The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap “Made To Suffer” Episode 8 –Season 3

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap
“Made To Suffer” Episode 8 –Season 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Promise Land aka the land where Walking Dead is too amazing to ignore. The land where arm bones can be used as shanks. The land where Heroes and Villains alike have body counts. The land where bringing a smoke bomb is a good idea.



Last nights episode opened exactly where no one expected: A new third party group fighting for survival out in the forest of lost souls. This new group is headed up by a fellow named Tyreese. Even if you haven’t read the comic books the viewers know this new character screams importance because of his handy hammer. Notice that all the cool cats get a gimmick weapon? I did!
The rest of his group consists of a small family (Mother, Father, Son) as well as another woman: Sasha. The Walking Dead wiki tells me she is his sister but I never once heard that – did you? Anyway, Tyreese is leading them toward a tower he saw in the distance – en route the Mother got bitten. While slowing them down we watch this new group enter THE PRISON through a side that had been either on fire or blown up – going through the broken fence and over the brick rubble.



Another beautiful morning in Woodbury for Andrea. Her lover is sweet. She is reassembling a life of sorts for herself. She has to leave though because she said she would help Milton cremate Mr. Coleman’s body from the last episode. This left the Governor alone to spend some quality time with Penny: His walker daughter. He lets out of her caged pen, while creepily singing a nursery rhyme to her. He hums all “Look at my baby” and seems to get giddy when he thinks he has pacified her with just his presence but we see that the actually reason for Penny’s calm is she spies a bowl of meat. Troubled by this the Governor flips out and looks her back in her cage. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen that The Governor demonstrate his mental instability but it was first time I truly believed he is losing control of himself, or rather his peaceful political agenda self.
Later on he is meeting with her trusty Meryl explain how he wants to proceed with dealing with the Grimes Gang: Total annihilation. He wants to wipe them all out, and let walkers repopulate the prison leaving anyone else none the wiser. Meryl insists Daryl be their inside man, you know because he loves his brother. Meryl reiterates that nothing should happen to Daryl. Then the Governor sentences Maggie and Glenn to a death in the “Screamer Pits” because the longer they are there and more likely it will be that Andrea will figure out that she’s totally on the wrong side of the tire fence.  Anyone else sort of pissed we never got to find out exactly what the “Screamer Pits” are – I am!



Glenn and Maggie are holding one another in their interrogation room. Glenn inquires Maggie if she was raped. She says no and paraphrases this season’s tagline: Fear the Living. I want to note that he doesn’t seem to believe her when she says no. This is also when Glenn decides that they need to try to fight their way out again she he promptly earns a Gold Star in weapon manufacturing by ripping off a dead walkers arm, breaking it into pieces (EW) and using the broken splintered pieces of arm bones as a weapon for Maggie.
When Meryl comes to transport them they stage an ambush. Maggie stabs Meryl’s foot soldier (Warren) in the neck with her makeshift knife but before her and Glenn can get control of Meryl he is rescued by the rest of his men. Fail. Nice try but still a fail.  I’m actually going to give Maggie the Kill of the Week even though it wasn’t a walker death – she still used to walker bones to do it and it was justifiably sick.


After sitting on their hands trying to figure out how to proceed Michonne disappears from the group and returns shortly after to inform them that she has found an opening to enter the town. They proceed to enter and sneak through Woodbury trying to locate there loved ones. Luckily they follow gunfire into a warehouse and manage to save Maggie and Glenn with nice fighting tactics. As they try to get away gunfire erupts on the streets of Woodbury. The Governor implores citizens to get back to their homes and for his men to try to take these terrorists alive but to also shoot to kill (?!?).
Our team regroups in another Woodbury building and Glenn finally lets Daryl know that Meryl is effing alive and totally there and he totally tried to execute them. Daryl got all-cute and starry eyed, pitching that he should find Meryl so he can talk to him. Rick flips out and demands Daryl hold his hand the whole way home. Okay no quite but he screamed about needing Daryl to fight with him during their escape so they can even succeed at this mess.

Back at the prison Axel turns up his creep meter and sloppily hits on Beth. I’m not worried though because Carl is staring this asshole down. Also Carol catches sight of this nasty business and asks to speak to Axel. He whines at her like she’s taking away one of his toys explain that he has been a long time since he’s seen or been with a woman. He is creeping on Beth because she makes the most sense: Glenn is with Maggie. Carol is a lesbian. LOL. Carol explains that she is not a lesbian but once Axel seems to suddenly warm to her she just flat out walks away. Lol Anyone else expecting this guy to have a severe problem? Serial killer? Pedophile?

Later on Carl and Hershel hear screams coming from the caverns of death so Carl sets out to figure out what in the hell is going on. He finds Tyreese and company fighting on a gang of walkers in the Boiler room. How hard was it do you think for Carl to walk in there initially. Do you think a tiny part of him was reliving hearing his own mother’s screams coming from the very same place? Anyway he gets in, shoots a couple of walkers and hollers at the group to follow him. He leads them to the prison common room, and order for them to put down the mother because she is essentially dead by now. Carl is all set to take the honour but Tyreese insists that they take care of their own. As Tyreese raises his mighty hammer to deliver the final deathblow we hear Carl lock them into the room. Carl, you are awesome. They are taken it back by a child holding a gun and ordering them around but Tyreese calms the group noting that this is the best living situation they have had in a long time.



The Governor is meeting with his men, and Andrea. He wants them all to fight, except Andrea who he wants to play nursemaid. She says she wants to fight but he just ignores her pleas. While this is going down Michonne has snuck away from Team Rick and play on Team Michonne for a while. She sits and waits in the darkened Governors office, katana in hand; waiting for the fight she wants.
During this the remains of Team Rick make their run to the wall in the midst of gunfire and smoke bombs. Andrea is actually shooting at them on the street but the only person she can see is Oscar and his prison jumpsuit. Laughably the Governor is continuing his ruse saying the group must be escaped convicts. Ha.
Rick is having way too much good luck today so he got a wrench thrown into his experience. While fighting he hallucinates a beared Shane approaching them, and while he stares dumbstruck at his dead best friend, said dead best friend totally shoots Oscar dead. Rick in a flurry, guns down Shane only to realize it is Not-Shane. This is one of my favorite moments because it is demonstrating Rick’s fragile mental state. He is not suddenly 100% back to business. Rick has got some demons, and they all live in his head. This is another strong parallel to The Governor and his diminishing mental state. Both these men are utterly the same yet worlds apart: for now anyway.
Back to the show, Maggie shoots Oscar in the head to prevent his reanimation. Then everyone finally scales the wall to hide in the bushes waiting for a missing Daryl and Michonne. Now about poor Oscar: He may have tragically had no character depth but he could twirl a gun with finesse but I was interested in him. Is there a rule that only one black guy can be alive at a time on this show? That is certainly what it seems. Ugh how disappointing. Why is it always the handsome black men that get the short stick on this show?



Back in the governors office Michonne meditative waiting game is interrupted by Penny making some noise in her pen. Michonne first sees his floating walker heads in water – Does she recognize her walker pets? What about the helicopter pilot? Maybe. Michonne then proceeds to find her, let her out and unhook are chain all before she realizes that the little girl is in fact a walker. She is about to end it when the Governor materializes in the room shouting for her not to hurt his “little girl”. It is mildly hilarious to see this violent man completely fall apart. Michonne, who came back to Woodbury with hellfire, finally makes sense to me here. This is payback for trying to kill her. This is revenge for sending Meryl after her. So she stabs little Penny through the back of her head.
The Governor falls apart and immediately attacks her. His rage is palpable as we watch these two trade blows, her smashes, and biting. There is even utilization of his walker-head aquariums leaving water and moving heads flapping around on the ground. Finally the Governor appears to have the upper hand as he is choking her to death. Michonne grabs for a piece of glass in reach and totally stabs him through the eye. THEY SHOW LIKE EVERYTHING! AMC CENSORS ARE AWESOME. Also props to Fiance-Adam for calling the eye shot before it happened. Now here is the Governor we all know and loath.

editors note: “before she reached for the glass I shouted “eye patch” like a 9 year old.


As the Governor wails in pain Michonne grabs her sword and prepares to end it all but it stopped just short at gunpoint by a confused/terrified/disgusted Andrea. They have a short stand off – their version of breaking up.  Michonne flees, and we catch Andrea’s awesome reaction to the ridiculous severed heads and the dead little girls body – which the Governor is now cradling, devastated. While getting some medical help The Governor essentially evades questions from Andrea about Penny, his heads, and Michonne leaving her in the dark. Milton and Meryl show up and ask what the hell happened. The Governor hardcore glares at Meryl and spouts: I was attacked. He doesn’t need to say why he is angry because we know: Meryl had said he killed Michonne and he most certainly did not.

Michonne joins Team Rick outside the gates, letting them know that Daryl is still missing. Rick demands answers and says he will kill her. This finally forces Michonne to plead her case: He needs her to rescue Daryl as well as getting back to the prison. This is what her mouth says anyway, but her eyes were begging him to take her as part of the team, which was kind of lovely.
In arena of blood in Woodbury the Governor is giving a speech to everyone concerning what exactly just went down tonight. He told them Woodbury was attacked and Meryl is to blame for betraying them all. They drag Daryl out as proof of his betrayal. The crowd chants for him to kill them when he asks what he should do. Andrea is justifiably baffled as she sees Daryl there – starting to point some plot points together I hope.

The Governor questions Meryl “You wanted your brother? – You’ve got him”.  The crowd cheers. The episode ends with Daryl and Meryl’s lives in the balance. They wouldn’t right? They just can’t!


RIP Oscar

Can’t wait for February:



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