The Walking Dead-Season 3-Episode 9-The Suicide King


The Walking Dead – Episode 9 – Recapview

The Walking Dead is back with “The Suicide King”, bringing both good and bad news. The Good: This episode was utterly unpredictable burying any notions that this show was going to follow normal dramatic protocol when it comes to your everyday plot line, which is incredibly refreshing in the age of the remake. The Bad: Nothing fabulous happened. It was a string of poor dialogue stretches bookended with inane revelations and shitty fight scenes. Our first episode back after an intense cliffhanger following 45 minutes of an absolute badass tension left me with a feeling of “blah”. Within the following I will recap what went down and lack of fun.

We resume our standoff in Woodbury exactly where we left off. Meryl and Daryl are face to face in the arena as the cycloptic Governor watches as the crowd cheers for them to “Kill Em’”.  Daryl does this amazing stuttering breathing out of fright broadcasting exactly how terrified he truly is. For reference Meryl looks more concerned and less scared. The Governor spins his wheel of illogical over dramatic stand offs and insists that the fight will be brother versus brother to the death. Winner goes free. Andrea is rightly stricken, having to be held back from approaching the Governor.


“You know me. I’m gonna do what I gatta do to prove that my loyalty is to this town.” Meryl belts out as he begins beating Daryl senseless but seeming to know killing his brother won’t fix this problem. To make it more interesting some Zombies are brought out as well. This scene felt very forced and therefore the tension fell flat. Meryl and Daryl face off against the zombies. Blah blah blah. Face punching zombies shouldn’t be a building block of a fight. Andrea begs her lovely “Phillip” to stop it. I’m with her because this scene is tanking the episode and we’re barely a minute in.  Our prayers are answered by a spray of gunfire.

Rick and Maggie are there for the rescue having seen the insanity that is Woodbury for themselves. Maggie totally shoots a secondary Woodbury character that was showing Andrea the ropes episodes earlier. It was sort of sick to see it, and not have it mentioned again by Maggie. Some more gunfire and a couple of smoke grenades later Team Rick are on their was out of Woodbury sans Andrea.

As Team Rick breaks through one of the Woodbury barricades to escape there is some worthwhile banter from Meryl, as he doesn’t give them any choice but to escape with him in tow. As they run into the night, a walker begins to make his way into Woodbury. Nice parting gift from Team Rick.


By morning Woodbury is a mess of concerned citizens and carloads of people trying to leave their precious little safe haven. Andrea and Milton as discussing the missing Governor while watching the situation turn violent. Andrea steps in and insists that soldier-Martinez is making it worse by shoving his gun in everyone’s faces. They are interrupted by walkers attacking someone in the middle of the street. Her and Martinez hurry over successfully killing all the walkers but a man is bitten and moaning on the ground. A woman begs for someone to help him. This whole thing would have been cooler if someone else just put him out of his misery like Team Rick totally would have. But instead the Governor struts outside, shots him, and ambles back into his office while the whole crowd watches in silence. I was left confused about the action. So is he still a villain? Was the villainous move? What did Andrea think he should have done? Stupid show.

Andrea follows him back inside and chides him for killing the dude and then walking away. This is much more over all of his recent actions though, at least, I’m hoping because that’d be really silly to be mad at him over. She is ultimately mad that he is done protecting the citizens. He insists to let them to leave (which was exactly what I was thinking) because he is totes done with this whole savoir thing. He’ll keep the leading but the saving thing is all over. Andrea is emotional and passionate but for all the wrong reasons. Andrea I DON’T WANT TO HATE YOU. DON’T MAKE ME. Then he finally tells her about Glenn and Maggie and all “her friends”. She is deeply hurt by this because she was legitimately screwing him while all of this was going down. ANDREA THIS IS A HINT THAT HE IS UNSUITABLE FOR YOUR VAGINA. However she takes it as him “driving her out”. Argh.

Later on Andrea pulls out all the stops and shows her literal love for Woodbury and the kind souls that have been staying there like cattle. Milton is trying to control the crowd but the little mousey Milton flinches every time someone asks a question. Andrea steps in showing her speechifying chops. She monologues much like the Governor would, and how Rick should, to a group of people. Even the soldiers are watching her with rapt attention seemingly buying into every piece of bullshit she leaves out for them. The Governor watches from his window. He feelings: Unknown.

Team Rick comes full power as they meet up with Glenn and Michonne by the car, who appeared to have been too injured for the fight. They both have hilarious violent reactions to Meryl being there. Lots of yelling and gun pointing ensues until Meryl hits the right button: He brings up Andrea being in Woodbury as well as her sexytimes relationship with The Governor. Then he lays on some more racist bullshit that is just idiotic of him to do. Meryl is awesome but his character choices leave much to be desired. Rick just knocks him out… which was also awesome. Carol explains Meryl best later in the episode: “Men like Meryl get into your head. Make you feel like you deserve the abuse.” And she even goes on to relate him to her horrible husband from way back when.

Then Team Rick discusses Meryl. Daryl wants to be with Meryl and no one else will allow Meryl to be with them. They shouldn’t have been so shocked when Daryl makes the decision to leave with his brother. He bids Maggie to tell Hershel he said bye. He says Carol will understand (Yes but who wants to see Carol upset?! No one!). Then he insists Rick take care of Carl and Lil’ Asskicker. Then Daryl puts his arm around a semi-conscience Meryl and they walk away. Meryl’s smile is horrible which I love.

Rick then releases his angers on Michonne telling her she can’t stay either but they will however patch her up. Illogical Rick! This should have served as clue to his still deteriorating mental state but instead I’m just assuming Rick is smart and capable. Silly me.

Further into the episode, they have to move some vehicles blocking the road. Here Glenn wins the ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK for taking all of anger and aggression over the last two days out of one walker’s skull which he promptly stomps in. Rick and Maggie watch wide-eyed. Glenn lets rick know he mad that he didn’t kill the Governor when they went back to save Daryl. Daryl was priority after all. It’s a boring scene surrounding a sweet zombie kill.
Enough said.


Hershel is fixing newcomer not-Tyrese’s leg. This scene popped for me because of sick conservationist Tyrese. No need for crazy detail or much explanation. He figures out Hershel was bit and that is why he is missing a limb. Then baby Judith is brought out and all the newcomers get the hopeful glint in their eye. Hershel tries to warn them that he isn’t in charge of their fun little group and the others will be less accepting to having them around. He warns them to not get comfortable. Carl caps off the conversation by locking them in the room.

Later they are given time to bury Donna. Boring father and son newcomers see Carol and Carl chilling by the gates (talking about how quiet the world is now. This dialogue leaves a ton to be desired huh?) with guns and immediately become bloodthirsty heathens that Tyrese is insisting their group isn’t. When Axel and faceless Hershel daughter come outside to help he steps up waving off their help and taking anything someone could use as a weapon against them.


Later on Rick returns to the prison. He hugs a sad Carol over the parting of Daryl. Then pow-wows with Hershel over his views on the Governor. “What kind of a sick mind does that” Rick says about The Governors brother versus brother melee. Finally Hershel tells Rick about the newcomers and Rick greets them by firmly walking through the room as though they are part of the furniture. LOL Initially I was confused by this but could be seen as hint two that Rick simply isn’t all there mentally. He literally can’t deal with more responsibility and that’s exactly how he sees adding more people. More people for him to protect. Tyrese warns his people to patient and to let him do the talking when Rick is “ready” to actually address them. This point is moot however in the closing moments.

Rick holds his daughter for like the second time and her soft crying begins to echo around his brain as he visually looks around the room expecting to find himself in hell. I don’t really approve of our first string hero being this mentally damaged. It’s off putting to never see Rick on his game. We got a glimpse at the beginning of this season but since then he has fallen into a land of madness where character development can’t exsist.

Other prison developments we get are: Hershel loves Glenn like a son. Glenn thinks Maggie was raped when she was basically just humiliated and mildly sexually abused. Same difference? Maggie seems to be handling everything fine until Glenn shows how horribly he is handling everything. Will they have trouble like being together now? Because that would be silly. Baby Judith has a cute mail crate for a crib with “Lil’ Asskicker” sharpeid on the side.  Michonne is finally patched up and sleeping for the first time in days. When Hershel hints the Rick should be just as tired, Rick doesn’t even listen asking right away when Michonne will be well enough to send her packing (no fun!). Carol slightly comforts a sad Axel mourning the loss of Oscar (I am too even with Tyrese in the mix suddenly). Then they discuss how the Governor is most likely coming to retaliate and they are in need of reinforcements. Cue the newcomers.


After spending the whole episode circling everyone friend and foe alike with gun in hand we get to the meaty sweet center of Ricks deteriorating mental status. All party members are present as Tyrese puts out his hand introducing himself. Rick doesn’t shake. In fact it looks like he has trouble focusing. Hershel introduces all of them. Ricks eyes skip around like he is just now really taking note of them for the first time. He asks about how they got here. He seems angered that Carl rescued them even though Hershel insists he has no choice. Rick apologizes for their loss. Tyrese spits out his little speech about how they would be heaven to work with, especially if they need help with another group. Instead of taking in the extra gun hands Rick says a quiet no. They beg. No. Hershel wants to talk about it. Rick just can’t handle bringing in for people (variables). That is to say he can’t handle another snake in the grass like Tomas, or even a good hard working like Oscar who already lost his life as well. Hershel insists Rick is wrong on this decision. “You’ve got to start giving people a chance,” Hershel says as Rick looks around to all his charges. He seems to warm to the idea but before he speaks his eyes catch a figure watching them from the balcony above. A panic set in as the viewers begin to recognize the female dressed in white standing the darkness. Laurie. No one can see the reason for his distress but him and the audience. Rick snaps utterly quiet “no no no” and finally asking “Why are you here?” and following it up with “I can’t help you. Get out!”. He continues ranting and Tyrese and company rightfully assume he’s screaming at them to leave.  They do. Even Team Rick looks utterly shocked and saddened. He takes one last look to where Laurie was and she is gone. End.

Well this episode was formally boring, especially for a winter premiere. Next week looks like Daryl is trying to humanize Meryl, which I can tell you now: Fails. Rick is off on a spirit walk losing his shit while Hershel wants to leave. Glenn thinks him and Michonne can get shit done. I think this show better find it’s footing again before I slide right back into being a hater.



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