow to kill this new incarnation of Lilith because he is her progeny and it turns out he is most likely the one who led her to the True Death way back when. Before too much story and exploration of plot can drag this moment down Nora’s fangs pop out as she exclaims “Holy Fuck! You smell amazing.”. This is Niall’s cue to Hand-laser her away from him and into the path of some approaching LAVTF in their swat gear. It gets even better when Nora again swears, questioning “who the fuck are the LAVIF”. They answer her with a sunlight bullet to the gut. OH NOS!  Nora goes down and she’s taken to camp. Gulp. Niall watches looking oddly intrigued.
When Sookie returns to check on Jason, he comically jumps up off the couch blatantly high on V but Sookie is too relieved to notice immediately how strange it all is. Ben adds that Jason must have just had his bell rung. Niall returns now to down-talk Ben about helping with Jason and not primarily serving as a protector to Sookie – He also blames him for not getting Nora with him and says he lost her because of him. Niall I’m fairly certain you blasted her into danger but whatever – Poor Rutger still has the least to do on this show. Sookie sweetly thanks Ben before he leaves to go to whatever shitty hotel he’s staying at. Jason keeps looking at him a little oddly like he knows he’s missing a huge piece of this puzzle – which was so nice to see because we got a ton of golden old school Jason Stakehouse moments this episode.

Poor fucking Alcide. I don’t even want to follow this plotline, and not for the boring tedium or the pointless movement but for the degradation of Alcide as a character. Is being pack master really this character altering? It is as if the writers are pretending he’s a different person. This actor is def spending this season drinking a lot of wondering what the hell happened – and what producer he pissed off. Ugh back to the show – Ricki is bitching about them not killing all the nice hippy college kids who came to speak with them the last episode and gives a vague description of Nicole (crazy hair). This is also about the time Martha realized that Sam had taken Emma running hysterically out to Alcide to tell him this fun fact as well. Ricki insists they should have killed Sam already – but how else are they going to prove how their primary functions are violence and idiocracy. Anyway, Alcide orders them to track their fleeing prisoners/murder victims.
Speaking of their victims, we catch up with them still running through the woods. Nicole has a gnarly bite wound on her leg which is slowing everyone down that she insists Sam and Emma go for it without her but Sam has a trick up his sleeve (no sleeves because of course he is a naked the whole gd time). Lala is waiting with a getaway car for them – and they actually get away! Yes! I’ll cheer for this boringness if only to enforce that they get away for the boring pointless weres. Don’t worry I get upset with Sam very quickly so don’t go spreading any headlines.
When they finally slow down their get away enough to stop and let Nicole actually think about what just happened we are treated to Sam throwing her cell phone away, and informing her that she is too smart to not run away with him and Emma because her other option will most likely be death because she yet to fully understand that Werewolves can track the shit out of you. He also sends Lafayette away, even after Lala insists he wants to help as much as possible but Sam just insists that his storyline is too boring for everyone’s favorite medium. He sends Lala away with the car, informing him where he has hidden some money and guns for protection. Then Sam starts to strip (Lala turns Emma around – Aww that girl must have seen Sam’s dick waaaay too much) to show Nicole really what all that shifter nonsense is – The dude FINALLY turns into a horse so they can actually GET AWAY from their pursuers (I actually yelled this at my TV before I realized Lala was there with a car).

Still on the phone with the governor, Ginger is awesomely still badly stalling him on Eric’s whereabouts. Also I do feel like I need to share how sweet Gingers gothic-vampire-meca apartment is. It only gets better when the LAVTF storm her house, (YES WE GOT A GINGER SCREAM! AND I LOVED IT), and the Governor himself appears questioning her – When asked to her face she speaks again into the telephone still glamoured into saying Eric is still busy untying Willa in another room – HA. The Governor realizes how addled this girls brain is from the insane amounts of  glamouring she has been under and instead of feeling anything like empathy for her he insists she be taken to camp too (WHAT?!) and they are probably gonna have a lot of fun with her and her clouded brain. This was the first time I decided that this man is truly going to work as a big bad for this year – not only are vampires lacking humanity in his eyes (which is completely understandable) but humans with sympathy for vamps seem not worth it as well. The governor punches a mirror in anger realizing Willa and her captors are gone.

Eric and Pam are in the sewers? Wtf? Why? I’m guessing just to show they are literally traveling underground and keeping a low profile. Anyway they are in the sewers where Pam is summoning Tara because she totally stole Willa in the last episode hoping she was saving the girls life. Tara, the little scamp, blocks her ears when Pam begins to use her maker powers to make her tell them where she hid Willa. Eric, the adult by far, recognizes the situation and decides he is done playing. He flat out tackles Tara and threatens her physically. Pam is aghast that he would touch someone that is hers like that but Pam is awful surprised with Eric lately. I miss their banter and their blatant respect for one another. It has been missing lately though I suspect it is because Eric is trying to save them. This idea gets even more potent when Tara and Pam are alone again outside while Eric goes to find Willa. Of course they fight because that is what they do which actually saves Tara this time because when she ran away from Pam in a huff she suddenly realized Pam got surrounded by LAVTF who proceed to shoot and take her to camp. OH NOS! Now two of Eric’s ladies are in camp.
Also while Pam and Tara are bickering they discuss an actual vampire underground movement with speakeasies type places with willing human donors which bear a seven pointed star. Upon a second viewing I happened to notice a rather inconspicuous seven pointed star seen on a building right where Pam was taken. So close ladies. Also kind of sad. I feel like anyone could die – or maybe I’m watching too much Game of Thrones.

In the land of my favorite plotlines, we get to check in the Bellefleur household. Terry is watching a news program which is highlighting the war – that is sadly still happening. How screwed up is that? Ugh anyway, back to this shit: Andy is obviously getting lost in thought concerning the war, and his horrible plotline last year when he had to kill his frenemy, Patrick. This is interrupted by MY FAVORITE LITTLE GIRLS, Andy’s Halfling daughters reading Terry’s mind and taking his pain with the empathy of a toddler (aka sociopaths). Arlene saves Terry(“I need backup!”), as always, telling them he just has a creative imagination as though they are about to have him arrested – Terry just needs hugs guys, not jail time. Andy enters now and in a move to clear up the tension in the room he sends them off the bed – still has little girls. Hysterically he puts them all in one big bed before shutting off the lights, and we get some awesome verbal fighting that sounds completely normal for sisters until their voices begin to change – They switch the light back on and we see in the few seconds of darkness they are grown into older teenagers. They compare boob size, before deciding that they better go out and have some fun before they have to go to bed again and grow up again. Outside the house, Bill and Jessica lie in wait leaving me feel a little icky.
Before leaving they raid Aunt Arlene’s closet and proceed to steal daddies police car. Wearing ALL of Arlene’s memorable denim mini skirts and tight shirts (including one Merlotte uniform!), the girls amble to a convenience store which looked so familiar and I didn’t put it together until I saw the store clerk. HOLY EPISODE ONE BATMAN! It is the same clerk from season ones famous opening scene – the kinda gothic dude. Still looking greasy as ever the clerk proceeds to see four young girls trying to buy beer and hints that he could try selling it to them after he “inspects” them in the back. This is when Jessica appears. Outside Bill was about to enter the store to ‘take’ the girls for their blood but Jessica insist she go seeming to fear how Bill would handle this situation. She makes it clear that she trusts Bill but not the Lilith side of him. So Jessica enters the store and proceeds to save the girls from a most certain molestation by glamouring the clerk into giving them the beer and pretending he never saw any of them. The girls love this and they proceed to share an uncomfortable scene in which Jessica tries to befriend them falsely. It only gets back to good again when the girls announce that Jessica smells funny and that she’s not like them. Jessica cracks here being truthful about being a vampire but she hushes their panicked yelps and lies saying she’s like so old so she can control herself around them. Oh Baby Vamp Jess – I should have known here what would eventually happen.  The girls leave with Jess, and prove to be true teenagers when they meet Bill, unafraid and totally get into a car with him to go “party”. Ugh.

Okay everyone, here is legitimate proof that Sookie has learned from her numerous mistakes over the years. Sookie actually grew as a character everybody! Who knew it’d be this sweet?!? Like most viewers it did not take Sookie long to realize that Ben is really Warlow (Benlow if you will). After catching Jason doing some sick shirtless pull-ups randomly in a doorway (I miss Jason on V!), Sookie finds a convenient mistake Benlow made when he saved Jason earlier: a single drop of blood on her living room floor. Intrigued she touches it, probably recognizing that it was blood and uses her nifty fairy blood testing ability that Niall showed her in earlier episodes. “Mother Fucker” Sookie rightfully swears as the drop of blood sizzles and flashes wild colors like the mystery blood found at the massacred fairy club. She instantly makes the connections and begins one of my favorite pastimes on this show: Sookie plan time. That is right up there with Sookie cleaning time.
She gets right to work, going over straight to Benlows hotel room. He answers the door shirtless, and she tells him to stay like that keeping up their earlier flirtation except this time she is not holding back whatsoever. She wants to apologize for Niall, and offer him a nice home cooked meal. He calls it a date and she coyly flirts back. They plan to meet tonight, and Sookie leaves to go food shopping and also to call Jason to leave him a message: To take Niall out to a movie or something and leave her alone with Ben. Looks like Sookie wants this kill all to herself. She goes shopping for dinner, which will include silver. Then when also preparing for the night she dresses in her finest peach lingerie because if anything Sookie knows the power of the pussy – keyly her pussy.

Sookie is not the only royal fairy who wants this kill all to themselves. Earlier we got some more old school Truebloodisms by way of erotic dream from vampire blood ingestion. Jason is seen shaving in a mirror, but as the camera slowly pulls back we see it is actually BEN shaving Jason. This entire thing was so silly and so hawt – Everyone seriously just needs to watch it again:

After that Jason was so confused he could barely sleep – missing most of Andy’s calls concerning his missing daughters. That morning he is so cagey that Niall actually questions him. Jason asks if Niall is a “straight-type” of a fairy leading to Niall just going straight to reading Jason’s mind concerning his dream. He cracks that Ben  is a good looking guy but Jason hit’s the nail on the head admitting that it feels most like when he’s had vampire blood. Niall for a moment entertains the notion of Ben being a Halfling (of the vampire-fairy variety) but dismisses it just as quickly. Jason, probably sensing the truth, demands Niall stops unthinking it right now and tell him – HAHA. They discuss this realization of Benlow and decides it true and instead of calling Sookie like Jason wants to Niall instructs him that they just go do it right now because he wants to be the person who kills him. Figures.
In a move that screamed Scooby-do, this terrible twosome, approached this truly horrible monster. Jason just flat out asked for the keys from the hotel store clerk and it was fine because of the new lack of vampire rights. They are talking outside Benlow’s hotel window (hopefully out of earshot) watching him. Whoever teased Niall’s hair for this deserves a prize because they got it just about perfect this time around. Right when they are trying to decide what to do Benlow starts to undress and head into the shower – perfect they both think! They enter, Jason with his gun, and Niall with his hand-laser like they’ve been practicing together. Niall shots a laser at the running shower only to find no one inside it. Benlow appears behind them, naked, and takes Niall out with a hand-laser of his own. Before Jason can respond Niall glamours him instantly and I’m suddenly WAAAAY more into Benlow because this asshole totally has a British accent. He makes Jason forget ever coming there, and then eases his pain about this whole thing telling him to just drop it and feel better. He also lets Jason say good bye to Niall which was also very nice. Jason cries throughout this whole thing as if he knows deep down this isn’t good. I’m confused still about Benlow’s good treatment of Jason – as if he really cares?! Idk. He finally tells him to go and begins the process of slowly draining Niall, sucking out blood mouthfuls at a time and spitting it into the bathtub – Can he not drink it?
Next Benlow was in what looks like Hollister gear. Did Warlow really get out of a hell dimension of some kind only to return and decide Hollister was awesome? Whatever he feeds Niall some of his blood to wake him up from his backseat. We also see that his car is parked on the bridge he killed Sookie’s parents on. Benlow lets everyone in on the knowledge that he had lived next to Niall’s family for a long time and right before he was born, Niall was turned into a vampire. When he came and killed the entire tribe he simply couldn’t kill the child, even in the wake of killing his own parents. They’re kindred then and now and he is not willing to kill him again. Instead he insists if he can live in that insane hell realm for 20 years than he can do it easy and then Benlow tosses Niall through a portal.  So bye grandpa… Rutger I hope you’re not done because this whole stint for you was shit until tonight.

It took a few episodes but it is finally sticking that Bill is no longer a moral hub on this show. Between his bloody beast transformation in episode one, and hugely creepy interaction with the teen-fairies I actually started to feel dirty – and not in a good way! Back at his mansion, he is alone with one of the girls who is trying her smuttiest to seduce him or get him to seduce her. Of course Bill is just playing with them, trying to get their blood. He shows a sort of sex toy for vampires, calling it a historical vampire artifact, a bracelet with vials at the wrist to take someone’s blood. She gushes about history being sexy – HA! She game for anything until he begins taking a small amount of her blood, yet she still looks put off when he sends her away to go back with her sisters who are hanging out with Jessica in another room. Then Bill takes the blood down to his captive Asian scientist who synthesized true blood – wanting him to synthesize the fairy blood. He tries but finds without the host body the blood loses absolutely all of its magical properties making the entire synthesizing thing for naught. This leads to Bill wanting him to try again, hinting at his ‘donors’ upstairs. This sets the scientist off who doesn’t want to work until Bill goes all telepathy on him and intimidating him.

Eric arrives at the fairgrounds Tara left Willa at purely so these two actors could talk on a carousel at night and it was worth it. Willa didn’t run or anything because she simply knew Eric would come and she wanted to talk to him. This whole sequence is actually very good with a heaping of steamy sexuality that left me needing a couple of rewatches. Willa explains more about how she is on Eric’s side of this war, and she also wanted to know why she couldn’t taste his blood. Eric wants to know why she wanted it. She thinks she deserves it. This seems to tickle him. Suddenly Eric is struck with a conclusion: does Willa really want to help? She does.
He carries her bridal style in her flowing white nightgown to a huge hole he dug. She jumps in, and he begins to remove his shirt. This is when brave Willa broke a little bit and nervously told Eric she is ‘pretty much’ a virgin. Eric actually seems to enjoy this, or feeds her ego by pointing out her bravery with no experience – he jumps in after her. Laying her down on his shirt (aw) Eric comforts her by telling her that death is not the end while touching her face softly. She wonders if it will hurt and Eric makes millions of people swoon answering: Not the way I do it. His fangs jut out and she legit sighs nervously. Eric finally bites into her neck, and the music swells perfectly. Blood seeps into the white fabric, crawling down her back.  As the blood pools on the ground Eric says: Everything your father put in you. His cowardice. His small-mindedness. His hate. All of it will seep out and into this vessel I will seed a millennium of wisdom, honor, life. SWOON. Willa, literally dying on the ground asks why he choose her and Eric probably over-playing it says it is because she deserves it. She sighs again in a weird pleasure/pain type of way. Now Eric informs her its time for her to feed on him, seemingly still giving her an out. He punctures his neck with her crucix (bc of course he would) and she begins to feed. Tons of sexy growling, grunting, and blood follows. Yummy.
Afterward, and some sleeping in the ground we cut back to Willa enjoying her first meal. Eric needs to pry her off the willing donor leading to Eric paying him extra as ‘hazard pay’. Willa is loving life as a vampire so far – the world is electric. She wants to know if they are going to fuck or hunt next. Eric breaks her baby-vamp heart telling her neither and that he is sending her back to her fathers. She spazes and calls him a monster for taking her life just to upset her father. But, Eric insists that it isn’t for that reason and convinces her that he wants her to convince her father that they are not monsters and all of them started out as human. She isn’t sold on it until he tells her that she is only the second human he has ever sired and that is a huge fucking deal. He does also have to use his maker-powers to really push her.
Back at the Governors mansion, Sarah Newlin enters into their seemingly shared bedroom (whatwhatwhat!) wanting to take his mind of everything with some sex. That’s right the governor and Sarah are a couple and that’s crazy. It is also crazy that Sarah’s hair is nearly as high as it was in her last time on screen. After the sexing Sarah also has something she wants to talk about. Cue an interruption. Willa has returned and she had to be invited into the house. He looked truly heartbroken, but in awe of seeing her living. Willa tried to convince him that he needed to stop all the hatful things he was doing because she was still Willa after all. Of course this didn’t work out because Willa suddenly smelled an open wound on his hand and she just could not control herself. She lunges for her fathers jugular and Sarah saved his ass by pulling a gun out and shooting Willa down. Sarah used this moment to reinforce that this person is no longer Willa and that he needs to send her to camp.
Should Eric have waited? Was it too soon? Was that really his plan? Did he lie? Was she supposed to kill her father? Was he just putting someone close to an enemy? Questions everywhere.

In the morning, Andy is freaking out over the missing girls. He spazes ordering an APB for every describtion his daughters could fit under – at any age. I laugh but I’m also very nervous for Andy. He is so upset he blames Terry when they talk about how its usually a family member who take children. Now I’m laughing even more because Bill is totally a relative of the Bellefleur’s. However back at Bills place the girls are getting restless. Bill has taken blood from two of them and they are really ready to leave. Jessica panics bnlocking their path, probably thinking Bill would flip out if they left. The girls rush her a little and it is enough for sweet Baby Vamp Jess to completely lose control – She bites one as we cut away.
Andy, even though he nearly took himself off the case because he’s really freaking out, has located his missing cop car at the store. Jason is with him doing his best ‘Dirty Harry’ impressions which is just so amazing. I miss these two knuckleheads together. This is also how Andy figures out that vampires not only can smell out fairies but that fairies are “like catnip” to vamps. All at once Andy knows it is Bill who has them and jets off to get his daughters back.
Around now is when Bill returned upstairs to the ‘party’ to find four lifeless bodies and a teary hysterical Jessica collapsed on the floor. She thought it would be Bill who lost control but it was her. Just as I begin trying to think of ways that the girls aren’t truly dead, Jessica herself starts begging aloud for the girls to be alive. OMG YOU BETTER NOT TAKE MY FAVORITE PLOT DEVICES!

Benlow arrives late to Sookie’s with flowers and wine and Sookie pretends to be mad/hurt but still gives him a plate of food. She insists she watch him eat it – and she does looking only slightly put off that it has entirely no effect. Plan two it is then. Power of the pussy. Sookie starts in on Bill, her ex and him also being a vampire. She also called him a lair. She also puts on the episodes namesake song “At last” and moves her prey to more comfortable territory: The Sookie make-out couch.
So what does Benlow want from her? He says he wants to be understood. Right. He also lays it on that he thinks they understood each other from the beginning. The funny thing is.. He says it so goddamn sweetly I nearly believe him. They begin to get hot and heavy and it is sort of delightful. He takes off her dress. She goes for his shirt. He pins her down on the couch and… Sookie conjures the sunny scary hand laser behind his head and coyly tells him to “get the fuck off of her or die Warlow”.
With a punch to the face ending like that – I think its fair to say this season will be more fun than I originally anticipated. Yay!

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