The Walking Dead “When The Dead Come Knocking” Recap Episode 7 Season 3

“People wouldn’t do that to an animal.” –Meryl on the group leaving him handcuffed on the roof back in season one

We open to kidnapped Glenn duct taped to a chair getting some of the worst punishment you can ask for: Meryl Dixon just waxing on and on trying to interrogate information out of Glenn concerning Daryl, the Grimes Gang, and their prison hideaway. “You were an asshole out there. Just like on the rooftop in Atlanta” Meryl speechifies resurrecting his racist commentary on our beloved T-Dawg (“…Big ole’ spear chucker…”) and then moving onto threatening getting information out of Maggie who is sitting in the next room listening to every word being said.
Meryl then goes on to partially suffocate Glenn in the most erotic way possible, holding his knife bluntly across his mouth. This was right after Meryl mentioned remember Glenn for his “sneakiness” and his way of “not scaring easily” and how much he liked that. Meryl you crazy. Maggie listens. Glenn head butts Meryl defiantly. Then Meryl proceeds to beat the tar out of poor Glenn, while Maggie is forced to listen to her lover get beaten. Is this the price you pay for being a happy couple in the Grimes Gang?

“There’s a town. Woodbury. About 75 survivors.” –Michonne tells all… eventually
Back at the Prison we pick back off where we left off: Michonne and Rick staring each other down. Halfway through their staring contest Michonne’s bullet wound seems to be interfering with her zombie guts camouflage, as the walkers must smell her. She takes out a few before fainting from I’m expecting is blood loss. Before she is made dinner though Carl (the badass) lets off a few headshots while Rick runs out of the gates to pick up her lifeless body as well as her baby formula care package.
Inside the cellblock he wakes her with his kindest voice possible, takes her weapon, and promises they wont hurt her unless she does something stupid. She doesn’t speak though which is smart but just annoys me because I want this episode to just get going. Michonne does her best batman voice “I didn’t ask for your help”. That doesn’t matter to Rick. Unlike the Governor, Rick isn’t hiding his gory underbelly.

He decides they will treat her wound, give her some food, and send her on her way. Then asks about the formula and Michonne finally spills the beans about Glenn and Maggie being taken by the same man who shot her. I personally wondering if Michonne knows Meryl’s brother is holding a crossbow to her head. Rick does everyone a solid and reminds Michonne that she came to them in the first place. Finally she gives the information about Woodbury, its survivors, paramilitary wannabes, and the Governor who she dubs a charming Jim Jones-type. Rick answers the whole thing with introducing her to Hershel, as Maggies father, and instructing him to patch her up. While he does so Carl watches with his hand inching over his gun. THIS KID IS SO AWESOME AND DARK AND GUN CRAZY. Anyone else remember Lori being upset that he even held a gun? Now he’s staring down Michonne who is essentially the most badass character on the show.

“Poor thing. Fought her way into a cell and passed out from dehydration” –Daryl about Carol
The Michonne encounter is put on hold however when Daryl insists Rick needs to see something. It’s Carol. Alive (TOLD YOU!). It is a very teary reunion as she goes through the motions of seeing the baby, and then realizes Lori is dead. They both cry and its legitimately sad. Congrats to Carol for still being a member of the living, as well as giving Rick a much needed hug.

“Officer Friendly” – Meryl on Rick

Back in the interrogation rooms from hell, Glenn is severally beaten and still duct taped to a chair. Meryl is still surprised at Glenn’s survivalism. Glenn goes into panic mode but while completely keeping his cool informs Meryl that his group with be coming for him (truth!). Meryl wants to bake them a cake so he asks who would be dropping by and Glenn tells the most natural lie ever: Rick, Shane, Dale, Jim, and Andrea are all coming to get him. Meryl lets out a wide grin knowing it’s a lie because Andrea is totally boning his boss – nevermind that everyone else on the list is very dead.
This next part of the interrogation is Meryl just being a big asshole. He wants the now VERY tight lipped Glenn to feel what he felt the day he was left handcuffed on the roof so he flat out lets a walker loose into Glenn’s room with him still duct taped to a chair. AHH! This is where Glenn suddenly became Jason Stathem. He earns the ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK as he proceeds to battle off his attacker, using everything available to him (tables, chairs, wire mattresses, clutter) ending the struggle by stabbing the walker through the face with the splintered broken chair arm still taped to his own arm. WHEW!

That morning Andrea woke up after having more sex with the Governor only to learn he has a job for her to do.  Milton has informed him to that Mr. Coleman is “ready”. Milton and his little lab experiments are still far too mysterious for me to either appreciate or get annoyed with. It seems very “Day of the Dead” in a sense I expect him to give a walkers a kids toy phone. Instead this time we witness an elderly gentleman with cancer. They could not treat him so he offered himself for some tests for when he turns into a walker.
The test consists of Milton playing an old record for Mr Coleman, rings a bowl bell thingy, then asks him a series of base line questions. “Please recognize your right hand off the bed if you recognize any of the following statements to be true” Milton tells the dying man. He asks about his first name, his wife, and his children. Mr Coleman recognizes them all. He plans on doing this process again after he passes away and comes back as a walker. He is looking for trace memory. Andrea, most likely reliving killing her sister, explains that there isn’t anyone else left inside after they become walkers. They just become monsters. Like Andrea, I expect Milton doesn’t fully grasp the horror that is becoming a walker. This dude probably spends more time with people now than before this whole end-of-the-world thing. Milton I’m getting a funny feeling that we are going to loose you soon due to your own idiocy. Mr. Coleman dies and they strap him to his bed awaiting his return.
Later on when it finally happens Milton jumps right into his little Q&A time. By his third question he is yearning to see Mr. Coleman respond correctly to his questions. He believes he may have tried to lift his hand and urges Andrea to help him take a restraint off so he can properly raise his hand. Andrea is all “umm no” but Milton wants in. Before Mr. Coleman takes a chomp out of Milton’s neck Andrea saves him by performing her duty: stabbing Mr. Coleman in the brain. Milton wants to hurry off to record his findings. WHAT FINDINGS?  There was no tethering of consciousness. No soul. I wonder if Milton actually wants to find a connection between a walker and its former self OR if the Governor NEEDS him to.

“I got the flashbangs. I got the tear gas. Never know what you’re gonna need.” Daryl for their road trip to Woodbury
While Hershel fixes up Michonne everyone else is powwowing about Maggie and Glenn. Beth and Axel hilariously are the first two people to volunteer to be a part of the rescue group. It is even more hilarious that they are not going to be members. Daryl, Oscar (my new favorite character if Tyrese doesn’t show up), Michonne and Rick are going. Before they get into the most pristine car available post apocalypse Rick has a heart to heart with Carl. He is sorry that Carl had to shoot Lori in the head after watching her bleed to death. Then he puts Carl is charge of taking care of everyone at the prison. Then Carl names his new baby sister after his third grade teacher: Judith. Rick thinks that’s a fine name. Then the rescue group gets into the annoyingly clean advertisement car and sets out on their journey to Woodbury.

“Do whatever you have to do and go to hell” –Maggie to the Governor

Somehow, later on, the interrogation scenes become even worse. The Governor is going to step in the question Maggie after Meryl essentially tried to kill Glenn. We also find out that this was his own little act, dubbing it something he did because Glenn pissed him off. I’m a little baffled that the Governor was cool with that. I think he likes that Meryl is essentially his wild card, his pitbull, his hatchet man. He can continue pretending he is the “good guy”.
So the good guy enters Maggies cell while she quietly cries. He approaches her slowly like she is a cat, cuts her hands free from the duct tape and asks permission to sit at the table. He explains that this was all a big misunderstanding and they will drive her back to their camp if she tells him where it is. I am so overjoyed that Maggie is falling for his bullshit. She wants Glenn. He can’t allow it because her people “are dangerous”. He says they are dangerous because of want Rick did to Meryl back I season 1. Ha-ha. Dude, if only you knew the death and carnage that follow these people around. He promises safety for her but when she denies him he drops his good guy act. He makes her stand up, and take off her shirt and bra. He stands in the creepiest way possible and slowly approaches her again. The demeaning nature of this entire scene cannot be properly so I’ll cut out the bullshit and just say he doesn’t rape her but he mind as well have. Poor Maggie. She is oozing humiliation.
To make matters worse the Governor comes up with a new course of action to get information out of his prisoners. He takes shirtless Maggie into Glenn’s room and threatens both with a gun. Maggie finally breaks and tells him about the prison, and their ten person group. He is baffled that they were able to take the prison at all as he heard from his men that it was overrun and absolutely out of the question to be taken. Then the governor steps even more into creep territory as he cuddles with shirtless crying Maggie as if he is really trying to soothe her. CREEPTASTIC. Finally he hands her over to Glenn and leaves.

“Remember the Alamo” –Daryl on the Walkers

Our little group gets out of their annoying car to approach Woodbury on foot. This gives Rick time to have his THIRD emotional conversation of the day. Looks like daddy Rick is coming back everyone. He thanks Daryl for taking of Judith, and everything when he was preoccupied slaughtering walkers, having tunnel vision, and talking to dead people on the phone. Daryl, being the cutest little bunny on the show, says, “It’s what we do”. Before they can hug and kiss the group run into a gang of walkers in the woods. Rick slides right back into the drill sergeant role telling them to keep formation and not to use bullets but there are far too many coming so they start to run. Michonne totally checks out Oscar’s killing moves. They find a cabin the woods. Lucky for them, unlucky for the cabin occupant. Initially all they smell is death. It turns out death was a dead dog on the rug. Daryl snipes that “Lassie went home”. Cue the walkers to start pounding on the door. Rick and Daryl, never people to let a job go unfinished, continue checking out the cabin. Rick motions to a lump under the blanket on the bed and pulls back the covers. Instead of a walker or someone dead, it’s a crazy fellow. Perhaps he is some sort of recluse. He is very much crazy though as he holds a shotgun to the group urging them to leave and if they don’t he threatens to call the cops. LOL. Rick hilariously says he is a cop. The crazy guy does not know what to do with that information. He keeps threatening them making a ruckus causing the walkers to hear them in the cabin. Michonne urges them to shut him up. Rick finally gets his gun out of hand but he cannot keep a hold on the man as he screams and shouts for help. He even runs to his front door to escape but before he can bring hell down on them Michonne, the best hatchet man ever, stabs him through the heart. Oscar is bewildered at them but Daryl and Rick are still all business.  They get to picking up the now dead body to throw out to the walkers as a distraction. Oscar is all “oh hell no” but listens when Rick tells him to check the back. Talk about a great distraction.
This whole Cabin in the Woods drama felt weird in the episode but it demonstrates a key factor in this show. Rick brings death and destruction wherever he goes. It follows him like the Grim Reaper showering blood on all those who follow him.

“Blood is blood, right?” –The Governor on Meryl and Daryl

The governors and all his little soldiers (and Milton) are discussing what they have learnt from Glenn and Maggie. Milton is unbelieving because the prison is part of the much talked about “red zone” which I’m guessing just means insanly walker infected. This just upsets the Governor further as we learn Meryl and his men had informed the Governor that the prison could not be taken because it was so overrun. Isn’t this making the first episode of this season even better now that we know Team Rick are mega-talented when it comes to killing the undead. The Governor also seems extra crazy about this because of such a strong group suddenly appearing in what he considers Woodbury’s backyard. The Governor questions Meryl’s views of the group, of Daryl, and entertains the idea that Daryl could be coming for Glenn and Maggie right now because “Blood is blood right?” Phillip, you don’t know the half of it. It makes the Governor wonder about Meryl true loyalties, as is the audience. Meryl says it is Woodbury but in my bones I feel like Meryl only serves one side and it is his own. The Governor wants more information though so he sends Meryl and Martinez to the prison. At that very moment Team Rick are coming up on the town perimeter. As the camera pans to one of the guards on watch we notice Andrea casually strolling back to the Governors place. She’s a bit down after killing Mr. Coleman. She pours herself a drink and reports on the failure of the experiment. Then she collapses into the Governors arms. He cuddles her, much like he did to Maggie, cooing and telling “its alright. It’s over now.” Andrea looks so comforted I nearly puked on my keyboard.


NEXT TIME: It is the midseason finale and these two groups are finally going to meet. The Governor worries that the longer Glenn and Maggie are in Woodbury the sooner Andrea would find out about them (which would be best because no matter how horrible her taste in men is Andrea would totally save Glenn – I hope). Daryl apparently has seen Meryl and doesn’t want to fight but RICK NEEDS HIM. Rick and Daryl sure make slash writers everywhere happy. Battle at Woodbury and everyone is invited. Also trouble at the prison and Carl urges someone to leave someone behind. THIS KID!
I’m waiting with bells and intestines on.


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