WWE: Stock Market

It’s much too daunting to do reports for a 3 hour Raw when most of it consists of commercials, recaps, WWE pimping whatever mandated product or social media outlet is important that week, and really not much wrestling.  I really just don’t have the attention span and passion to completely focus on a 3 hour raw and break it down each week, but from time to time when the spirit moves me I will update what’s going on and make some comments on it.  We’ll treat this like a WWE stock market, they’re pedaling their wears and I’ll tell you what I’m buying and what I’m selling.


Buy: CM Punk vs John Cena on Raw this week for a shot at The Rock Wrestlemania was simply just a great classic wrestling match.  Punk and Cena have really never had a bad match to my recollection but seeing just an epic match like that on free TV doesn’t happen often enough anymore so I guess maybe that’s why it stands out even more.  I really do believe that the match was a giant middle finger to The Rock, because there’s no way he can top that match with either guy.  the sad reality is this match will easily be better than the wrestlemania main event as we’ve seen both of these guys carry a gassed Rock through main even matches.  This match not only had a lot of drama with so many near falls, it even had a piledriver, a banned move that rumor has it Vince was furious that Punk did the move during match, I thought it was brilliant. As for Cena, he takes a lot of crap (some well deserved, some not) but when he’s in the ring with Punk, or guys of his ilk, he’s excellent. I do believe WWE should have figured out a way to make the Wrestlemania a triple threat to mask The Rock’s lack of wrestling skill and shine a light on how much in ring chemistry Punk and Cena have.  Even though Cena won the match both guys looked strong and we’ll see next week what Punk’s Wrestlemania future holds. (Taker anyone?)


Sell: Team Hell No: When it started it was fresh and fun but now it’s time for these guys to split, drop the comedy and go their separate ways.  Daniel Bryan is a guy they need to take the shackles off and go out wrestle great singles matches.  Kane is a guy who’s been around forever, I respect him for that and I think they should push the hell out of him for maybe one last run in the WWE.  As for the tag-team aspect of the WWE, it’s back in the toilet.  (Revive Team Rhode Scholars)


Buy: The Shield: They don’t wrestle much but when they do it’s must watch.  I had heard good things about Dean Ambrose and didn’t think much of the other two, but frankly the whole group is impressive in and out of the ring.  Alright Reigns and Rollins have some work to do on the mic but as a unit I’m very impressed with them, and the WWE has kept them looking strong with clean wins which is really want killed the Nexus moment.  These guys deserve to be on the Mania card and I foresee a 3 man mix tag and we could potentially see the reveal of some sort of leader or forth member.  This is just speculation but I have a gut feeling the WWE has something planned for The Shield at Mania.


Sell: Triple H vs Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania: Lesner putting Triple H over at Wrestlemania does what for whom? That’s why I’m selling this match, we saw it at Summerslam, it was Ok, Lesner won and then both guys kinda shuffled off.  The story makes sense I get all of that I just, I don’t know, I feel like Lesner would be better served to take on an actual member of the roster if he was going to put someone over.  Whatever, commence inappropriate buzzcut theater.


Buy: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger. What’s great about this angle is you have the heels actually acting like the bad guy and the baby face actually doing the right thing, much to the dismay of certain people in the media.  Too often the people we’re supposed to be cheering are the racist, sexist misogynist asshole, so this angle is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Also Zeb Coulter is a great mouth piece for the well oiled machine that is Jack Swagger who can’t talk for shit.  Also surprising is how effective Alberto Del Rio is as a baby face wrestling, reminding people of a Mexican Bret Hart.  I’m buying in.


Sell: The Miz; As much as a face turn benefited Del Rio, it has not helped The Miz who I’m willing to bet saw his hottest streak in 2010/2011 and that’s about as hot as it’s gonna get for The Miz.  He made a convincing heel but the schtick got old, now he’s trying to pull off the good guy routine but he’s not interesting or skilled enough to do it.  Sheamus is a shitty baby face but it works because he’s beast in the ring.  Sorry Miz, but I’m sellin your ass.


~ by ATOM on February 26, 2013.

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