The Walking Dead: Season 3; Episode 13: Arrow At The Door Stop


Sage is indispose this week so I will be reviewing/recapping this weeks episode of The Walking Dead. (Much shorter, more fart jokes and less smart) With only 3 weeks until the premier of Game of Thrones the finale of The Walking Dead let’s take a look at this weeks episode and see where we’re headed as Season 3 begins to reach it’s conclusion.


The main plot point of last nights episode was the meeting between Rick and The Governor inside some random shack.  The pair is brought together by Andrea who continues to exist solely to remind people about the crappy aspects of this show and their inability to write a solid female character.  Rick and The Governor chat over some whiskey which I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought The Governor had poisoned Rick’s drink because of Andrew Lincoln’s sour fart face.


The best parts of last nights episode was Daryl Dixon and Caesar The Henchman having a dick swinging contest.  While The Governor and Rick divide the Risk map, Caesar and Daryl take turns killing zombies and play anything you can do I can do better.  The best moment comes when Daryl finds a pack of smokes from a decapitated biter/walker/zombie and offers one to Caesar who declines, saying he only smokes menthol, to which Daryl gives the response of “douchbag.” Classic Daryl.  They do eventually exchange some meaningful words and find a common ground.


In that same vein Hershel and Milton have a nice talk and realize if circumstances were different they’d have a lot of offer each other.  Will these moments loom large as these two factions square off and are ready to kill one another, I’d like to think so.

Inside the prison Merle stews over Daryl being on site with The Governor because he knows what a sadistic bastard he is and wants to intervene.  Glenn and Merle get into a scuffle over Merle wanting to leave the prison and possibly kill The Governor and maybe get others killed in the process….I guess.  I dunno Merle might not have been wrong here, Rick didn’t having a problem capping the dude from Terriers in Season 2 inside the bar, wouldn’t the smartest thing to do here is to ambush The Governor and end this shit.  Hershel daughter number four shows some hutzpa by firing a gun in the air breaking up the fight.  I was disappointed she didn’t get hit in the head by falling debris.


Finally Maggie and Glenn reconciled their weird convoluted fight about I’m not sure what but their make up leads to make up sex, yay! Always a good thing to get more half naked Maggie, this time in a less compromising way, so you don’t feel guilty checking her out while The Governor faux rapes her. Also this happiness means you can put these two on the list of potential casualties in the weeks to come because let’s face it, people gotta go.


So as we catch up with The Governor and Rick, The Gov reveals his demand from the prison gang.  This demand puts last weeks episode into perspective now because they had to make Michonne more likeable in order to transition into this weeks revelation. The Governor wants Rick to deliver Michonne to him from killing zombie daughter and stabbing him in the eye and he will leave Rick and his people alone.  We know and so does the Governor that he’s going to kill them all no matter what but this strategy is a good one of the Governor but bad for the plot as I predict we’re going to continue to tread water until the final showdown with this conundrum.

All of this leading up to a big battle is ultimately a microcosm of what I really dislike about this show.  It’s much more interesting when it’s about the breakdown of humanity and the effects the apocalypse can have on the human mind, rather than bang, boom, pow, explosion gun fire, ka-boom. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy action and heads need to roll on this type of show, but I think they need to focus more on what makes the comic so good.  It lets you get to know these people and like or dislike them and what they’re going through which puts more at stake when someone is killed in said big battle.  So the episode concludes with Andrea departing with The Governor because sex, while Rick heads back to the prison in the stylish 2013 Hyundai Elantra (which gets more screen time than Tyreese..F!) and decides not to tell the group about The Governor’s ultimatum.  This is interesting because it could/will divide the group, so get ready for that for the next three weeks.  Not an over all gripping hour of television but it did progress the plot and it was pretty ok, so that’s a win if you ask me.


~ by ATOM on March 11, 2013.

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