Gimmie My Franchise Back: Disney Takes Star Wars and Singer gets back X-Men.

I have yet to weight in on the whole Disney buying the rights to Lucas Films and the announcement of an Episode VII and I know everyone is waiting anxiously to hear what I have to say about it. (Fart)  Mostly because this is one of those internet things were the memes and outrage and excitement and whole thing so I just kinda dug in my heels and stood pat for the smoke to clear and then I could make a judgement.   It’s been a few days (long enough in internet time) and I’m really just indifferent about it;  I’m proud of myself that I’m one of the fellow geeks that didn’t spaz out when Disney took over Marvel because I knew they would treat it with respect and they have the money to finance what these movies require.  I saw Avengers I knew I was right, and I’m sure the same will happen with Star Wars.  It’s just so strange to think that the guy who created the Star Wars franchise took it and damaged it so much.  The bar is so low after the prequels that I’m not really worried these new movies will be bad, and if they are then we’ll all have a good time making fun of it on the internet.  I think when it comes down to it, I’m more excited Mark Hamill will be getting an acting gig over the actual movie itself….he’s in it right?

This probably won’t stop all things Star Wars from jamming their fingers up our collective asses looking for easy access to our wallets and making me hate it so much but it really is a step in right direction.  George loved making Star Wars into toys, shampoo, dildos, what have you, but first and foremost Star Wars is a movie and I’d like to see more.  When George said years ago he’s done making Star Wars movies and my initial reaction was “fuck you!” Like he was doing us some huge favor making the prequels in the first place.  Point is George lost his handle on what makes Star Wars awesome a time long ago.  Star Wars needs to be treated like (gulp) Star Trek.  People seem to enjoy Star Trek so studios kick out movie after movie until they suck then they go in another direction (Example Next Gen.) then when that gets stale they go another way (JJ Abrams Star Trek) and so on.   It’s always bugged me that Star Wars was this scared cow, sure George helped create it but those movies are a collaboration and they happened now please get out of the way while someone better gets a crack at Star Wars.

So the second piece of movie news is Bryan Singer will be directing X-Men: Days of Future Past.  This announcements proceeds two bits of news, one that some of the original cast may be returning for this movie (EI: Patrick Stewart, etc) and that Mathew Vaughn had bowed out.  I do believe Singer wants to redeem his mistake of leaving the franchise to make a boring Superman flick instead.  Now this isn’t a home-run because Singer can be great (Usual Suspects, X-2) and he can be bad (Superman, some of X-Men 1) but I think it’s better to have continuity of someone whose been balls deep in this franchise since day 1.  Again, along with Star Wars, not to gonna get too jacked up over this but I think it could really be something special done right.  My advice to both franchises, get Joss Whedon involved and if he’s busy hire his brother.


~ by ATOM on November 2, 2012.

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