Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10: Mhysa: Recap by Adam


I know it’s only been a week since we were all simultaneously waking from a fever dream exclaiming the word “mutha” (or Hodor) caused by last weeks excellent but jarring episode concluding with the much talk about Red Wedding, yet here we are with one last recap.  Sage is taking the week off so I’ll be filling in to do a quick’cap of the final episode of Season 3 titled “Dick in a Box” “Mhysa”.  So let’s get going!

That time The King of the North had a Dog head…


The bulk of this episode dealt with the fall out surrounding the “Red Wedding” where we saw two main characters, a secondary character and good portion of the North’s army get wiped from the show in a single scene.  With that shock barely wore off we get treated to another grisly scene to open the episode to which we see Rob’s banner men being slaughtered and then witness(along with Arya who has a front row seat with The Hound) Robb’s body being paraded around with the head of Greywind sowed to his body as everyone chants “King of the North”. Awesome and twisted.

“That time Sansa got shit in her mattress”

Next we get treated to a light heartened scene of Sansa and Tyrion bonding over being the disgraced daughter of a traitor and an imp.  Sansa even has some friendly advice of how to get comeuppance on some dickhead laughing at Tyrion.  Something involving sheep shit inside his mattress, I dunno I was still trying to scrub the image of Robb’s body with the decapitated wolf’s head.  Anywho, their fun is cut short by Tyrion being summoned to an emergency meeting council meeting…I wonder what for? So Tyrion shows up to the “More Starks are dead” party with Joffrey celebrating like the little shit he is.  He wants to serve Robb’s head to Sansa at her wedding because bad guy and this doesn’t sit well with Tyrion because he’s not out of his fucking mind like the rest of his family and bitch that’s my wife!   As the two banter back and forth Joffrey gives his best “But I am the King” line to which Tywin reminds him that true kings don’t have to constantly remind us that they are the king. This leads to what I believe is going to be an interesting conflict between Joffrey and Tywin and the power struggle between these two.  This ends with Joffrey brazenly telling Tywin he hide at Casterly Rock while Robert took back King’s landing, then Joffrey got sent to bed without dinner.


That Time Bran told a neat-o story.


While holed up in a tower Bran tells Jojen and Meera the legend of the Rat Cook, which explains how anyone who harms a guest under their roof will be cursed by the gods, foreshadowing much?  Later in the night they run into Sam and Gilly, who are headed south, and after Sam recognizes Bran he give them their dragonglass weapons and shows them the way through the Wall. When Sam and Gilly return to the Night’s Watch, Maester Aemon tells him to ready all the crows to fly with messages…more on that later. Also Gilley has named her baby Sam, so anyone keeping score Sam got the girl, got a baby named after him, found dragon glass, figured out how to kill white walkers and found Bran.  Just Sayin. Oh yeah, I forgot…..


That time Arya knifed a dude.


Well we’ve seen this dark road paved out for Arya since season one but now with more family members dying her blood lust is beginning to really take shape.  In this scene The Hound and Arya come across a few Frey loyalists, where Arya engages the one bragging about sowing the wolfs head to Robb body.  She flashes them cute and innocent eyes asking to get warm by their fire and then WHAM knife to the throat.  The Hound shows up to finish off the rest of them and much to The Hound’s surprise he finds out Arya boosted the knife from him, without him knowing.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this bad ass tandem and can’t wait to see what hi-jinx awaits them in season 4. Also we had a throw back to season 2 where Arya takes out the coin she was given and says the words….


That time Frey has to find a new wife.

We see Walder Frey enjoying a snack as servants literally scrub Stark blood from his floor as Roose Bolton engages him in conversation.   In their conversation we get three reveals, one that Edmure spent the night in a  dungeon, Blackfish escaped and Roose Bolton’s bastard son “Ramsey Snow” is the one that kidnapped Theon Greyjoy.  Speaking of which we cut to Ramsay Snow snacking on a pork sausage…implying…something and wondering out loud weather Theon has a phantom dick since Ramsey cut it off.  Theon begs for death but Ramsay needs Theon alive.  Ramsey has taken quite a bit from Theon limbs and such and decides to take one more thing, his name.  Ramsay names Theon “Reek” because fuck you that’s why! Theon sucks but this dude is the worst. Anywho, back on the Iron Island Balon Greyjoy gets a letter and a neat box with his son’s wiener inside because Game of Thrones ain’t care.  It seems Ramsay is ordering Balon’s men out of the North. Balon ain’t care because a son with no dick is no son of mine, but Yara, on the other hand, feels sympathy for her brother’s fate. She’s determined to find him and sets sail with 50 of their best men because Game of Thrones can actually write strong female characters we’re not supposed to hate.

That other time Jon Snow knew nothing and got shot.


Ygritte finds Jon after his betrayal, and prepares to shoot him with an arrow. He points out, rightly, that she always knew who he was, and says he loves her, but that he has to return to his brothers of the nights watch. He adds that she won’t hurt him while she stands teary eyed with the bow cocked and aimed at Jon.  Again Rose Leslie does a great acting job without uttering a word as she is torn between her love of Jon and her people.  Jon is certain she won’t hurt him but he’s wrong because WHAM! Arrow to the arm! And twice more in the leg as he rides away. We know she’s a good shot and probably wasn’t trying to kill him, but woah!

That other time Davos did something awesome…


Meanwhile, at Dragonstone, Gendry and Davos bond over meager upbringings and iron cells, and Davos feels empathy for Gendry while reminiscing about his own son.  After revealing that Stannis intends to kill Gendry, Davos behind his back sets Gendry free, I guess the honeymoon is over for Stannis and Davos again.  So none the less Stannis sentences his best bro to death for setting the boy free when Davos tries one last ditch effort.  Earlier while chillin out with Stannis’ bumpy faced daughter reading and being bros Davos came across a message from Maester Aemon warning the coming of white walkers.  Melisandre confirms that they will need Davos so they let him live.

That time Jamie Lannister looked like common street trash.


The Kingslayer finally returns to King’s Landing, and finds himself looking and being treated like common street trash.  He parts ways with Brianne and goes to Cersei.  He arrives and she looks shocked, gasps and then that’s it.

That time Daenery’s got crowd surfed to god status…


The siege of Yunkai is over, and when the people pour out of the city, Dany tells them that she can’t give them their freedom–they each need to take it for themselves, or something like that. They call her “mhysa,” which means title of episode…and mother, and she goes among the people to have an awesome crowdsurfing experience at what must have been the best slave-liberation concert ever.

Whelp, that’s it guys, Game of Thrones season 3 has come to a close, and what a season it’s been.  I know on this blog we gush about how good this show is, but seriously this show is an achievement for television.  Last week’s episode featuring the infamous “Red Wedding” was a cultural event that we will be able to recall years from now, especially considering it wasn’t a season or series finale is a feat unto itself.

Well that said, we’ll be back next season, and probably as GOT hipsters because Sage and myself have started the books and plan on being all caught up by the time Season 4 hits the airwaves, for no other reason that I need more of this series in my life and I can’t wait a year.  I’m going to try and convince Sage to do a weekly True Blood recap because people seem to enjoy that show and keep your eyes peeled once Breaking Bad comes back.  In the mean time I’m going back to reviewing movies again in the coming weeks because I’ve seen some good one’s that I wanna recommend.  In the mean time, Hodor.



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