True Blood – “You’re No Good” Season 6 – Episode 3 A Review cap – By Sagebeth


This episode was the big decision maker for me – As of today this show does not deserve a full recap due to the tremendous amounts of BORING it keeps spitting out at me. So, instead we will take this time to discuss some of the good, the bad, as well as the boring parts from last nights episode. Don’t mistake me – It wasn’t a horrific episode but merely a building block that I had no patience for. Now, without further ado lets jump into our review.

A major savior this season is Eric Northman being the sexy beast that he is, while single handedly pulling plotlines out of the muck just with coy growling. Last night there are countless gems that left me (and I’m sure hundreds of other women) melting into a puddle of Eric-flavored love on the floor. One momentous moment was toward the beginning of the episode before Eric decided that taking Willa hostage was a better idea he began simply wanting to kill her, while also ruining her sexually. He states this while cupping at her lady bits which  is something you will only get on True Blood as some series seasoning.

As for Willa, other than the actresses odd resemblance to Nora (am I alone in this?),  I have decided that she is more than worth watching after all the moves she pulled last night to stay alive. For as racist and violent dick for a father, the governor, Willa sure knows how to survive. She somehow finds a way to talk Eric out of killing her initially sharing the information she has about the vampire ‘camp’ the state has built. She also talks about her vampire loving mother and hating her father… Eric this girl is playing right into your dead hands. Eric, showing progress and growth, decides to try to handle this looking at the big picture and keeps Willa as leverage.

Thanks to the newly captured Steve Newlin we got to see how terrifying ‘camp’ can be for vampires but this whole scene would have fallen flat if not for the big reveal: Newbie politician but familiar face struts to talk to Steve: His perky ex-wife Sarah. She’s pissed at him since he was turned into a vampire and left her, taking their friends and their money. She also explains that the camp is everything the Fellowship of the Sun always wanted to be. A place to absolutely wipe out the Vampire population. Scary. She leaves as a doctor returns ready to torture Steve for information – But Steve is really full up on torture and begins to tell all without any pushing.

After some pointless blathering we are treated to Bill trying to test his theory that he is truly immortal (especially considering his surviving a staking, as well as his vision of Lilith is set outside during the daytime). Jessica actually didn’t want to the actively fight for the vampires until he tells her that in one of his visions she dies. She also awesomely begs him not to go outside into the sun but of course he’s all “godlike” now and has to try. This actually through me for a loop as I expected him to not burst into flames and start crying over it like a little kid but alas this is exactly what happens. Wah wah wah. Lilith really shouldn’t be trusted Bill… Godrik told me so.
While Bill sends Jessica out to seduce a college professor who supposedly figured out how to create true blood, he headed over to Sookie’s to show us more powers (he could enter without an invitation) and to explain AGAIN that he is not the nice softie Bill we all know and love. Bill wants her blood to synthesize. She literally threw a plate at him. So that’s a no. She also begs that if he ever met anything to her that he would just leave. This ends with him going all ‘dickhead’ and informing her that he is officially DONE with her but then he leaves… essentially listening to her? Right? Ugh whatever. I WANT MORE ERIC!

So after weeks, actually years, of hating on Sookie, I decided girl had some quality moments last night. Just to name a few: Bonding while being siblings is usually sweet but it was flat out nice to see this two actually discuss things. It was especially nice to see Jason admit Sookie is smarter than him and then for Sookie to turn it around and say its because she has had less concussions than he has. HAHA. Also there was a sick moment was Niall felt it was needed to impress upon Sookie that she is in DANGER and she reacted with the best retort: Sookie is always in danger. Niall swears this time is if different but Sookie and the audience knows its pointless to panic yet. Niall visited the Fairy club to find everyone dead which was absolutely no surprise. Rutger doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself either. Fail. Also all the Halfling Ben nonsense either feels VERY fake or full of lies.
Not to be forgotten Jason is admitting to his head injury, and the hallucinations that he claims have stopped. Anyone else wondering why the hell Sookie hasn’t gotten him to an ER yet? Getting 45 intense head injuries in a matter of hours does not mean you are getting better. WTF?

More like “whatever” considering if he’s not secretly connected to new halfing hottie in Sookies life (Ben) like I guessed. This dude needs to show up for the audience to continue to fear him unfortunately and if he just pops up to murder fairies off screen I find myself caring less and less and less and less. – UNLESS WARLOW IS BEN AND BEN IS WARLOW.

At the Were’s location, we see Rikki legit running through the woods to beat a police car to the houses where they are staying. They arrive with questions for Martha about her son, and Alcide and Rikki trying to tell them Martha is very sick and sleeping but they will not leave so they proceed to ‘wake up’ Martha who has a cough ridden conversation with them. This scene is only worth it to see Rikki literally intimidate Emma into changing into a wolf-pup seconds before the police enter into the house. I also agree with this whole scene because Rikki (unlike every other were) did not think it was right taking Emma last week hence that she didn’t go with them. This is why it was okay for her to basically threaten a little girl and still come out looking more or less fine. I only grow annoyed with the plotline again after Alcide explains his poor reasoning to taking Emma (leaving her parentless) and Martha insists Rikki bow to him. Ugh. This pack master bullshit is literally tearing Alcide into this unlikable asshole – It no longer matters that he is hawt as hell, I just want him to stop taking up screen time.

Pretty Nicole and hipster boyfriend Jesse have taken care of Sam and Lafayette after their run in with the Were’s last week. They bicker and I begin to imagine these people accidentally approaching the ’wrong’ supes and talking to them like they are talking to Sam.. Which must make me a psychic because they do exactly that. The car of hipsters approach the Werewolfs, one of them wearing sunglasses which is secretly filming them and it all ends horribly. Rikki and Jesse verbally bash which ends with mostly everyone shifting into wolfs mauling all hipsters – except for pretty Nicole who gets her foot bitten but manages to run away thanks to Alcide intervening in wolf form. This whole thing was for the best IMO considering that Sam has been watching the whole thing in Owl form and took this big fiasco to go free Emma. They run out into the woods, and catch sight of Nicole running as well. In an expected move Sam decides that him and Emma need to help her as well. So when will they be boning? Poor fucking Luna.

Wasn’t Ginger a cool breath of fresh air last night? Our memorable human popped up last night when Eric and Pam needed a place to stay. Eric showed up and pretended he was there to sleep with her (which he obviously has teased in the past). When Ginger realizes they aren’t fucking, Eric awesomely makes eye contact and promises her it will happen eventually. Aww, why do I feel like she’s never going to see this fantasy come true? Eric and Willa stay together as he doesn’t trust Pam not to kill her.
The share the best scene of the episode into a coffin together. Willa is either really hot for kidnapper, or trying to seduce him which is endless entertaining. He actually gets the “bleeds” while talking because he should “dead” during the day. Willa strokes blood lightly off his ear and brings it up to her mouth – which Eric licks off because he “can’t allow her to do that”. ERIC YOU BIG TEASE. Let the girl have some fun before she dies or at least some sick sex dreams staring YOU.
This ends with the Governor calling Eric. Willa warns him that they will be tracing the call but he thinks he is safe. He leaves Willa with Tara while he goes into another room to talk about how much he’s going to kill her. Unexpectedly Tara listens in on the call and in a move that I am proud of she stands by her beliefs in ‘not killing innocents’ and literally takes off with Willa. Meanwhile Eric figures out that the Governor DID trace his call and is coming. Pam takes off after Tara. Eric glamour’s Ginger to stall for them before he takes off after all of them.

Andy and his deputy as seen getting their nifty new Vampire gear but the more interested development here is that his daughters are now looking more like tweens (who are also sporting fairy hand lazors and mind reading!). Holly comes in to complain about Andy not enforcing the vamp curfew and this somehow snowballs into Andy doing her a favor has he takes her out to teach her how to shoot so she can defend herself. This is cute as hell, and made only better by how Andy’s ‘daughters’ there, zapping frogs, reading minds, and learning that Andy hasn’t settled on names but rather calls them by numbers. HA. Sweet.
Later on Andy is finally trying to enforce the vampire curfew when he finds Bill. He spies a stuffed toy in the car and finds out about Andys new daughters – I’m also guessing he smells that they are fairies and now has a brand new place to harvest himself some fairy blood. Bill Compton, you are no good.



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