The Walking Dead – Season 3 Episode 10 “Home”


Within the following I will tackle the newest episode of The Walking Dead proudly announcing where this season is by far succeeding in pleasing viewers (namely me) and while insisting to not stay blind to the bruises in its plotlines, for there are many. Maybe it is best to start with some of the matters I find flawed this past week and how they are factoring into this season. The seasons Walking Dead has been for the most part largely fulfilling between the new characters, kick ass action sequences, gore, and lack of Lori. Perhaps that is why these past two episodes have rubbed me the wrong way: Lori.


Lori has been haunting her memorial prison, or at least that is what Rick’s broken mind has been hallucinating for the last two episodes and it eternally pisses me off. Can’t this bitch just go? Can’t the show just let her go with the tiny shred of dignity she had giving birth? Her mere presence throws Rick into a mentally dilapidated stupor, which is one of the single worst, plot moves in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong – I love how “real” his insanity is and who doesn’t love watching Rick wander around aimlessly chasing ghosts? But, seriously, how can this end well? How can he become a better character, better leader, and better father from here? I would logically say he can’t therefore making him a very poor focal point in the show. But I must reiterate that I do giggle every time Rick looks absolutely out of his mind.

Michonne certainly a welcome addition this year, her sword included. However, giving her a persona as “mysterious” has automatically put her character in danger of being a lifer on the show with absolutely no defining characteristics other than kickass samurai. In fact her part this episode was easily forgotten. Only hoping they find something cool for her to do in the future.

There are some developments, which were pleasing: Especially between our Woodbury residents, Andrea and the Governor. He tells her to take over leading the people for him because he is longer fit for the job: But she is. This scene got better when we saw the Governor questioning meek Milton on his allegiance while questioning Andrea’s. Milton insists his loyalty as well as agreeing to keep an eye on Andrea. Then later when poor Milton is questioned by Andrea about the Governors whereabouts Milton dodges all questions and most certainly raises Andrea’s suspicions – Which I hope she uses to protect herself in the future and do something silly like: “saving” Phillip (Governor).

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
These two characters are one of the reasons I will admit to liking “Home”. While off together Daryl starts realizing how much he has given up for Merle. They bicker awesomely while navigating the forest: in fact the even bicker about navigating. Daryl thinks they are coming up toward “Yellowjacket Creek” and Merle thinks Daryl is insanely wrong. Daryl is sweetly missing his “home” back at the prison. Merle bashes his dreamy thoughts in predicting that the Governor has already killed them all already.
As they continue on, with some of the better dialogue of the series, they run into a family of survivors under attack by walkers. Daryl, as a reflex, just begins helping them, taking on all of the walkers himself. Merle watches for a moment, like the awesome tool that he is, and then he half-heartedly steps in to help. Daryl rightfully wins this week’s ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK AWARD for his awesome slamming of the cars rear door on a walkers head. It was pretty sick. When all the walkers are dead Merle pulls his gun on the father and begins rooting through his car while being the racist douchebag that he is. The mother and baby are both crying now, as the family’s son watches on. Daryl just can’t do it. He holds his crossbow on Merle ordering the family to just get into their car and drive off. They do, and Daryl walks away passing a sign that clearly states is “Yellowjacket Creek”. That subtle simple moment made me coo and awe.
Merle follows him back into the forest chastising him for stopping to help strangers. They eventually grapple ending with Daryl’s shirt being ripped down the back revealing some pretty horrible childhood scars from beatings their father used to dole out. Merle is taken it back: He didn’t know. Daryl informs him he is going back to the prison, back to where he belongs, back home to the group. Merle whines that he can’t follow him there. Daryl says he may be the one that’s walking away but Merle is the one that is leaving.


I love Glenn. He is sweet, kickass, imaginative, loyal, and a joy to have around. In fact, he’s one of the few characters I have never flat out hated. Last night he started trying my patience though. Since Glenn’s beating back in Woodbury his character has become a bit manic and therefore when he steps up to take over for an obviously ailing Rick he proceeds to fail.
Glenn insists everyone fortifies the prison so they can dig and make a stand against the Governor. He also enlists Carl’s help to investigating how Tyrese and company made it into the prison. This was sort of cool because the little kid gets of the important jobs. They return informing everyone that the boiler-room is overrun again with walkers. Hershel insists they high tail it out of there but Glenn is extremely gung-ho about staying at the prison. He volunteers himself and Maggie to investigate the far side of the prison. The problem here is everyone but Glenn can see Maggie is not about to do any such thing. She is currently facedown on her bunk, useless to Glenn, to us, and to herself. Glenn needs to talk about her sexual assault, but she doesn’t. He asks if she was raped anyway, she pushes him away informing him she wasn’t. “Do you feel better?” Maggie questions. Maggie, Hun, I don’t think anyone can feel better about anything with your relationship drama. These two only work when they are nothing but quickies, and eternal happiness to be alive and together. Anything else feels way too forced: much like every other person we’ve seen as a couple anyway.
Later on Glenn is going off one some weird solo mission. Hershel is against it and also says this “rage” of his is going to get him killed. Glenn doesn’t listen.

Hershel, being liked both by audience members as well as cast mates has become a better version of Dale, advice giver. After his failed attempts as talking to Glenn Hershel decides maybe now Rick might be able to surface out of his pool of misery and craziness. He finds him still wandering around outside of the main fence of the prison, chasing ghosts.
Rick, wholly disoriented, admits to seeing Lori in the forest. He also admits it was her on the phone in earlier episodes. He knows it’s not really her but he needs to keep chasing her because there has be a reason he is seeing her. He turns on his heel to go back to his chase. Hershel begins his slow journey back to the prison.

Axel was becoming a welcome addition to the group lately, even though there was always a strange sense of mistrust with him. This past episode was his completely unexpected swansong. While fortifying the prison, under Glenn’s orders, he and Carol have a fun chat. He asks for Carol to teach him how to use his gun because when he robbed a gas station (the reason he was in prison) the gun he used was a toy. They bond. He begins to worm his way into the heart of the show.
Later on these two are continuing their chat outside in the prison yard and completely out of nowhere Axel takes a bullet to the head, killing him instantly. Back at the tree line the Governor lowers his rifle. BATTLE!


These last moments of the episode were by far the best.  The Governor and bunch of his men start shooting at everyone from all sides beyond the prison walls. Rick is hiding beneath a tiny bridge outside of the prison gates. Hershel is ducking in the brush of the prison ground. Carol is (awesomely) using Axels’ body as a shield from gunfire. Michonne is hiding behind a downed bus in the yard. Carl and Beth are taking cover behind a wall, as Maggie bursts out of the prison with guns and ammo. Maggie evens up the sides as she promptly kills one of them. Suddenly gunfire ceases, and an ominous silence fills the air. A bread truck comes barrelling out of the woods plowing straight through both of the prison security gates. The Governor grins as the backdoor opens and the truck unloads a bunch of Walkers directly into the prison yard. The driver seemingly escapes fully armoured. The Governor and his men leave comically passing a returning Glenn in the road.
Outside of the fence, Rick is hardcore struggling to survive. He is out of ammo, and surrounded. As he gets pinned to a fence by to two walkers who are extremely close to biting him, a crossbow bolt suddenly appears buried in one of the walker’s heads. HUZZAH! Merle and Daryl have returned and together the three of them take out the rest of the surrounding walkers. Glenn assists Hershel in getting further into safety. For the moment everyone is safe, but we are with Rick as he watches their precious prison with darkened eyes as walkers swarm inside.
–    Sagebeth




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