Batman Cast for Justice League Movie….

Spoilers for Dark Knight Rises ahead…

So it’s being reported by multiple sources that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will ‘absolutely’ be Justice League‘s Batman. I’m guessing this assures that DC wants to keep Nolan’s Batman trilogy in continuity of The Justice League Movie and upcoming Man of Steel.

Ya see at the end of The Dark Knight Rises we see the John Blake character in the Batcave while also discovering his real name is Robin, thus taking over for Batman, we assume.  So this will spurn plenty of nerd debate weather Robin should be Batman, blah blah.  What surprises me is they’re going to continue to the Nolan Batman Universe when it would be just as easy to reboot Batman, no one cares at this point.  Anyhow,  JGL is going to make a great Batman, I just wish they’d leave the Nolan story put and move on but  DC has seen the model that Marvel has laid out and they want to follow suit, who can blame them.

Speaking of which, another rampant rumor is we might see a fully suited JGL as soon as this summer.  The idea is to put him in a post credit scene in Man of Steel.  Might as well just wrap up Zack Snyder to direct The Justice League movie at this point.

(Adjusts pocket protector)

I have my doubts about the whole Justice League movie but if this is all solid news, it’s a step in the right direction.
Also revealed today Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan have officially signed on for X-Men Days of Future Past. see below.




~ by ATOM on November 27, 2012.

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