The Walking Dead “Hounded” Review Episode 6 Season 3

Within this episode we came to some revelations and general plot progression. I will try to highlight some of the more meaningful developments while critiquing the moves the story has taken.


“Are we having fun yet?” –Meryl hounding Michonne
The first revelation being that Meryl Dixon is the absolute wild card of the series. It all started with his birth way back in season one to new season three resurgence. As viewers we never know what exactly to expect from Meryl. Is he going to shot you in the face (like he totally did to one of his fellow “researchers”) or is he going to clap gleefully over a pile of zombie parts spelling out a message (something he also did tonight).  He goes from bringing the nervous Neil (Garguilio) to working him into killing frenzy to survive, then insisting they just go home after they don’t succeed fully and lie to the Governor. Then when not-so-nervous Neil doesn’t want to back down Daryl does the next logical thing: kills him.

As a viewer with classic TV knowledge I can usually predict most plot points however I never am sure how Meryl is going to react to things. This really became apparent when he ran into Glenn and Maggie while they were out on a run for baby formula. Right before he made his entranced Maggie commented on it being a good day so that should have clued me in that their afternoon was about to sour.  He interrogates about Daryl, while continuously advancing on them. He deems their meeting a miracle in itself and wants their trust. HAHA. He shoots out their back window and a scuffle ends with both Glenn and Maggie being driven toward Woodbury to be used in some nefarious way by the Governor – normal guy turned power hungry creep. I love his mirror with Rick – Heroic guy turned heroic but ruthless leader.

Michonne is being literally “hounded” by the Woodbury crew at the open of this episode and after a scuffle gets away with a bullet wound on her leg. She, like Meryl, runs into Maggie and Glenn however Michonne (now eight million times more untrustworthy) doesn’t make herself known.  After shit hits the fan and Meryl takes Maggie-Glenn back to Woodbury, Michonne makes a fateful decision…

“I got a call” –Rick
“What?” –Hershel hilariously confused
Last we saw Rick he had picked up a random ringing phone in the prison boiler room. He went on to have three separate phone conversation over the course of the day with some other “group” of people who boast that they have a safe haven. Rick wants in obviously but his conversations don’t exactly go according to plan. Some of their questions left me feeling like Rick was in a therapy session that only made the payoff cooler. The payoff was, like the comic book, Rick’s way of emotionally dealing with his bullshit. None of the voices or phone ringing is real because it turns out that Rick and we know all of the people that he talks to and they are very dead.

Amy was the first voice, Andrea’s long dead sister. Jim was the second, who actually says that no one has been bitten where he is and no one has gone crazy which is essentially this characters arc in season one. The third voice was the most influential and of course the most recognizable: Lori. She points out the identities of the others, while inspiring Rick to life on and care for their family. Am I alone in wanting her to call again? The episode ends with a newly born Rick taking his newborn baby into the sunlight of the day – His moment of clarity is interrupted by Michonne covered in zombies guts, and limping from her wound caring an overflowing care package for the baby (from Glenn and Maggie) approaching the prison gates. Seeing these two meet with stone silence was like music to my ears.

I don’t really care for this whole plotline so here goes: Andrea doesn’t like fighting. Andrea wants to shoot walkers. Andrea actually likes the fighting. Andrea likes the Governor. They have sex. Andrea still has horrible taste in men. The end.
The Governor takes the news about Maggie and Glenn from Meryl and does not share with Andrea. Also seeing the Governor in a bathrobe post-coital is disturbing. Him saying hellyeah and going for round two with her naked is equally disturbing.


“Hoping to see something worth seeing” –Daryl about the neighborhood, kids following sirens
Daryl gets some quality monologuing time this episode so it just defaults to good. He talks about his whiny Virgina Slims smoking mother, and her tragic death to the young Carl. His mother was literally burnt down to nothing, erased. Carl identifies even tough he doesn’t know his mother was made into puppy chow. He does however admit to shooting Lori. “I ended it. It was real. I’m sorry about your mom” Carl says and Daryl tells him the same in kind. I love the hardening of Carl the badass.
Daryl goes on to grant my greatest wish: HE FINDS CAROL! How care they assume she’s dead? Hadn’t it been all of a day before they assumed it? He first teases us by finding her knife in the neck of walker, then after some huffy puffy behaviour while holding her knife Daryl is about to go all “rick” on some walker ass’s but instead of finding some zombies to kill he finds an exhausted Carol behind a closed door. He then carries her bridal style outside into the sunlight. DARYL GET IT IN!

NEXT TIME: Glenn and Maggie are questioned. Andrea wants to bone and Phillip doesn’t. Michonne puts on a killing show and clues Team Rick in on Team Governors deeds. Eep!


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