The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 “Say The Word” Recap

This episode opened with what initially I mistook as a flashback because of how sweet it was: A little girl playing ball with a dog. Ladies wearing sunglasses. Civilians drinking out of party cups. But in actuality this is Woodbury having a bit of a celebration for being an awesome town at the end of the world.

“Mere words cannot adequately describe the festivities ahead” –Milton on Woodbury entertainment

Andrea and Milton are sharing a cold drink – Thanks to the generators. Milton thinks its silly but the Governor (And Andrea) think it’s worth it just for the normalcy. They also share dialogue concerning a surprise for later on in the night. Dun dun dun.  Andrea is all smiles, and charming but meanwhile Michonne is watching all “hell no” before strutting away.

Then we are treated to a short but incredibly revealing clip featuring the Governor and his only spoken about daughter. He is lovely brushing his fussy daughters hair only as the camera pans out we see “fussy” isn’t the best word. A more accurate term is his “living-dead biter daughter”. We also see what happens with you try to brush a particularly bad knot out of a walker’s hair: It just rips off part of her scalp. The Governor gets even more creepy as he tries to pacify her to stop try to bite him. He coos and tells her he loves her as he ties her up and puts a sack over her head. “Daddy still love you – you know that right” He charms kissing the side of the sack. However he catching Michonne now observing him from the window interrupts this. They have a stare off as we jump to the opening credits.

“No way. No her. We ain’t losing anyone else. I’m going for a run.” –Daryl on the new baby
After we are forced to listen to Chris Hardwick for the 786th time scream at us about hash tags we can finally get back to the show: As we come back to the Grimes Gang Rick is having a parallel moment to the governor with his own new daughter. Instead of cooing and congratulating her on living Rick can barely seem to hear anything. Daryl tries to bring him out of his silent stupor but appears to have no luck. Carl steps it up and holds his baby sister still looking quite in shock. Daryl jumps into the leader position not willing to lose anyone else today. He need to go out looking for baby formula so this whole baby debocle wasn’t all for naught. He also tells Beth to keep an eye on Carl. Daryl motherfucking Dixon: Hero. Mama Bear. Matchmaker.  Maggie and Daryl are going on a run to find food. Maggie needs to do this for Lori.
During this discussion, Rick, still in this middle of a tremendous tunnel vision breakdown, picks up and axe and marches straight back into the prison. They momentarily try to stop him but they all decide to let Rick go do whatever crazy thing he needs to do.

“Everybody’s worried about you” –Glenn to nutty Rick
In a blood soaked haze Rick slaughters his way through tons of zombies single-handedly seemingly on the hunt for Lori’s corpse. Within these kills he wins KILL OF THE WEEK simply for proving Rick is exactly as deadly as I imagined.  After being left to this devices for a scary undetermined amount of time Glenn enters the death halls to find a near comatose Rick just hauntingly staring at a bloody wall, his axe still dropping viscera and blood.
As Glenn approaches from behind we see Rick is anything but feeling better after his killing spree. Glenn is rewarded for trying to help Rick by being manhandled and thrown around the bloodied death hallway. Rick use your words. We don’t know what you want if you just yell and throw Glenn around. Glenn watches as Rick stumbles away from him again and continues his journey into the bowels of the prison.

“It’s ours and I’ll take it. Today we celebrate how far we’ve come. We remember those we lost. We raise a glass to us!” -Governor on Woodbury

Back in Woodbury the Governor is giving another one of his little speeches to his followers. We learn that his little gang started with nine people holed up in an apartment with spam and saltines. Now look at them: A whole little town functioning on an everyday basis, surviving. It is quite the feat. This whole party is to celebrate how far they have come.
During this speechifying Michonne breaks into the Governors office to steal back her weapon. Being the smart little cookie she is, she doesn’t stop there and proceeds to snoop further. Inside a notebook we find real legit notes on getting a community started. It looks like the Governor had been putting some solid thought into this for a while; in fact I’ll say his initial ideas were probably much healthier. However the notes end with an ominous list of what I’m assuming are people in his group that died or got turned. The last name on the list is: Penny. This is followed up with pages upon pages of notch marks which gives off an “all work and no play” vibe. Is this a count of how long she’s been dead/sick/whatever? Michonne hears someone approaching and gets out an open window just before she is caught red handed.
The Governor is followed in by a still complaining Milton (they are foolishly using the generators for the party ice) and Daryl who is excited for the festivities that night. Milton wants they to postpone the special night surprise because of one of his intriguing but mysterious lab experiments. The Governor just pish-awes at him telling him just to start over tomorrow. Dammit I want to know more! Are the experiments to figure them out? To cure? To use? To manipulate? Just scientific ramble?
Alas we get nothing as we follow Michonne on her ongoing search for whatever evil thing she senses within the Woodbury walls. She stumbles upon a cage full of biters who it appears the group are keeping (and feeding!) for some reason. Is it just me or did Michonne look overjoyed (judging by her lack of emotional visible responses) to do some killing? Michonne lets out the walkers and proceeds to have herself a great zombie kill solo. It is even the right mix of overdone CGI and great special FX, mostly due to the solid head stomp. All good things (Michonne smiling) must come to an end unfortunately as she is caught literally red-handed this time.


“You get off on that?” The Governor asks Michonne as she sits once again weaponless as his whim.  She name-drops “Penny” who is most likely his daughter. This wipes the politician smirk off his face. Michonne however doesn’t let up and continues on with subtle disrespect. This hints to the Governor what she is actually trying to do. She can’t get Andrea to leave so she wants to be kicked out of their happy little commune. He doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction telling her she fits in and that they enjoyed having her. He asks her to join the research team and Michonne answer is stealing her sword out of his hands and holding it to his throat. Haha. I know we mostly don’t know Michonne but I buy her quiet homicidal nature. She knows she badass therefore she also knows this man isn’t nearly has sweet and kind as his smile keeps introducing him as. She takes off, leaving the Governor to quip to Meryl “She’s all personality that one.” He then tells Meryl to take the research team out and let him handle this situation. I want to know what Meryl has seen this guy do that has him as loyal as a little doggie.

“It’s wrong but I’d trade any number of people for one of ours any day” –Glenn getting real
Glenn is digging graves for everyone they lost last week.  Axel and Oscar approach wanting to assist him like eager students. Glenn insists everyone they lost were less friends and more family. I am going to take a moment here to point out that is Carol is actually dead then shame on this show. Lori gets her horrible death. T-Dawg got his great sacrificial death. And now they are eluding that Carol also met her end somehow offscreen. I don’t buy it. Glenn leaves them to finish the job to go find out what’s going on with Rick from Hershel. “A third of our group in one day” Glenn laments watching the prisoners dig their graves. “Because of one asshole” Hershel classically finishes. Glenn gets dark sharing his secret wish of just killing all the new people on sight so none of this bullshit happened. I’m sure Rick is with him. This is one of the fundamental differences between Rick and the Governor. Rick and company prefers no newbies, and draw their strength from each other. The Governor takes EVERYONE in and their dog, but totally kills you if you might jeopardize his power (i.e.: Michonne, and the army men).
Back to the scene we get the first and probably last bit of information about T-Dawg before the world ended. When the evacuations began he drove his church van to all the elderly he knew may need help. Aww too bad that sort of Karma only got him a lousy T-shirt that said, “I died so everyone would think someone else died”.

“This place is not what they say it is” –Michonne about Woodbury

The governor needs Andrea’s help to control Michonne, or at least that is what he tells her (this seems to be part of his plan to keep Andrea and get rid of Michonne). Andrea is taken it back a bit by the news that there are captive biters on the grounds but the Governor refuses to share anything about why other than its for a good reason. He jumps right into Michonne pulling her weapon him. Andrea says she must have felt threatened (LOL as if he didn’t feel threatened). He counters telling her that Michonne makes people uncomfortable. He manipulates in some clever wording calling Michonne’s actions barbaric (LOL says the dude who slaughters a squadron of men for their weapons). Cue Andrea taking the bait and running to tell Michonne how wrong she is.
Andrea enters the room all: “We gotta talk”. Michonne, already mostly packed counters with “We gotta go”. She points out to Andrea that no one there is allowed to leave – no matter what they were previously told. Andrea rambles about the safety and food Woodbury provides and Michonne points out that those are the things on the outside that are shown to them. This whole argument has gotten old over the last few episodes – My trust is Michonne is unfortunately based on the comic book, as her character is the embodiment of mysterious actions. I do however by that the Governor is dangerous and not to be trusted with absolute power over that many weapons, and people. Andrea has never had the best gut reactions however, and is obviously following her vagina-sexy thoughts about her situation than real survival. She has found an easier road and she wants to take it. Michonne knows there is no such thing as an easy road anymore. No one is just going to take care of you.

Andrea tries to convince Michonne of her thoughts however, even calling her by her cutesy nickname “Mish”. I really wish we saw these two chummier so we could mourn their lost friendship.

“We got us a bite!” -Daryl
The Woodbury research team headed up by Meryl takes a trip out to a nifty solar powered trap they have out legit catching walkers in a net. They elude it to catching fish, as they throw some back (i.e.: killing them). I want to know exactly what they are looking for. Milton is with the group taking notes and wearing a jacket with duct tape arms. Hello Milton. Thank you for being both a survivor and thinker. Milton thinks there is something interesting in the eyes of one of the biters and if told to get his hands dirty for once. They put down some of the biters and seem to take out the teeth of some of the others. Can I just say having Daryl around every week is just delicious?  Without the racist nonsense this character is downright likeable.

“Dinner!” Daryl as he shoots a possum

While on their quest for baby formula Maggie and Daryl stumble upon a good place to look: a school/daycare center for children. They break into the desolate building to find an eerie scene: children toys everywhere. Empty cribs. Cut out handprints litter the wall. Daryl notices there is one with the name “Sofie” which is heart breaking. Further into the residence they find baby formula in one cabinet (score!) and a possum that Daryl promptly kills in another (double score!).  Lets also take off our hats to the unsung hero of this season so far: Daryls sick poncho.

“They knew we were coming. This was all for show.” Michonne
Back in the party town of Woodbury, Michonne is hustling Andrea out of there. Meryl initially denies them leaving in general babbling about curfew and an escort. This FINALLY lets off a warning bell in Andrea’s mind. “The Governor told s we were free to come and go whenever we liked”. Michonne is all “told you so bitch” until the table abruptly turn: Meryl opens the gate and forces Andrea to make her fatal decision now. Michonne sees this entire situation for what is it: a staged situation to both let Michonne go and convince Andrea she is safer there. Michonne is pissed that Andrea doesn’t understand that she is being played. Andrea doesn’t understand why Michonne would rather fight the harsh world outside then enjoy a warm bed, cold drinks, and fine company inside. Michonne is justifiably pissed and spurns her ex-bestie “You’ll just slow me down anyway” and walks out the gate. Andrea sadly watches her friend walk away, looking slightly tortured.
Later Andrea laments with her new crush. He comforts her as if he had tried to be Michonne’s best friend too. “Weird to loose someone to their own choice” he shares before offering her a drink, his company, and something to take her mind off the whole thing. Andrea is more than grateful in taking his hand.

“You like that? Huh? Lil’ Asskicker? Right? You like they sweetheart?” –Daryl being the best wet-nurse ever

Later on that night, Glenn stands watch and catches sight of Maggie and Daryl returning.  Everyone rushes into the cellblock, preparing the formula for the baby to drink. Daryl, than somehow becoming an even better character slides effortlessly into the wet-nurse role. He coos and cuddles the baby trying to get her to drink out of bottle. It is cute as hell. Norman Reedus you are love. As she finally takes it everyone shares a tiny smile. Daryl, grinning, asks if she has a name yet. Carl shares what he’s been thinking about her name and does the more heart-breaking little speech. He just names all of the women they have lost since the beginning of this whole thing: Sophia, Carol, Andrea, Amy, Jackie, Patricia, and :snifffsniff: Lori. The fact that Carl can say all this without just bawling his little eyes are is both terrifying and strengthening. Daryl, makes the moment shine as he adds his own choice: Lil’ Asskicker. Everyone laughs as we back out of the sweetest moment this show has given us.

The sweetness of the prior scene should have hinted at the derangement of the next. Rick, further in the death halls, stumbles upon the ominous boiler-room where Lori had her last hoorah. Just as I’m imagining the horror of Rick coming face to face with his empty lifeless wife with a gaping hole in her head and stomach we get something even worse. All that is left of Lori is bloody odds and ends, the knife used to cut her open, and Carls spent bullet casing from shooting her in the head. You truthfully cannot tell if its brains or flesh or organs. It appears a walker made it into the room and had him an all you can buffet on Lori. Rick finds him around the corner from the bloody heap, his bulbous stomach echoing how Lori’s looked the last time Rick saw her alive.
Ricks reaction to this is completely unexplainable and crazy therefore making his whole breakdown all the more buyable and interesting. The walker lazily reaches for Rick but can barely move his too full body, as though he’s in a Lori-food coma. Rick holds him down, puts his gun in his mouth and screams while shooting. Not finished with whatever he is trying to accomplish, rick pulls out a knife and proceeds to stab the walker in his protruding stomach over and over as though trying to erase the thought that Lori is inside of there.

“Aw C’mon let em’ fight!” –The Governor after a whistle blow

Andrea hand in hand with Phillip (Governor) is being led to their big surprise. He leads her toward a crowd of people lining some bleachers. It appears to be in the same area where Michonne found the captive walkers and promptly killed all of them. He lets her know that he’s got the best seats in the house for them and Andrea already looks very nervous about what they all could possible be so excited to see. Everyone cheers and claps as thought they’re at Wrestlemania. Just Andrea begins to voice her concerns floodlights are being turned on to show they have six walkers all separately chained in the circle in the center of the “arena” type area. Milton is seen looking tired, and maybe even a little annoyed at the idea of the power being used for this. It looks like a sort of boxing/fighting/UFC fight between Meryl and another man. Meryl is rightfully the star on the ground, urging the crowd to chant for him to beat his opponent “no handed”. Umm who wishes this was a real event in wrestling? I’d order every pay per view.
Everyone in the crowd is howling but Andrea is looking more and more concerned with what is happened. This is entertainment? The makeshift referee (Who I have been dying to call the Glenn doppelganger) blows the whistles and the Governor hysterically calls for him to just let them fight. In response he further loosens the walkers chains allowing them to be closer to the fighters who appears to be not only fighting one another but also trying to feed their opponent to the walkers.
Andrea is about to take off but the Governor insists this is merely their way to blow off steam. Andrea counters that this is barbaric, throwing it in the face that he called Michonne barbaric. He pulls her close to let her in on a little secret: Its staged. So it is like wrestling. This actually makes me love Meryl more. Dude likes putting on a show. Andrea still thinks its crazy because they are dangerous walkers. The Governor insists they are in complete control and it is there was shining a light on the monster under the bed. These people are learning not to be scared of them. Andrea thinks this is actually worse because THEY SHOULD BE SCARED OF WALKERS. She actually calls it a slippery slope. We leave them as Meryl stand victorious over his opponent, boot on chest surrounded by chained walkers.


Morning at the prison, Daryl approaches Carols grave (which must not have a body? What a waste of manpower. Same goes for Lori.) and places a Cherokee Rose (AWW) on it. Cute. Now this only reinforces for me that these two are not done. Carol has to be somewhere alive. If she is not I officially found my huge thing to bitch about this season. Season three has been both so smart and well planned. It would be flat out silly if Glenn essentially writes T-dawg a love letter upon his death and all Carol gets is a Cherokee Rose and sad lonely headscarf.
Rick is still sitting in the boiler-room. He is so broken after everything. Finding Lori. Lori and Shane. Killing Shane. Shunning Lori. Essentially quilting her into having the baby that was the death of her. He seems to be hearing his new baby crying hysterically off in the echoing distance, which isn’t moving him physically or emotionally. It is not until a phone rings…  A FUCKING PHONE RINGS! That he even seems to move. Also the face Rick makes when he hears it priceless. It is as if he knows it cannot be ringing but needs to answer it anyway. He stands on shaking feet, ambling over the bloated corpse of a walker he mutilated, and calmly as though he is just exhausted from a long day picks up the receiver and says “Hello?”
End! AHHH!

This week’s episode has officially proven this season to be a clear winner as they let the pace slow down a little and it did not suck at all. We got some psychological imput from characters while being reminded of how boring conversations were back when the Grimes Gang were a bunch of annoying conversationalists and not the little solid militia they are now.  I cannot wait to see what happens next for everyone.


NEXT TIME: Daryl finds Carols knife! Rick has a calm phone conversation! Andrea is a hunter at heart, jumping walls killing walkers. Look like Michonne fights Meryl? Or sees Maggie and Glenn? Or both? Andrea doesn’t need to be ashamed about liking the fight because the Governor loves it. Eep!.

Also scroll down if you want an exclusive screen cap spoiler of who is on the other end of the phone with rick…….














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