The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: “Killer Within”


“Killer Within” Recap

Here is the show I wanted. Now was that so hard? All we had to do was kill off TWO founding cast members, destroy hopes, have Andrea flirt with a psychopath, and include a classic gun twirl.

This episode began with a new fresh morning at everyone’s favorite prison. The morning dew however is interrupted by an unknown assailant dragging a deer carcass into the prison, leaving bloody pieces as road for zombies to funnel into the prison through a newly open gate. It leaves the viewers antsy, itching for a freshly roused zombie horde. We are left in wait as the opening credits role – Anyone else love watching this? Most opening credits get the misfortune of the good ole DVR fast-forward but this sequence sets just the right hopeless mood this series needs.

“Those two might have less blood on their hands as we do” -T-dawg
The item at the top of the priority list for Rick and company is Axel and Oscar, the prisoners. They have had enough of sleeping next to their dead buddies, brains and blood everywhere. Axel needs to ease up on all the “bros” and “dudes”. It’s just making me realize how much I shouldn’t trust you. Oscar however is looking HANDSOME and needs a bed in the cellblock ASAP – if it were up to me. They want into Rick’s little club and nearly everyone does not see any sort of reason why they would help them. Daryl knows guys like this; they aren’t that bad but he also thinks their better off fending for themselves on the road. T-Dawg, my main man who never gets any dialogue and is told to essentially just be a black man in the group feels his conscience kicking in. Why should the prisoners be sentenced to death by the dead? He is however the only one feeling kind so the gang gives them some food (how sweet) and essentially tells them to starting packing.

“No amount of training can prepare you for the world today” –Governor
Our new, completely mysterious and unknown female this season knows something is wrong in the state of Woodbury. Unlike Andrea, Michonne wants out ASAP. She sneaks to the newly found army trucks and discovers the fresh bullet holes and blood for the Governor and his men essentially massacring them. When she dismounts of course the Governor is standing there all crazy smiles and excuses for everything. Dude should really run for Governor between all his easy lies and big toothy smiles.
Michonne however is allergic to bullshit and runs straight to Andrea informing her they needed to get the hell out of dodge. Andrea isn’t saying no but she sure as hell isn’t saying yes. I however don’t know why I’d expect Andrea to know what she wants.

“So the Governors a good man?” -Andrea
Since season one Meryl has picks up some lovely qualities. He is no longer spouting racist garble every second. He is listening to orders and working with a group. That is why this new Meryl is def a favorite of mine. He seems gritty, lacking certain social skills, and plays up great scenes.
Back in Woodbury, he and Andrea share some fun dialogue as Andrea points out on a map to him where the Farm was last season so he can try to track down Daryl. This leads to Daryl checking her out and asking why they never hooked up. Andrea for all her smarts just loves flirting with dangerous psychotic men so she banters back and forth with him. We also find out she is a bit bitter with Rick and the gang for leaving her behind last year – you know what? I am too. Dude she was YOUR BEST FEMALE SHOOTER. Anyway, Meryl finds them to be quite alike. Both left behind by the same people. Both saved by the same man. Andrea inquires about the Governor being a “good man” and Meryl talks about how he was in bad shape when the Governor found him and more or less he should have just left him. Yah – I still don’t buy the good man bullshit.
Later on Meryl takes the information Andrea gave him and approaches the Governor asking to go look for Daryl. The governor is currently in the middle of some golfing – the balls hitting random walkers beyond a barricade. The Governor is against the idea. The only way he is letting Meryl go is if he gets more concrete information and then he is going with him. I get chills thinking of this man going head to head with Rick.

“To better days” –Andrea toasting
The Governor has invited Andrea over for a drink because he is sorry to see her go. We also get some revealing information. He lost his wife to a car accident 18 months before the dead started walking. Now it is just him and his daughter – RECORD SCRATCH – Now I for some reason assumed they wouldn’t do a daughter plotline because it hadn’t even been hinted at earlier but ME LIKEY. Not to spoil anything but if this has anything to do with what happens in the comic – It has potential to rule! This news is so exciting that Andrea babbling about STILL not knowing what she wants out of this life just seems pointless to talk about. The Governor goes on to kick the ground like a schoolboy while saying goodbye to Andrea. He tells her his name (PHILLIP!) and therefore makes it even more difficult for Andrea to walk away from this. You see Andrea knows there is something darker there beneath the surface and she is still interested. Hence her interaction with crazy season 2 Shane. However it is worth noting that when Andrea is not looking at him he is hardcore LEERING at her.
Instead of buying a rape whistle Andrea goes to inform Michonne they should just stay another day or so. Michonne is as mad about this as I am.

“Aw man can’t we have just one good day.” -Glenn
Carl still wants to get it in with Beth which still sort of bothers me but whatever kid get some. Hershel is done just laying in his bunk thinking about the hell the all live in, especially him with his new one-legged nature so it was nice that today was the day he was trying to walk with crutches. BTW he also has a kickass ponytail because that’s how Hershel roles. Lori tried to get the old guy to stop after a few feet but the lure of the outdoors was too strong as he led everyone outside, leaving the girls and Carl watching with hopeful eyes. Outside Rick and the rest of the melee squad were beyond the fences gathering supplies, like wood, (we also learn here they are conserving ammunition because the armory was stripped clean in the prison), when they spy Hershel making strides with his crutches. Therefore is solid moment where everyone is just looking at one another as if saying, “See, we can do this”. Rick and Lori in particular share a long meaningful look (because of their hasty action Hershel is alive), as this is the only way they can communicate lately in a friendly way. This moment is made ten times more meaningful as a sudden violent horde of walkers make their way into frame. Chaos reigns as everyone scrambles to get away from them, while Rick and the rest of the melee crew (now including Axel and Oscar) start the arduous fleeing journey back onto the prison grounds to help everyone. For all their glamorous group fighting skills learned in the off season it seems no matter your experience a sudden group of walkers is impossible to put down without some planning, and more muscle.

“Hey Bro, what about us?” -Axel
Beth and Hershel make it behind a chain fence, but not before Hershel totally used his crutch as a weapon. Hershel I vote you as most badass character. Seriously guys, the veterinarian from a small farm is now Hershel: ponytail. Man. One awesome leg. While they got away everyone else were fighting off the horde. T-Dawg, someone with absolutely no back-story other than being an African-American man is taking charge. He spies the reason for the onslaught is the open gate (from the ominous beginning). T-Dawg there now amazing swoops in all heroic shutting the gate and locking it therefore leaving his back wide open. A lone walker comes from behind and rips out a chunk of T-Dawgs shoulder. Carol and me both scream “Nooooo” as dramatically as possible. He put down the walker and escapes the yard through another door with Carol. Maggie gets Carl and Lori to the safety of another door however once inside the cellblock they unfortunately come face to face with more walkers. All the while Daryl, Glenn, Axel, and Oscar all follow a screaming Rick back there the fences to the prison yard. I sort of like manic Rick.

“Somebody is playing games!” -Rick
As Rick and company finally make it into the yard Glenn wins ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK as he just slices off the top of the walkers skull in a lovely camera angle then moves on for more kills. Beth and Hershel, still behind there safe-gate inform them where everyone ran off to. As Glenn informs Rick that the gate was cut open and therefore the horde was purposely made. He automatically blames Oscar and Axel who still seem baffled by this whole apocalypse walking dead extravaganza. Before he can confront them though the prison alarm begins to sound drawing even more walkers in. While trying to shoot out speakers, Oscar informs Rick about why it could be happening. They all go to try to fix the problem because as of that second Rick’s main worry is if the front gates can be opened with the back-up power. Until they get into the cellblock Lori ran to and only find other walkers. “Somebody is playing games” Rick booms realizing all their hard work clearing out the prison are for naught.

“And what? Stay here and wait to die?” –T-Dawg
Meanwhile T-dawg is telling Carol how she can navigate her way back to their cellblock. She says she will shoot him so he doesn’t have to become a walker but T-dawg is working on walker-bite-overdrive. To him this is Gods plan, and he is still there if only to lead Carol out of the dark unknown hallways. HOLY SHIT WHY DID THEY NEVER GIVE THIS CHARACTER ANY SORT OF BACKSTORY OR DEVELOPMENT? Remember when T-dawg went crazy back in season two, and then promptly became un-crazy the next episode? That was it. Now he is leading the nicest lady on the show to safety while absolutely knowing his end is nigh. Suddenly they run into two zombies and no bullets left. Carol wants to back up but T-dawg is having none of that. His death needs more meaning. He needs to die so she can live and it is as heartbreaking as you can imagine. He charges full speed into the biters screaming for Carol to run past. They begin to gnaw at him as he howls for her to “Go”. Carol and the viewers watch as T-dawg’s throat gets ripped out. She emotes appropriately then turns and runs into a white light…. Is this end of the Lost Season 5? Did Juliet just set off the bomb? Anyway the last we see Carol she runs away but alive.
Next at the scene is Rick and company who discover T-Dawgs horribly mutilated and eaten body and mysteriously Carol’s noted headscarf. They seem to presume her dead.

Then we have the baby with the worst timing imaginable. As Maggie tells Lori to keep up she doubles over. Something is wrong. She thinks it might be the baby coming. Just as that thought sinks in, another group of walkers ambles out from the darkness. Carl manages to lead them into the Boiler room, with a shitty door that doesn’t close. Boy I hope that happened after the zombie apocalypse. Lori is indeed in a very sudden labor. It is all happening far to fast to seem like a realistic labor unless this is legit proof that something really was going wrong no matter what. Lori’s body is unprepared, malnourished, and she has never even done a natural birth before. So it shouldn’t surprise me that none of it seemed legit. Also Maggie is now being tagged as the winner or the midwife contest unfortunately she is something like 6th string. Her response to looking to see if Lori is dilated is a solid “I can’t tell” – LOL. Lori gets up to start to push even though it barely seems to be real labor yet. After some wicked uncomfortable pushing Maggie goes from “C’mon keep pushing” to “Don’t push – Something’s wrong.”.  There is too much blood. Something really is wrong. Of course this skinny bitch can’t squeeze a baby out of her hoo-ha.

Rick and crew make it into the generator room. Now I suspected our little mischief maker was indeed Andrew (prisoner Rick left chained in the middle of a walker infested yard) due to the revealing “previously on” recap before the episode so that wasn’t a surprise BUT it was a surprise to see him come sailing out from behind a generator wielding an axe. He and Rick battle it out ending with Rick’s gun at Oscar’s feet. Hilariously (IMO) Andrew gets knocked to the ground by some sort of metal barrel Oscar literally threw at him. Then Oscar picks up the gun and points it. Andrew still begs Oscar to shoot Rick so they can take the prison back. Dude, I’m fairly certain he just threw a huge barrel at you. Oscar earns his brownie points and shoots Andrew ending the entire debocle. I loved seeing Daryl approaching from the background knife in hand ready to cut down Oscar if he touched his boyfriend Rick. Oscar even gets extra credit for neatly flipping the revolver around handle first to Rick as if saying “So we good now?”. I hope so.

“My baby has to survive – For all of us” -Lori
Lori is losing consciousness and blood and def not even close to fully dilated so she knows there is really only one real option to take. Her life for her baby’s life. She asks Maggie to take Carls knife and literally cut the baby out of her. Maggie is all terrified but ultimately balls up because there is absolutely no other option.
She and Carl have one of the most real moments come to date of this show as she passionately tells Carl how he is going to beat this world and the need to do what’s right. He is the best thing she ever did and she loves him and is that a tear? Did Lori just make me cry? Maybe this really is the end of the world. Then Lori pushes Carl away as she prepares for the end informing Maggie that after this horrible ordeal she has to shoot her in the head as well. It just can’t be Rick. The character can’t do that to him even after death. Lori is saying “its Alright” over and over as Carl hands his knife to Maggie who promptly apologizes before running the knife across her old caesarean scar. Blood seeps out. Lori howls. Carl cries. Maggie gets to work. After more gut moving and blood draining Maggie pulls out the baby. After a couple of timeless pokes it cries – Carl actually smiles. They leave but not before Carl proclaims he will shoot her in the head because she is his mother. COOL. Then we flashback to last years finale. It’s Rick giving Carl a speech atop the barn:
“No more kid stuff. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die. Mom. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it.”
Then Carl shoots his mother in the head – it’s done off-screen which actually does make it all the more emotional. AND if there wasn’t enough melodramatic emotional battering going on we then had to witness Maggie, Carl, and brand new sibling enter the prison yard and come face to face with Rick who literally falls to pieces before our eyes as he calculates how there is a baby crying and no Lori. Congratulations to everyone in this last scene for acting the shit out of it. Who knew the sight of Rick Grimes sobbing in disbelief over his wife’s death would have such power. Of course this can only have horrible effects on this character, as everything that went down was all because he didn’t kill Andrew to begin with. Poor Rick.

NEXT TIME: Rick loses his mind and it looks awesome.


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