AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM – Rundown of the best(YAY!) and worst(NAY)


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM – Rundown of the best(YAY!) and worst(NAY) aspects from this season so far
Contains spoilers for episodes 1-3

The newest season of AHS is everything I both loathe and enjoy. It carries moments of intense real human horror layered over one of the more gorgeous sets on television this season while hitting every corny line and cheap shot it can get every episode. It did however take the first three episodes to completely convince me to give a shit about more than Sister Mary. Speaking of…

SISTER MARY EUNICE aka Lily Rabe stealing the show
Sister Mary is the reason I stuck with this show after the pilot. Her dialogue delivery is pitch perfect, and especially a great mix with the deadly serious characters she is surrounded by. Unable to remember to knock on Sister Jude door and manically calling herself dumb while demanding to be punished are on the list of nutty but awesome things this character has done. This is the reason I initially was distraught over the idea of her seeming demon possession BUT after the newest episode in which Lily Rabe proves to me that she is more than weepy Nora from season one, I can’t help but welcome this demon to the game.
By episode 3’s Sister Mary is possessed. The show is heavily hinting at a literal demon but her new nature seems to bring out the evil in others, even unravel the truth where there was none. She sees to the truth of the entire situation. Her only truly evil action is the scaring and subsequent killing of The Mexican, also known as the older dancing lady from the common room. The rest of her actions are the absolute epitome of dark humorous awesome I loved so much about Season 1.

Bloodyface is a serial killer who was housed in Briarcliff in the sixties. Or so we are led to believe until suddenly he is in two times at once, then two places at once, then three, then…. Fuck can’t he just be Jason? I’d rather watch topless cheerleaders get broken in half.
His mask of human flesh is cool but if he asks for the lotion in the basket I’m going just die myself. There is a pretty cool theory of it being Dr. Arden considering their connection of “intense women hatred” but so far this boogie man is just that: a flat bad man who is bad because he is bad. We’ll see.

YAY! And Boo.
Kit Walker, is a Kennedy sounding young James Dean-esc man who has secretly married a sweet girl named Alma. Their relationship is extra controversial because it’s the sixties and they are a biracial couple. Unfortunately the couple is torn apart by a crazy plot decision. Aliens. Yes. Kit appears to be abducted and tortured by Aliens. In the aftermath we are led to know that Kit was found unconscious among headless bodies of many murdered women (including Alma) therefore landing him arrested and put into Briarcliff being accused of being BLOODYFACE.
However Kit sticks to his Alien story, and backs it up by being giving and kind to those near him. Out of all religious imagery his resembles Christ the most. His partnership with Grace seems as visualistic as the wording implies. Even his immediate forgiveness of Lana for her mistrust is super-nice.
However the whole Alien deal seems a bit much especially in the wake of realizing that it will probably play a much bigger role to the central plot. This is due to Sister Jude drunkenly seeing an Alien at the asylum. Did it come for kit? Did it come with the storm? A big alien storm? This show is so strange.

THE LOVERS aka Adam Levine and Hot Brunette
From the opening moments of the pilot episode we are thrown into the lovers’ honeymoon in present day. One of the last stops is the fictional Briarcliff sanatorium in the lovely Massachusetts. While giving us some tremendous images of the long closed asylum we follow the honeymooners as they have sex and almost have sex on every filthy surface in the place. My first thought was these people need to die so when Adam Levine’s arm is literally ripped off by whatever mysterious creature/man/thing was inside a certain equally mysterious cell I found myself feeling hope for the show and what other curveballs it may throw me.
And it did! Hot Brunette belts off her basically-dead husband’s stomp and takes off to “get help”. This is stopped short however when the very same serial killer from the 1960s suddenly appears in present day only to chase Hot Brunette right back past her dying husband only to hide in the now open mysterious cell. After Bloodyface finishes off her husband he bulldozes into the cell only to be tackled by the STILL ALIVE Adam Levine…. Right here is where the album skips and I do my best Scooby-doo impression.
Seriously? The courageous husband goes into shock after getting his whole freaking arm ripped off, then get stabbed a bunch of times in the chest with a orbitoclast, and then he has the strength to get up and tackle his wife’s attacker? Whatever. He does that and somehow wins, leaving his wife to manically stab Bloodyface even more to finish the job. As she gets him up and they start there escape Teresa (Hot Brunette) calls 9-1-1. Before she can get a word out though The Lovers are surrounded by TWO MORE BLOODYFACES. What the hell is going on? Is it like a copycat convention? Baffling. Anyway one of them has a gun and just point blank shoots our lovers dead. Ha. This script spin is almost worth the confusion.
Then ANOTHER Bloodyface appears and the two fake Bloodyfaces are in deep shit.

SISTER JUDE aka Jessica Lange coming undone
My first reaction to this character was severally lacking. Her dialogue was amazing but I’m fairly certain Jessica Lange could just make dolphin noises the whole time and still get an Emmy nomination. Her cruelty is swift. Her religion is strong. Her back-story was welcome but not completely out of the blue. However with the progress of her character in episode three, has made me believe in her.
After Sister Jude’s confrontation with the demon in episode two her past has begun resurging in her present. We learned that Sister Jude used to wear lots of red and sing slinky Etta James tunes in bars while offering herself up to handsome younger army men.  She also ran over a little girl, which actually sent her into her great repentance of nearly everything that was originally part of her life. Sin. However she doesn’t totally repent considering she still never told anyone about her little hit and run, and currently is feeling the awful after effects of guilt. Sister Jude, the pillar of strength is coming unhinged at her jesus-y seams.
Sister Mary helps push her, while also setting her up to believe Dr. Arden is the suspect who is secretly terrorizing her in an “I know what you did last summer” kind of way about her hit and run. While wearing lipstick, Sister Mary informs Sister Jude that it’s a gift from Dr. Arden for Sister Jude. So of course she charges over to his mad laboratory to exchange some fabulous arguing and ending with her throwing the “Ravish-Me Red” lipstick at the good doctor.
Sister Mary also places this alcoholic face to face with an entire bottle of communal wine. Initially she passes the test but after a strange unexplained telephone call from the long dead little girl she accidently killed Sister Jude faces the whole bottle. She then goes on drunkenly monologue in front of EVERYONE then runs around the empty wards chasing someone she thinks is breaking the rules. Instead she comes face to face with A FUCKING ALIEN. This show is so strange.

James Cromwell is so amazing. It sucks that I can’t stop giggling sometimes because of the Babe-visuals his face conjures up.
This more than likely Nazi scientist is a huge foil to Sister Jude. Hell, he is the enemy of all women, especially in his controlist issues, bondage loving mind. Between his dark nature, intense view on science, I shouldn’t be surprised that he took the “Ravish-me Red” lipstick from his spat with Jude and painted it on the white stone Mary statue. Her lips and nipples were tickled red as he completely lost his shit calling her a whore then promptly smashing the statue on the ground. BTW Whore is his favorite word ever. It is his view of all/most women, which both represents disgust and probably turns him on.
Dr. Arden also seems to have manufactured humanistic creatures that live surrounding the Asylum grounds. They are a mismatch of body parts composing actually frightening beasts. His Frankenstein’s. We finally get a good look at a few when Kit, Grace, and Lana complete one of their escape attempts. It is however cut short when they are confronted with the beasts and are chased right back into the nightmarish horror inside the asylum.
Dr. Rapey has also come face to face with transformer-like Alien(?) technology embedded in Kit’s neck and continue to study it like he would study one of his patient’s brains.

“What you put out into the world comes back to you.”
Mysterious French accent girl who has immediate bond with Kit. She is keenly observant and has an unknown back-story concerning her being accused of axe-murdering her family. Can’t wait Grace. I wasn’t completely into her until she sniped at Lana in episode two, calling her a “Judas bitch” for rating out her and Kit during their first escape attempt.

Other than hating when Jessica Lange calls her that Lana is actually a character I enjoy. Even when she makes decisions you don’t approve of you respect her as a character. You feel her pain. You are just as nervous about her potential memory loss as she is. Now her new episode three alliance with Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto bitchs) leaves me wanting more.
As for the Dr. designated to the Asylum diagnose Kit; he is a welcome addition creating himself more in the viewer’s shoes. He is not as crazy religious while not being as mad scientist as Arden. He sees room for positive reinforcement and less insane punishment. Therefore he becomes a villain in Sister Jude’s eyes because she rules with cruelty.

CHLOE SEVIGNY isn’t sexy but SHELLY has potential
I’m not the foremost authority of sexiness or anything but this lady has never done it for me. It could be my odd dislike of Big Love but she has never sold sexy to me. So her as a nymphomaniac seems just discouraging HOWEVER her character development started going in a very positive direction. Her quoting and name-dropping completely makes up for any cheesy parts of her back-story. Also as of episode three Shelly has taken a page from Kit’s book and plays the part of Christ or the martyr. While trying to make an escape with Kit, Grace and Lana, Shelly gives herself up to distract an orderly. She wants them to wait for her but understands if they can’t. Then she urges Lana, as if a disciple, to tell everyone their story. Right when you think a happy ending is on the horizon she runs face first into Dr. Arden who promptly says whore dozens of times and tries to rape her. This ends with her laughing at his impotency and he goes full on caveman just flat out whacking her over the head. When she comes to, he is a degree calmer because he FUCKING CHOPPED HER LEGS OFF AT THE KNEES. Wow never thought I’d feel bad for Chloe Sevigny.

I am missing a ton of other information as well as a handful of great references made but unfortunately they are not really up to calibre to even think of. Unfortunately that includes Joseph Fiennes who is usually someone I love but it appears only Jessica Lange loves him in this. Lets hope episode four is as fun as three so I write an actual recap we all can enjoy.


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