Best of 2012.


Best and Worst of 2012.

2012 was always a water shed moment when looking to the future;  Weather is was false doomsday predictions, up coming media or just 2012 looking like bright shiny number, something about it always felt important. So now as it draws to a close I figured I’d share my views of this past year in all things entertainment and pop culture.

Pop Culture

This was the year we saw the young, the gays, minorities, and women rise up and defeat the old white rich man to help keep our president in office, while Diane Sawyer slurred the news to the world, Community was canceled and brought back without Dan Harmon, American became less infatuated with the Kardashians and adopted Honey Boo Boo instead, A lot of people got shot that didn’t want to get shot, Super teams dominated the spring with The Heat and The Avengers, house wives got really into poorly written mom porn, people got super into the Olympics, Kristen Stewart cheated on Shovel Face, and YOLO! Oh what a year it’s been.  Let’s see what I enjoyed for media.

Movies:  Now Obviously I couldn’t see everything but I did see my share of movies in 2012 and saying the Best of 2012 makes it sounds important but really it’s my favorite of 2012.


The Dark Knight Rises: I think the hype surrounding this movie was insurmountable but still people saying they were let down left me scratching my head.  Sure you could pick apart plot holes (It’s a movie about a guy wearing a Mask and a Cape, relax) but I do my best to just enjoy what’s happening on-screen. I thought this movie was so epic and ambitious and capped off a pitch perfect movie trilogy. (maybe one of the best of all time)  This film did an amazing job of tying everything together from the other movies, proof…check out this retrospective of all three films.

The Avengers: I really had my doubts about The Avengers, expecting it being somewhat of a mess but all credit goes to Joss Whedon weaving together the most comic bookish comic book movie ever.  Not to sound like a corny movie liner but The Avenger’s was just plain fun.

Looper:  This was one of my most anticipated movies of the year and it meet the hype I created in my mind.  Looper is an entertaining mind-eff of a movie, one of the best of the year.

Skyfall: I’m no 007 fan by any stretch, in fact some of them I down right loath.  However I enjoyed Skyfall immensely, it’s a very entertaining and dare I say beautiful at times.  The look and scoop of this film makes it pop off the screen, despite the fact it’s sort of a burn at two hours and forty fives minutes, totally worth it.

Safety Not Included: I dragged my feet going into this one because I really just expected a 2012 mumble-core version of Garden State but this movie was anything but.  Funny, engaging and delivers a really satisfying ending that will give you some discussion points for post movie conversations.


The Amazing Spiderman: Sony needed to kick out a Spiderman movie to retain the rights to the character so we got an uninspired “meh” spiderman movie.  Now I didn’t hate this movie, I actually enjoyed bits and pieces but I don’t think were far enough removed from the Raimi films to require a reboot, and the story doesn’t divert much from the first Spiderman movie.  Also the Lizard looks like butt.

Chronicle: Found footage films make studios buckets of cash so I get why they exist, but I still loath them.  Chronicle I gave a shot because I heard good things despite being a found footage film and yeah, no.  I hated all the characters, I hate their excuses for filming everything, and over all it was just a bad story.

The Hunger Games: I was very underwhelmed by this film, probably not my demo but I checked it out and was unimpressed.

Missed: The Master, The Hobbit; (I work two jobs!)

Best in TV


The Walking Dead: I thought season 2 was a mess and with the show changing hands with show runners its easy to understand why.  Season 3 however found it’s footing, a great villain, and new ways to engage the audience week to week.

Parks and Recreation:  After season 2 when this show found its stride I don’t think there has ever been a bad or sub par episode.  It’s past “always sunny” as the funniest show on TV.

Breaking Bad: No show has more “holy shit” moments than breaking bad.  It’s the most gripping drama on TV and this past season which is setting up what looks to be a grim ending was amazing.

Game of Thrones: Now I wasn’t in love with every episode of season 2 but I have to say that Blackwater was the single best episode of any show in 2012.

(Haven’t started Homeland and Boardwalk yet, we’ll get there)

Worst: This really is misleading, it’s not the worst TV because if I don’t like a show I just won’t watch it, so this should really be most disappointing.

Revolution:  This is a decent show that could be a great show which suffers from poor dialog and unlikable character.  So long as Giancarlos Esposito is still showing up week to week, I’ll stay on board.

Newsroom: I started out really enjoying the hell of out this show, but every now and then it would rub me the wrong way.  Preachy, cliched, and Sorkin’esk caricatures  would ruin a really interesting episode, also the finale was butt.

Shows I discovered in 2012.

Psych:  I would see commercials for Psych and it looked so corny and unwatchable, like every promo for every USA show.  Well Sage convinced me to watch and episode and yeah Psych is a really fun show.  It’s goofy but self aware and for a qusi-detective show it keeps you engaged in each episodic plot.  It’s scooby doo but smarter and funnier…and not a cartoon.

Luther: This is a show my brother Evan turned me on to, Luther is a BBC show stars Idris Elba as a detective named John Luther and Elba is fantastic on this show.  The show is a more cinematic, less clichéd version of Law and Order, too bad it’s already gone with limited episodes.



My interest has waned as the year pushed on but the most notable things that happened in the WWE in 2012 were The Rock vs Cena which to be honest I didn’t care much about.  I thought CM Punk holding the title for all of 2012 was interesting and now that will lead into whether or not Punk will drop the title to The Rock at The Royal Rumble.  Also Daniel Bryan finally became a thing in the WWE holding the World Heavyweight Title, becoming culturally relevant with this “yes” chant and then being entertaining as well with team…well Hell No.

Best: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk.  These two guys had a string of great matches and an interesting angle involving AJ Lee, all three flourished because of this angle.

The CM Punk vs Jericho At Extreme Rules to cap off their rivalry was the best in their program.

HHH vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania:  Mania was pretty sub-par and I thought the following PPV was much better (Extreme Rules) but Triple H and Undertaker predictably stole the show with their brutal Hell in a Cell match up.

New Superstars: albeit mostly heels because the WWE can not write a convincing baby face for this new generation, non the less some new talet showed up with a lot of upside.  Damien Sandow is great, as is Antonio Cesaro.  High hopes for Dean Ambrose as well who currently runs with a new group called The Shield but he has stand out star potential.


Sheamus wins the world title in 18 seconds over Daniel Bryan.  This was cheap and unnecessary; It has less to do with Bryan losing and more to do with the fact that these two guys would have put on an awesome match to kick off mania and the WWE blew it. (see Extreme Rules for the match they failed to put on at Mania) Then the next night on Raw Daniel Bryan gets a huge ovation because sometimes the fans get it and the WWE does not.

Cena Angle: Take your pick at this point, Cena was thrust into so many stupid storylines that it gets harder and harder to like the guy every day.  The Eve Cena, Ryder Kane love square vs the AJ Cena affair scandal (even though neither are married, storyline and kayfabe) Take your pick, it was all terrible.

3 Hours of Raw: These are so daunting especially during football season so I have missed a good amount of WWE over the last 3 months but the best way to keep up and really my favorite article every week is “Withleather’s Best and Worst of Raw. Writer Brandon Stroud combines slick sarcasm and razor-sharp wit that makes this one of the best articles on the web week to week.

Video Games:


Well I only played three games this year which were Max Payne 3, Madden 13 and WWE 13 (all good, Max Payne was the best) but I will defer this question to my brother.

He says Mass Effect 3, so lets go with that. His other favorites were Max Payne, Far Cry 3, Dishonored and The Walking Dead Game.



I officially don’t listen to new music anymore, sorry.  Here are some great podcasts though.

Slashfilm cast: These guys do a weekly podcast where they do movie news, what they’re currently watching and then review one movie.  It’s funny, insightful and entertaining.

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling: For Wrestling fans this is the cream of the crop as far as podcasts.  Cabana is awesome and has a great guest every week.

Toucher and Rich: Easily the best sports show in Boston and on radio.  There’s no yelling (unless it’s an angry rant) great bits, funny insight, my favorite radio show since Stern was good.

Well as we crawl out of our bunkers and see that 2013 is actually on the horizon I will deliver an upcoming best of 2013 later this week. we’ll do some trailer and get ready for what looks like another great year in pop culture. So let’s say goodbye to 2012 and remember it fondly….”Yeah bitch, Magnets!”


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