Walking Dead Season 3: Preview

Every now and then comes a time to forgive and forget. This is one of those lone times I will allow the slate to wipe clean, and attempt to love something that has done nothing but disappoint me. This is because in between new promos, and hearsay I cant help but still feel simmering excitement for Rick and the gang returning to show us no matter how scary the dead are, the living are to be feared just as much.

Walking Dead, as I approach you with my newly cleaned slate I don’t know how I couldn’t love what your third season promises: New kickass comic characters (both bad-ass, and villainy bad-ass), better locations and more action (Thanks gawd).  This show can do what it does best: Lame character choices. Dropped plot points. Pointless season long debates that end with no result.  And since it (hopefully) holds these newer puzzle pieces (Not the farm.  Not about poor Sophia. Not arguing over laundry. No more ridiculous love triangle set around the one person I’m fairly positive no one likes.) silly plot decisions can be easily forgotten in the next horde of zombies if the promise of action is met. Some of these new devices seen evidently in season three promos.

“It’s Perfect”
The Prison
Any new location for this season was needed and the fact they are getting to the prison now brings me such fond memories of the comic. This is where some of our favorite characters found their stride and became favorites in the comic – I can only hope they will have the same experience there in the television series. It after all is a new perfect safe house during this apocalyptic dead rising world, having weapons, food and medicine.

This new season has Rick and the gang literally showing the fight they have left in them to take said prison and make it their own in what looks like an amazing action sequence. Everyone seems to be working much better together rather than the last time they all fought a horde and ended up running from Hershels boring farm of burning barns and poor plot lines. Also little(big) Carl, the boy who grows, looks ever bit his comic badass counterpart, with both Sheriff hat and a gun. It’s the perfect tease to bringing me back into the realm of Walking Dead respect. Rick and gang are finally looking like Rick and the gang rather than Rick and the 47 people who need to die.  Congrats to Laurie for being the absolute only character I do not want to hear from next Sunday.

Welcome to Woodbury
Andrea had been separated from the group last we saw and fabulously saved by the comic fan favorite Michonne. They appear to be a fun twosome as they are taken to the town of Woodury where they have their weapons taken from them. The man in charge who is one of my favorite villains in print is The Governor. As he informs them they are guests of theirs in their safe little haven of a town Andrea and Michonne rightfully feel the dangerous vibes in the place, admitting to one another that they do not trust it. I am insanely pumped to watch these two women work together. Between all this fighting and discovering of new places and characters we see Rick and the Governors paths leading to one another leaving me waiting for this amazing confrontation.

Fight the Dead, Fear the Living
“Hows about a big hug for your old pal Meryl”
This season has done something different. Instead of the idea that Rick and the gang are scared of a nameless group of men they “hear” about, now it appears natural fear can be made in the presentation of Meryl returning as well as the Governor and his people.  The fear has a face to react to, making it much for real to us viewers, rather than watching our characters run around bickering over trivial matters and fearing anything but themselves.
The image from the trailer for this season that most intrigued me was of the ominous helicopter seen on the show in the past. If I were to wax on about the imagery properties of such a thing I would call it hope for them. That somewhere someone knows more than them and is trying to take care of it. Somewhere someone still runs helicopters. Somewhere there is a hope and therefore hope is with Rick and the gang. This is only made more exciting by the recent trailer as said Helicopter appears to be crashing. Hope is literally crashing and burning, therefore making this show more attractive both to me as well as other viewers who need a weekly installment of violence, zombies, and humanity fighting with itself.

PS: Only Meryl would turn is hand stump into a kickass weapon, er, other than Captain Hook. WATCH SUNDAY!



~ by ATOM on October 13, 2012.

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