Retro Gaming: Top 10 SNES


Again this is just my definitive list of my favorite SNES games that I had the most fun playing.  Enjoy.  I know I’ll catch alotta flack for not including Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger, and while they were both great games, I didn’t own either game just rentals and they didn’t hook me like these other games.


Honorable Mention; Super Castlevania, Chrono Trigger,Mega Man X, Super Punch Out, R-Type 3, StarFox, Super BomberMan, Final Fantasy III


10. Mortal Kombat 2: Hot off the heals of Street Fighter 2 in the boom of co-op fighting games Mortal Kombat hit the scene like a violent punch to the crotch.  Kombat used a more realistic take on the graphics, using motion capture that looked great in the arcade but some questioned how it would look ported to home consoles.  It was safe to say SNES came the closest to the Arcade looks wise and brought every element of this arcade hit home.  I was a huge into Arcade gaming at the time so when this game came home it took a bunch chunk of my time.


9. Mario Kart: Such a simple concept birthed such a great classic SNES title.  Take the cast of Mario brothers and put em in go-kart, couple projectile weapons and off you go!  The real hook was this may have been the first racing game that made it easy for multiplayer thus turning Mario Kart into a staple of many childhoods including mine while hanging out with friends.  So much trash talking came from a simple heat seeking red shell knocking your friend out of first place, so much.


8. Super Star Wars/Empire/Jedi:  You have to remember this was 1992 when it was not yet cool to enjoy Star Wars, and also there wasn’t a ton of Star Wars media to satisfy fans at that time.  So when these games hit the Super Nintendo I didn’t waste a moment tracking them down and beat each game in minimal time.  The games follow the story lines of the movies and let you play as all the main characters.  As a side scrolling shooter/beat em up with great set pieces and boss battles to a space-rail shooter these games were tons of fun.


7. Super Metroid: Hands down one of the best side scrolling shooters of all time.  Metroid was a classic on the NES although I was never a huge fan, but everything was improved and then some on the SNES for Super Metroid.  The level design was amazing, epic boss battles, a great weapons power up system, this game was an achievement for the SNES.  What sticks out for me personally was I grinded this game out in a weekend, it was that edge of your seat can’t stop playing type of gaming experience.


6. Shadowrun: A standout in the SNES family, based on a popular table top role playing game Shadowrun was a must play for gamers.  The game used a point and click system to aid in the roleplaying/action adventure style of this futuristic game.  What stood out most was the games mature narrative of a dystopian future that was over whelming to me at that age.  An under appreciated masterpiece.


5. Contra 3: Alien Wars: There had been a few attempts at capturing the magic of the original Contra on the NES and this is the game that came closest. Nintendo took the basics of Contra and turned them up to 11!  If you remember the level where your riding a giant missile and fighting aliens then you would find it hard to disagree.  I wasn’t crazy about the top down levels but the rest of the game was a blast.


4. Simcity: So many hours awake and asleep were logged on this one game I can’t even begin to explain it.  Simcity became an obsession of mine as a kid, leaving the game on over night to gain tax money in order expand my city only to wake up in horror as my city had been ravaged by a tornado.  I know this was more of a hit on the PC but the Super Nintendo version grabbed me and didn’t let go until I let the Bowser/Godzilla looking creature destroy my city….and then I’d make a new….with less pollution.


3. Street Fighter 2: Turbo: Between The Arcade and all home consoles there may not be another game I poured more money and time into than Street Fighter 2.  The only maddening thing about Street Fighter franchise once it hit home consoles was the insulting amount of versions that capcom put out.  The one I remember spending the most time on was Street Fighter 2: Turbo. This version sharpened the graphics and sped up the action.  Most importantly it took the arcade juggernaut and ported in to the home console flawlessly.


2. Super Mario World: This is the perfect Mario Brothers game arguably ever.  They took the perfected formula that was Mario 3 and some how made it better.  This being the first Super Nintendo game to hit the console the graphics at the time were some of the best available and lets not forget to mention a save screen! The save system had to be implemented because this game is ripe with content, secret levels beyond beating Bowser and saving the princess you weren’t shit unless you completed every single secret level.  This is a game I still play today because it’s just that much fun and easily my favorite SNES of all time.


1. Zelda: A Link to The Past: Whelp, we all knew this had to happen, along with Mario, Castlevania and Metriod, A Link to the Past was a SNES answer for an updated Zelda game and a staple that most gamers would agree is one of the greatest games of all time.  For some unknown reason My Father who never plays video games was captivated by this game and played it til the end.  The scope of this game for it’s time was enormous.  This game was 16-bit perfect that once you were sucked in there was no getting out until you were done.


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