The Walking Dead – Season 3 Finale – Episode 16 “Welcome To The Tombs” – A Reviewcap, By Sagebeth

The Walking Dead – Season 3 Finale – Episode 16
“Welcome To The Tombs” – A Reviewcap, By Sagebeth
This episode, like most of this season, had some awesome ideas and fun visual treats but unfortunately fell short of my expectations for this show. I had begun giving it the benefit of a doubt this year but this finale totally through me for a loop – So without anymore cynical whining I will jump right into a recap of what went down during this years finale as well as where we are leaving some of our fan favorites.


We open this episode to the Governor “teaching” Milton a lesson for burning out his walker pits in the last episode. His teaching it totally with his fists by the way. We also had an ultra long opening shot of the Governors’ one-working eyeball which was more disturbing than using a walkers eyeball. Instead of lying, or denying the deed to save his life he of course admits it and even continues to try to reason with the Governor. He asks what little Penny would have thought of her dad if she saw him now. Phillip admits she would be scared of him BUT she would still be alive if he were like this then. Which is interesting but sorely not needed because it doesn’t phase him or Milton. Also does anyone else have a problem with this show only giving ONE CHARACTER actual motivations for his actions and he happens to be a huge villain? Anyway, it’s Milton’s graduation day and he is no longer allowed to “look the other way”.
The Governor takes him to where he is keeping an also beaten and bloody Andrea for Milton’s big test. The Governor explains that he just had to lie only a little to get his army foaming at the mouth in hopes of killing Team Rick. Then he reveals his big plans for Milton and Andrea.  He wants Milton to kill Andrea to prove he has “learned” something but when he is given a weapon Milton clumsily turns it on the Governor which ends with said weapon buried in Milton’s body a few times. The Governor shows he thought of this though and explains now Milton will still kill Andrea – as a walker, when he dies. “In this life now you kill or you die – or you die and you kill” The governor hums out as he leaves them to kill each other essentially. This scene was nice but the whole thing gets ruined by the amount of time they are stuck in that room together. Imagine if that entire sequence didn’t last longer than the battle at the prison…
Later on a dying Milton explains to Andrea that he hid a pair of pliers behind her chair so if she can get to them fast enough she can free herself. Instead of trying her damnedest as fast as possible this action lasts the entire hour of the show.  She takes lots of breaks to stare at dying Milton, stare at the pliers, and to look discouraged. Its insanely annoying. Also it wouldn’t be Andrea if she didn’t assume they both would be getting out of this alive. Ugh – Well maybe one of you can if you would stop just sitting there bleeding! Andrea actually admits her reasoning for being super annoying lately: She just wanted to save everyone. Which is dumb but ultimately one of more heroic human notions uttered on this show so I can’t help but still feel bad for her. But then I’m mad again because SHES NOT TRYING TO PICK UP THE DAMN PLIERS.

Team Rick are packing everything up, sending a signal to the audience that they are in fact running from the big battle they have been teasing us with all season. Carl looks as disappointed as us. He also looks like he had another growth spurt – Oops. He is also not talking to Rick, and suddenly his dad’s old Sheriff badge felt silly in his belongings. Rick is still seeing Ghost Laurie up on the prison catwalk – at least he’s not screaming and chasing her around like a lunatic anymore. Daryl mourns Meryl. Carol praises Meryl for helping the groups chances against The Governor. I begrudgingly grind my teeth because for all the awesome that was Meryl- That asshole didn’t deserve a redemption plotline. You can’t just pretend he wasn’t a heartless murderer for the entire season and then pretend he felt bad about it. The dude killed someone on his side just so he could go home one day. Wtf?! Anyway, Michonne is for once happy. She thanks Rick, finally, for taking her in general and for not trading her to the Governor. Can’t this show give us some Michonne back-story? Or character development? Or at least let us know her god damn motivations? When she started on this show she was a badass lady with a sword and now one season later she is a badass lady with a sword who likes tacky art. Ugh.

Anyway we never see Team Rick actually drive away but that is what we are meant to assume as we see Team Woodbury approaches like they are coming out of a first person shooter. It is every able-bodies shooter they have minus Tyreese and his sister who bowed out back at Woodbury to care for the elderly and children. They also want no part in killing other people, opposed to the walkers. The Governor took the news seemingly well delivering a cold “Thank you” but you could see he wanted to just kill them in his eye. Anyway they enter the prison like gangbusters, seemingly not initially noticing that absolutely no one was firing back at them. Sniper towers are shot out, and tons of walkers are put down. Lots of broken glass and breaking down doors but no sign of Team Rick. Who else wishes they showed the Governor looking super annoyed – but alas they just keep looking for Team Rick. Once inside C Block the Governor finds a biblical passages highlighted: “And shall come forth, they that have done good, unto the resurrection and the life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.”. He pulls a little hiss fit here because ironic and appropriate bible versus just piss him the hell off. Instead of continuing there tactically smart attack the Governor leads his men down into the prison tombs seemingly expecting Team Rick to be curled up down there like scared little kids but instead he is just leading his men in a dark walker-infested hallways where Team Rick is actually lying in wait. I know the Governor is becoming more and more bloodthirsty but wasn’t this just dumb? Of course their adventure down into the tombs ended early as they are meant with several flash bombs and then the prison alarm was set off to attract even more walkers. This initially felt REALLY cool because I assumed Team Rick knowingly put together this horrible death trap but all of a sudden everyone is running away, Governor included. Then Maggie and Glenn, in some riot armor, take on everyone from one of the fortified catwalks – not actually killing anyone but sending the message that they will start hitting people soon – scaring the people even more. So Team Woodbury gets back on there death-utility-vehicles and haul ass out of there. Maggie is just as surprised as me when they realize that they “did it”.

In fact the only member of Team Rick who seems as pissed as me is Carl. He feels that he isn’t part of the fight at the prison and left to protect Hershel and Beth in the woods. Then a lone member of Team Woodbury is running through the woods, rifle in hand, seemingly like he is just trying to get away. Hershel is all “drop it son” but the kid does the creepiest gun pass ever. He holds it for an eternity like right in front of him and Carl almost taunting him. Carl just shoots him which is being treated like overreaction but did anyone else feel like the guy was trying to get the drop on what he saw as a child because I did. I’m surprised Hershel ran over to Rick like he was tattling on someone. Sure Carl is totally messed up now, and his childhood is broken and he can be seen as sort of a sociopath but it felt very forced to me. It didn’t help that he sort of bragged about killing the kid initially to Rick.

On the road back to Woodbury, the Governor stops all the vehicles because his army is running the hell away from where he wants them. The residents respond with the general “hell no” because their lives are more important to them than the damn broken down prison. Now fully enraged the Governor point blank begins opening fire on EVERYONE while Martinez and another henchmen watch in horror. He even goes so far as to start popping there dead bodies in the head so they don’t reanimate but he stops early as he runs out of ammo. One lucky resident gets to keep her life for this action – as she is hiding underneath one of the bodies still alive. Then the Governor motions for his henchmen to get in the car again and drive off. Why did Martinez never shoot? Even if it was to defend himself? Does he seriously fear the Governor that much that he won’t even turn on him in that sort of situation? Wtf?

A small force of Team Rick are going to go after the Governor back to Woodbury because they realized there silly plan didn’t solve there problem but only allowed them to live another day or so. Carl wants in. Rick wants to know why he killed some kid in cold blood. Carl wants to know what he should have done because every other time he didn’t kill a potential threat it came back to literally bite them in the ass or face. Rick has his hands full as Carl gives him back his Sheriff badge.
It is decided that only Rick, Michonne, and Daryl are to following the Governor back to Woodbury in case he comes back to prison while they are. On their way to Woodbury they run into the carnage the Governor created from his men-err-citizens. After taking down everyone who became walkers the lone survivor, named Karen, dramatically reveals herself by throwing herself at the window of one of the trucks. Why on earth would she do that? This entire finale is making my brain hurt from confusion. They order her out and she fill them in on what went down.

This lady is still trying to pick up these pliers. She almost gets them up to her hand but drops them. I assume we are supposed to imagine her doing this process for the last hour or so. After trying for what feels like episodes she finally gets them into one of her hands to try to work on her bindings.
After she has been working at it for what must have been years Milton finally begins to reanimate and begins the slow process of approaching her. By chance she finally gets one of her hands free, and begins working on the second one as we cut away from the room. As viewers we are forced to listen to the action from behind the locked door, hearing Andrea grunting/screaming with effort and then a telltale sound of a body falling.

Tyreese and Sasha are still standing guard at Woodbury. No sign of the Governor returning. Karen and Team Rick arrive and get into a mini firefight with Tyreese but that stops when Karen informs him of what the Governor did to everyone else. Rick seems to finally put on his big boy pants, and decides his gun will not remedy this situation any longer. He says their coming out – hands in the air. I love how he volunteered Michonne and Daryl for this. Daryl looks more than peeved but its all good. Its an appropriate sign of peace. Rick admits they were coming to finish the fight but then they saw what the governor did. He also apparently further pow-wowed with Karen because he figures out that Andrea most certainly never made it out of Woodbury and they begin looking for her. The first stop is best as they check the interrogation rooms where Maggie and Glenn were held. Under on of the door is a tell-tale pool of blood.
Inside the room we finally see what has become of Andrea and Milton. Milton as a walker lies dead on the floor from pliers being literally stabbed into his head. Andrea is on the floor sitting in the pool of blood Milton created when he was dying earlier. Before we can assume she made it out safe, after so many close calls this season she reveals that a side of her neck as been ravaged by Milton’s chompers. Michonne’s cold facade drops into a heap on the floor as she begins to cry watching Andrea face down her own death with a crazy awesome amount of willpower.
Andrea apologizes for all of her behavior and insists on killing herself while she still can. In one of the only truly emotional moments of the episode Andrea asks for Rick’s gun, echoing a season one sentiment of “knowing how the safety works”. Rick makes sure she knows she was and will always be one of “them”. They leave, except for Michonne who wants to stay with Andrea right until the end – like a true amazing friend. Outside of the door we are left to hear the last time Andrea will operate a gun on The Walking Dead. Rest in peace. I always liked you even when I hated you.

But as Team Rick loses one life it gains many more. This finale ends with the sun fighting over the horizon as a brand new day brings every single one of the last members of Woodbury back to the LAURIE GRIMES MEMORIAL PRISON. Yes – Rick is bringing all the old folks, children, Sasha, Karen and Tyreese back home. Daryl, on a motorcycle leads a bus full of people in the prison yard like some sort of prophet. Carl is baffled by this and maybe even a little disgusted (OKAY CARL IS MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER). Hershel is shaking everyone’s hand likes he’s the local pastor. Rick lets his head tilt back as she looks toward the prison catwalk – usually Ghost Laurie’s #1 hangout only to find something new: nothing. Guess this means he made the right call.

Until season four – which better be awesome or so help me I’ll lock the producers in a room with a walker.



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