Game Of Thrones – Season 3 – Episode 2 “Dark Wings, Dark Words” A Recap – By Sagebeth

Some people called this episode slow but I didn’t even notice the drag. Like most moments in this series I find it all too awesome to criticize. In fact I’ll admit to feeling a momentum building – meaning most of season should be action-action-action. But lets handle what happened in this episode entitled: Dark Wings Dark Words.


Bran is walking! This episode opens with Bran hunting after the three-eyed raven. If you weren’t convinced this was dream with Bran walking, the fantasy gets better as he takes aim at the raven. His brothers: Robb and Jon stand by his side giving him advice on shooting the arrow. It is directly lifted dialogue from the pilot episode when the Stark family was still happy and together back in Winterfel. It even gets more sentimental as we hear now-dead honorable Eddard Stark’s same lines from episode one: “Which one of you were a marksman at ten?”. Bran after missing his raven target, questions hearing the voice of his father. In fact when he says father out loud we are treated to the wonders of puberty. But before we can throw a hormone party for Bran he hears the raven again but instead of the recognizable bird we see a stranger. A young man, not looking much older than Bran, has seemingly entered his dream and informs Bran he cannot kill the three-eyed raven because Bran IS the raven.
Jarring himself awake now Bran is back to reality. His legs still don’t work and he totally has a deep voice now. Hodor and Osha are still taking him and Rickon to the Wall. Osha questions Bran if he was seeing through the eyes of his wolf again. Nope – He starts into his monologue about the three-eyed raven appearing again. Osha doesn’t even let him explain at all because her superstition is overpowering her curiosity. She doesn’t want to hear any of it – if it has to do with the raven. Hmm. They need to get moving again – Osha is worried about someone tracking them down. Bran isn’t worried because no one even knows they are alive. Osha asks if the raven told him that – no. Osha is making it clear that she is trying to deal in facts and a fact is that the wall is still awhile away. They get to packing.

Robb’s new wife, Talisa, is flirting with him while he broods and stares into his fire. She jokes about him being a stinking barbarian – which is exactly what most characters appear as on this how. Talisa also admits to never thinking she would be wed: nether the less wed to a Westrosi man. Until she met Robb – who has only gotten more boring in her presence unfortunately. Also bas news for Robb, his men totally feel the same way as me. They feel like they started losing their war the second he married her: Hence a scene later on between Robb and one of his men who says that very thing.
Back the current scene: Bolton, Robb’s banner man, interrupts their kissage to deliver some mail they’ve gotten from ravens (TITLE ALERT: DARK WINGS DARK WORDS). Both messages bear bad news unfortunately. Catelyn’s father, of house Tully is dead. Also news of Winterfel’s destruction and no sign of Bran or Rickon.
Catelyn looks the picture of sadness when we see her. It is actually a little agonizing to watch her receive the news about her youngest children. While scrambling to figure out where the boys may be (that is alive) she asks if Robb has heard from his old bff Theon. Holy transition!

Surprisingly we catch up with Theon Greyjoy next – who we last saw knocked out by his men and literally dragged home from their temporary war loot Winterfel last season. Now it appears we are as out of the loop as Theon is on what exactly is going on with him. He is awaked by a bucket of water, tied up right, and questioned by a bored looking jailer. What does the jailer want? He wants to take off Theons fingernail with his knife. Lovely. I never thought I’d be thinking this so soonly after his little Winterfel fiasco but poor effing Theon.
Later on during more torture Theon is getting a screw driven through his foot and it looks hella painful. It also appears Theon still hasn’t actually been really questioned. Theon screams that he doesn’t know what they want. They want the truth about why he took Winterfel. Theon struggles with his reasoning, stuttering back and forth. He did it to take the North while it was vulnerable. He did it so he could hold it and rule it. Poor Theon just doesn’t want them to torture him anymore but it doesn’t work. They seem to just be torturing him no matter what he says. They ask again: Why did he take Winterfel? He wanted to bring glory to his house and his father. He also took it because he hated the Starks and wanted to hurt them. I’m not sure any of these are true because I doubt Theon even truly knows why he does these things. Finally they put a bag over his head, screw his foot a little more, and leave him alone in the room. He whines and cries for them to take the bag off his head – but they are long gone. The only person left looks like a servant who is cleaning the floor – However said servant proceeds to tell Theon he was sent there by his sister, Lara, to help him. He will come back to get Theon at night while the castle sleeps. Theon begs to not be left alone. Poor Theon.


Brienne is actually walking Jaime on a leash, still seemingly early on their journey to King’s Landing. Brienne is doing this for Lady Catelyn, as a trade for Sansa and Arya. Unfortunately neither Catelyn, nor Brienne, or Jaime actually know the Lannisters don’t have Arya. They proceed to have a great conversation in which Jaime is trying his hardest to annoying the hell out of her (“giant tow-headed plank”). There is even a sweet cut to Jaime trying to make conversation with her while pissing on a tree. Somehow this leads to more insults and instigation.
The conversation veers into her dedication to Renly and Jaime eats her up. Turns out big strong Brienne had a crush on our Renly Baratheon. Jaime really mails in Renly interest in men, namely Loras. Brienne finally snaps and grabs him – Jaime then delivers a very telling line: “I don’t blame him… We don’t get to choose who we love.”. Their stare off is interrupted by a friendly passing by farmer. He acts friendly and seemingly just passing by. As he leaves Jaime tells Brienne that the man knows who he is and what if he tells someone. Brienne will not kill an innocent though so the argument is for naught (for now).


King Joffrey is meeting with his tailor, who is dressing him in materials. Cersei is sitting there watching. Am I the only one who found that a bit weird? Like was this the only time he would let her near him? While he is dressing? Whatever. Joffrey demands his robe be fitted tighter. Cersei likes it. Joffrey loudly objects to an floral patterns. Laying it on even more Joffrey exclaims that everything in the room is wrong and for the man to get something else. He leaves without so much as an emotion change. Awesome. Cersei uses his distaste for a small piece of floral material to her advantage. She thinks it would be perfect for Margeary and her interest in showing off her boobies. Ha.
Cersei goes on to question Joffrey on what he thinks of Margeary. He thinks it is a good match, politically and for the war. Cersei re-asks the question he didn’t answer. What does he think of her? No real answer. Cersei pushes for some more questions finally ending it with asking him not to endanger himself doing something foolish like follow Margeary into harms way. Joffrey has the best line naming this conversation one of the most boring he has ever had. Ha. Its funny because its true. Cersei finally understands that Joffrey is not going to understand unless she comes right out and says it.
She enforces that Margeary makes every move she makes for a reason. As a major player Cersei knows exactly who Margeary is: another player. Joffrey has none of it though, spouting off misogynist nonsense about intelligent women doing what they are told. And here a King in his own silly right is turning down the advice of someone who has arguably been a huge facet in the political arena for years: his mother. I love how Cersei still can’t seem to get over how horrible he is but at least she keeps trying. Finally the tailor returns with a new piece of fabric which Joffrey appreciates in his reflection in a mirror.


Sansa, like Joffrey, is looking at herself in a mirror while Shea does her hair. Shea is trying to get more information about Littlefinger while enforcing to Sansa that he is a bad idea. Sansa can barely wrap her poor ginger head around the idea of Little finger “loving” her or even being interested in her – citing his age. Poor Sansa will never have the head for this business.  Shea promises to help Sansa if Littlefinger touches her. They are interrupted by a visitor: Sir Loras. Sansa is still  as smitten as ever with the Knight of the Flowers. He however doesn’t even seem to remember meeting her before. In a word: Awesome. It seems he has come to bring her out to meet his sister, Margaery, and their grandmother, Lady Olenna in the gardens to take in some air. House Tyrell’s sigil is a Golden Rose and Lady Olenna is known to be the Queen of Thorns.
Once there Lady Olenna, by far my most favorite addition made to this show recently, bids Sansa to kiss her hand and thanks her for visiting her and her “foolish flock of hens”.  In a conversation that demonstrates her quick wit and keen mind we slowly see Sansa grow more and more confused. She doesn’t know what to make of this woman who insults the departed Renly, her own family, and calls herself less boring than the others. Sansa has never encountered someone of such nobility with such kindness and candidness. Also she got some lemon cakes so girl was frazzled by the generosity. Around now is also when my new favorite lady started demanding cheese from one of the servers. It mirrored exactly how Joffrey rudely handles situations but somehow she pulls it off looking entirely endearing and even charming. Unfortunately Lady Olenna wanted more than to feed Sansa lemon cakes and like all GOT players she wants something. She wants to now the truth about King Joffrey.
Gulp. Sansa is terrified. The truth about Joffrey? Can she swear on a bible or one of those old face tree things? Sansa legit tries to just not say anything. Olenna asks if Joffrey has ripped out her tongue. You can see Sansa thought process (Uh no but he will if I say anything). Here is where I first realized Sansa’s silence will only help her if she knew how to play the game and she obviously doesn’t. So, Sansa finally makes what I think is a smart move. Finally Sansa reveals the truth in the shortest yet most succinct way possible: “He’s a monster”.  Olenna is all “That’s a pity” and Margaery is so casually excepting of this that it is hilarious.

Talisa is going to have a conversation with her prisoner mother in law. Lady Catelyn does not make this easy as she criticizes Talisa’s riding. She is afraid of her horse and the horse knows it. Talisa still tries to offer help in making the dream catcher-like charm Catelyn is weaving. Catelyn at first bites her head off but reverses a bit to explain that she can’t help because she is not a mother and only a mother can make them to protect her children. Then we get some really intriguing illumination of Lady Catelyn. She has made one of these before, and not just for Bran’s fall in season one.
When Jon Snow was a small boy he got very sick and Catelyn sat at his bedside all night listening to his distressing sounds. This is the same baby she could barely look at initially so of course Catelyn got mega-morbid and prayed to the gods to initially let Jon die. This was when Catelyn realized she was the worst woman who had ever lived. All because of jealousy over a woman she didn’t even know. So Catelyn had an abrupt change of heart: If the gods let the boy live she would be a true and loving mother to him and to give him a true last name (Stark). She however couldn’t do it. She couldn’t keep her promise and so now she thinks all of the horrible things that have happened to them was because she simply “couldn’t love a motherless child”. Loved this scene. Loved Catelyn’s guilt.

Mance lets Jon know how he got all the different tribes north of the wall to work together: He told them they all would die if they didn’t get south. The kicker is that that is the truth. They continue on and come across a wildling kneeling in the snow, eyes whited out completely, staring into the sky where a bird is hovering. He is identified as a “Warg”. Much like Jon’s encounter with a giant, he can’t help but gawk. Ygritte can’t not make fun of him even though he had no way of knowing what the hell a Warg is. A Warg by the way is a man who can enter the minds of animals and currently this one is scouting for them. Anyone else getting the feeling the Wildlings have much more interesting lives then most anyone else in Westros?
Well what did the Warg see on his scouting mission? Dead crows. Holy transition!

The crows, nights watch, who aren’t dead are still desperately traveling back to the wall to warn everyone about the coming Winter. Sam is totally just bawling as they walk while dickhead guard #1 taunts him and calls him piggy. Finally he just tells Sam to quit and lay there. Sam ridiculously does. He just lies there in the snow – forcing his two sort-of friends to come and get him back up on his feet. The saddest part is it doesn’t work. Sam is so done with all of this bullshit – and it doesn’t help that his “friends” actually left him to the white walkers back in the finale last year.
The only reason Sam gets up and continues is because the Lord Commander legitimately commands and expressly forbids Sam to die – which is the sweetest thing this man has ever done. He then does one better and ties Sam and Dickhead guards lives together – If Sam doesn’t make it back then the dude doesn’t. Sam trudges on.


Bran is sleeping (again.) when he is awoken again – creepy boy from his dreams is making an appearance in waking life now too. His name is Jojen Reed and he gets my applause for not crapping his pants when Osha put a spear to his neck. The standoff initially ends when Jojens sister, Meera, (the weapons expert) steps in as protection. Now the only thing separately Bran from Jojen is one of the Direwolfs: Summer. She looks positively ferocious until Jojen basically scratches her in her happy place and summer scampers away. Direwolf-whisper!
He tells Bran him and Meera have traveled a long way to find him and they have further to go.  On the road, Jojen explains that Bran can get into animals heads even when he is not sleeping once he can control it. Jojen also name drops Bran being a warg. Bran is barely phased: instead bringing up his connection to the three-eyed raven. Jojen confirms that he does remember the dream he shared with Bran and that the raven is whole other bag. It is something different. Something deeper. “The raven brings the sight” Jojen explains. Bran understands this as his new ability to see things that haven’t happened yet. Jojen expands our minds, sharing that you can see things yet to come, the present, and the long past. Sweet. This so much cooler than your everyday precog.
Trailing behind Osha is trying to get information out of Meera. The best bit from this was Osha asking if Jojen is ashamed that Meera fights all his battles for him. Meera wants to know where exactly the shame in that should be. Osha explains what she sees: A boy his age who needs his sister to protect him is going to need a lot of protecting. Meera responds to this, earning my praise, with “Some people will always need help. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth helping.”. Meera I hope you are really good with those weapons because good people do not last long here.
We also get a closer look at who exactly these siblings are. They are part of the Reed family, a vassal to House Stark. Howland Reed, their father, was apparently very close with Eddard Stark. They fought together in the rebellion – which Jojen awesome “saw” with his nifty “sight”.


FINALLY! We catch up with Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie who are auguring in the woods. Gendry doesn’t understand why Arya didn’t use her three death wishes last year to kill off some better ideas: Joffrey. Tywin. Or some other way that would have ended the entire war. Arya is sick of the argument – it is over and done with. So they switch to arguing about whether they are going north or not. Arya demonstrates that her knowledge of the land is pretty great – If they find a certain river they can follow it to Riverrun where the Lord Tully, her grandfather, is. How sad is it that Arya can’t know he is dead yet. So much death. They are interrupted by a group of men traveling on foot, singing a Lannister song, “Rains of Castamere”.
They hide – because A) It is a Lannister hymn and B) Usually this is a song before some killing is about to be done. Right when we think Arya and her friends are safe, a marksman fires off an arrow right by their hiding place. After a tense but brief standoff Arya and company are taken by the men, but it seems less dangerous than most of Sansa‘s meetings in Kings Landing. We also learn that the strangers are the Brotherhood Without Banners led by a great beard, Thoros of Myr. The Brotherhood was first and last referenced during Arya’s stay at Harrenhal where prisoners were questioned about the Brotherhood – ending always in their death. Thoros clears up any negative thoughts about them though explaining that the lords of Westros are burning the country and the Brotherhood is trying to save it. Man, writing Brotherhood so many time doesn’t feel natural without saying Magneto.
Later on we find that the Brotherhood as taken Arya and company to a tavern. They offer her a drink – but Arya is all business and knows she very much needs to get out of there. She dumbly boasts her sword fighting ability – which is stupid. It is even more stupid when Thoros accepts her offer and soundly beats her. But he is a good man because he is about to let them go anyway when something completely unexpected happens. A man with a bag over his head is brought in by some of Thoros’s men – a rather large mystery man.
Thoros wastes no time finding out the mystery: THE HOUND. Apparently the hound has been captured, due to his new drinking himself silly hobby. Arya now needs to get out of there as soon as possible. While trying to sneak by the Hound recognizes nearly instantly: “What in the seven hells are you doing with the Stark bitch?” the Hound asks Thoros. GULP.


In a move reminiscent of last season Shea appears in Tyrion’s chamber and he beckons here once again that she isn’t supposed to be seen with him there – most likely because of his last scene with Tywin who vowed to kill any whore he is caught with. Shea came because he said he would help her if she needed help. And I think it is a sweetest thing ever that Shea really cares about Sansa because her problem that she needs Tyrions help with is concerning Littlefingers odd interest in Sansa.
They also have a cute fight concerning Tyrions knowledge of Ros – another whore. My initial distrust in Shea is all but disappeared between her seemingly actual loving relationship with Tyrion and her protection of Sansa. She pleads with Tyrion that they need to protect Sansa. Tyrion insists they can’t because the Lannisters got rid of her and she will have “a great many suitors” because she is a beautiful girl with a “very old name”. Shea’s jealous reaction to Tyrion noting Sansa beauty is adorable. His backpedaling is cute too. Finally Tyrions whining about Shea being cruel wins him the moment as Shea begins undressing him while joking about her cruelty. When did these two get so CUTE?!

King Joffrey has summoned his new Queen to be Margaery to his chambers. He is leaving on a hunt soon (his crossbow in hand, which is so disconcerting) and wanted to make sure she had everything she needed. Well this is the reason he gave her, but it seems his mothers words are actually getting through to him because he brought Margaery there to actually confront her about her marriage to Renly (“traitor“). But Margaery is ready for this and knows how to talk her way out of it. She was trying to perform her duty as a wife but – She wont speak ill of the dead. Joffrey questions whether she would speak kindly of a traitor if he was dead.
Instead of backing down Margaery goes for the jugular here: Sharing that she couldn’t bear Renly children because he wouldn’t sleep with her. She coyly insinuates Renly sexual interest. She also says the one time Renly did want her it was something that sounded “painful and couldn’t possibly result in children”. Ha. This is the same lady who offered to bring her brother into the bedroom or turn around so he could pretend she was Loras. I LOVE HER. Joffrey disgusted reaction is expected. He takes it further saying he has thought about making Renly’s “perversion” punishable by death. Margaery, in a move protecting her gay brother, says it is his will to do as he wishes but she gazes longingly at his crossbow. Her hand hovers by it like she is turned on by it.
In a brilliant move Margaery gushingly asks Joffrey to show her how his crossbow works. He does so getting more excited as he goes on – ending his lesson with a crossbow bolt through the eyes of a stuffed bear. Margaery jumps to her feet clapping in praise (still so funny) and asks if he could take her on a hunt sometime. Knowing Joffrey would never initially think such a thing is okay she backtracks noting it is probably no place for a lady like her as well as saying her father would never let her do such a thing. Margaery is so intelligent here: She is literally giving Joffrey power over her but the power is a illusion. Joffrey, falling for the illusion says she no longer belongs to her father and offers his crossbow to her to hold. As she positions herself holding it, they both watch her in the mirror, Joffrey behind her.
In her best and most successful move of the night Margaery seems to react exactly how Joffreys dream lady would react: She finds in excitement in holding the crossbow knowing you can simply squeeze a trigger and kill something. Joffreys eyes bug out, because he suddenly seems to love her. He asks if she thinks she could do that: kill something. The way they say kill sounds so sexual. Margaery asks if he thinks she could and the answer is yes. Ramping up the sexual tension even more Margaery asks if he would like to watch her kill something. Gulp. I’m surprised this scene doesn’t end with Margeary asking what is poking her backside.

Jamie is seemingly having the time of his life torturing Brienne while she tries to figure out what is the best way to transport him. Now Brienne needs someone to explain the whole bag over the head thing – but lucky for us she doesn’t. Jamie, making it even more difficult for Brienne, literally plops himself down in the middle of a bridge in the wide open where anyone can see them – to “rest”. Brienne reacts like he is an annoying child and goes to literally carry him up to his feet while Jaime lunges and grabs at her sword. Within second Jaime is free, cutting his own leash, smiling at the sword in his hands – like he missed it. He hilariously continues to bust Brienne’s chops as she takes out her other sword looking unnerved at this new development. They begin to fight – with Jaime still snidely remarking at her errors. Even with his hands still bound, and weak from crazy malnutrition Jaime still appears as a golden god with a sword – superiority dripping from him.
Trying to erode Brienne’s confidence at every turn, Jaime explains that if Brienne kills him then she fails Lady Stark but if she doesn’t kill him he is very much going to kill her. Brienne however knows of a third option: Wearing the Kingslayer down. Between his weakness and manacled hands Jaime Lannister is beaten into submission. With a silly flourish of her sword Brienne ends the fight knocking his weapon away. This happens just in time for them to be rudely interrupted.
The new strangers are from House Bolton, Stark Banner men, and they know exactly who Jaime is. It seems Jaime was right. The kind farmer who passed them earlier sold them out. Jaime tries to buy his way out but they have none of it. They begin to approach Jaime and Brienne – armed but outnumbered.




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