The Walking Dead – “Prey” – Rundown Season 3, Episode 14

Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TWD) has done the impossible: Made it a quality show worth the watch. The downside of this revelation is when an episode doesn’t live up the TWDs new good reputation I can’t help but feel like entire episodes are throwaway. “Prey” was a wonderful example of this. It was a quality “chase” episode complete with cheap scares, unexpected turns, and the classic horror movie villain catching their prey (Governor chasing Andrea) but the entire episode essentially could be thrown out the window as it ends exactly where it began with no actual momentum started. So instead of the usual full episode recap I will cover all of the characters seen this past week and review the positions they have made for themselves.

Andrea began this episode like she begins most, wondering around Woodbury trying to remember what her characteristics actually are. She wants to stay? She wants to go? She wants Phillip? She doesn’t want Phillip? Whatever her crazy motive Andrea finally realizes how screwed up her situation is when she spies The Governor building his own private dungeon of some kind. It is extremely reminiscent of the COMICBOOK Governor getting rape happy but I’m sure regular viewers just took it as more crazy behavior. She holds her gun on him while he whistles like huge creep but Milton doesn’t let her kill him because he knew Phillip before this whole Governor deal and he thinks he is still buried in there somewhere BUT Milton also thought Walkers still were human soooooo….

Andrea decides her next mission to get the hell out of dodge. So she lies badly and just ends up jumping one of the walls.  Her freedom is short lived however as we follow her into the wild, only to realize The Governor is doing the very same thing and he has no plan to let her get away. Fast forward there a dramatic chase scene filled with fright, walkers, gore, darkness, and bad decisions.  They could have remedied this situation here when Andrea seemingly hit the end of the line trapped between a ton of walkers and the approaching Governor. Here I assumed Andrea would get some much needed redemption: I pictured her letting herself get taken by the walkers knowing they would go after Phillip as well but instead suddenly she had a perfect hiding place while she set the walkers after the Governor. Then we are entertained watching him batter them back while she makes a slow retreat back to her journey toward the prison. Wouldn’t that have been a great moment for her to make sure he died? Instead she takes off and we assume she is home free. Later she makes it to the heavenly prison, and we know for sure she is def Team Rick in spirit as her reaction to seeing the prison was much like back when Rick saw it in episode 1: a safe haven. But her joy is cut short, when she raises her hand to signal to Rick, the only character on watch, the Governor lunges out of the woods of mystery and capture her. Hilariously Rick seems to caught the entire thing out of the corner of his eye but waves it off because of his hallucinations.
We last see Andrea tied up in the Governors spiffy new dungeon. We can only imagine what sort of horrible shit she may or may not be put through next week. I also want to mention that the Governor said he never caught her so no one knows she is there, nether the less alive. MILTON FIND HER!

Milton is finally starting to see how his non-action is putting him further over the Governors murky grey morality line. So after so thinking, and Andrea basically slapping him upside the head with logic and thought (“You can’t keep turning your head the other way!”) Milton does something dangerous. He never admits it verbally but his eyes scream “I did it! It was me!”. Mysteriously the Governors walker trap as burned out, getting rid of the Governors germ warfare. The Governor initially thinks it Tyrese but he has to suspect Milton  now – Is anyone else surprised he didn’t just shoot him dead right there in the street? Is the Governor not as bloodthirsty as viewers seem to think? Or at least me? Anyone else know this guy has to bite it soon? MILTON GET OUT!


Tyrese shows us this week why he is a melee sort of dude. His shooting leaves much to be desired which was awfully humanizing to see. We also see his awesome reaction to putting together what the Governor has planned for the Prison. He can’t do that to women and children, because it wrong. Tyrese has yet to realize that Phillip specializes in wrong and that the whole damn world has turned “wrong“. However the other half of his group, not his sister, loves Team Woodbury. We also get some more insight into his old teams dynamic: Tyrese is another leader much like Phillip and Rick except he obviously has more sanity, kindness, and old world thinking. Am I the only COMICBOOK reader who wants to have some old school Tyrese plot? He seems so wasted on this silliness about wife’s having crushes on him, and holding people over walker-infested pits. I want some football talk. So more Hammer action. Is it too much to ask for him and Rick to braid friendship bracelets? TYRESE LOVE!


We got a lovely little flashback of Andrea and Michonne on the run together last Winter. They are eating by a campfire, and Andrea questions Michonne about her “pet” walkers on leashes. Unexpectedly Michonne actually reveals this fun little tidbit: “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”. Who else wants some Michonne pre-apocalypse flashbacks? I’d love to see how this women has built herself up into this mysterious sword welding badass. Of course that would call for some amazing writing and that is always a toss up for this show so perhaps it is for the best that we get Michonne in slow calculated doses. MICHONNE LOVE!

Can’t the finale just happen already? Filler episodes for this show make me irrationally angry.

Next Week: Rick is still seeing Laurie (unfortunately). Daryl has to actually tell Merle that they can’t just be alone because in this world they need people now. Rick spills the beans about giving Michonne to the Governor to someone. Merle gets teary because no one likes him (Ugh). This better be good!


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