The Walking Dead: Season 3 Power Rankings


It really does nothing but prognosticate and spurn debate but damnit I loves me some power rankings.  Much like the NFL, The Walking Dead has lots of ebbs and flows especially with it’s individual characters.  One week a character is an edgy bad ass and the next they’re a bumbling putz doing and saying the illogical.  So on top of this week’s excellent episode recap by Sage I’ve decided to do a character power ranking by which characters I find the most interesting. Enjoy.

10. Andrea:  Her shit taste in men is on display again this season and I do believe if there’s one legit complaint in this over all season,  it’s the digression of Andrea’s character.  She was more enjoyable when she was free thinking and telling Dale to piss up a rope.  She should be able to sniff out The Governor’s bullshit, Andrea, you’re better than this.

9. Milton: This nerd needs to go, but in the mean time I find his naïve  poking and prodding of zombies such as Sweet old Mr. Coleman an interesting plot point within the comfy confines of Woodbury.

8. Carl: Carl has moved right up the power rankings all season by not only reversing his uselessness and dim witted choices but to an actual contributing member of the group.  Instead of leading walkers to the farm so they can eat Dale (good job asshole) he’s saving Michonne and finding medical supplies.

7. Maggie: Maggie has stepped up this season and gone from daughter #2 to an actual likeable character that you don‘t want to see perish..  As a viewer you had that “don’t you touch her” feeling during that white knuckle scene with The Governor this week, which proves they’re doing her character correctly.

6. Michonne: As much of an ass-kicker Michonne is she’s sort of a one trick pony right now.  Straight face, no emotion, cut zombie in half, repeat. There’s a lot of untapped potential with Michonne and I for one can’t wait for the writers to tap into it.

5. Glenn: Glenn is a great character and one of the most under used until this season.  He’s gone from being dangled over zombies as bait to taking a beating, not giving up his group and taking out a walker while duct taped to a chair.  Glenn is a lot more likeable than Rick but I think because there’s more of an innocence to Glenn and Rick is a violent wreck most of the time.

4. Merle: Someone that we’ve been waiting patiently for since the gang discovered the empty set of handcuffs in season 1, Merle is back and with a vengeance.  Sometimes playing the sniveling right…er left hand man to  The Governor and sometimes playing the dastardly racist prick we’ve come to expect .  Last week with his interrogation of Glenn and Disrespecting the dead (We love you T Dog) we remember why he was left on the roof in the first place.  A Merle/Daryl showdown will be must see TV.

3. Daryl: The Always excellent and very consistent fan favorite Daryl Dixon will remain high on this list for a long time, hopefully.  His confliction with Team Prison vs Woodbury could make or break him as one the best character on the show.

2. The Governor: This snarky asshole makes my skin crawl in a great way.  Weather he’s mowing down military personal, faux-raping members of team prison or getting into Andrea’s pants, this guy rules in a horrible, horrible way.

1. Rick:  Rick being number 1 seems cliche but last year he wouldn’t have been. (Shane was #1 for season 2 by far) Rick’s got his groove back baby! Rick Grimes ss the back bone of the story and lately his character has been through hell and back but he still remains the rock of the group and the show. From his conflicts with Shane late last season, taking the prison, cracking under the pressure  of his wife’s death and then turning around and leading the charge to rescue his friends.  Rick is still by the far the most interesting, layered and best character.

So that’s my list for this week and next week we’ll shuffle em up and see if anyone slips off the list and someone new can crack it. Beth I’m looking in your direction….


~ by ATOM on November 27, 2012.

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