Looper (review-No Spoilers)

Much like my review for Cabin in the Woods, I will keep this review brief because spoiling any of the important plot points would be a disservice to anyone who has not yet seen this film.  “Looper” is director Rian Johnson’s 3rd feature film, the other two being “Brick” one of my all time favorite films of the last ten years, and the less acclaimed “The Brothers Bloom.”  Johnson’s third effort “Looper” is as ambitious a film that you will see this year and it totally pays off like no other film this year. (maybe Cabin in the Woods)

Looper stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as the young version of the main character Joe known as a “Looper” who is essentially a hired gun in the year 2044 who’s job is to kill people sent back in time by the mob.  In the year 2072 it’s much more difficult to get rid of a dead body so the mob sends them back in time and Joe blows them away on arrival and incinerates the body.  One major rule for Looper’s are that after 30 years you will be sent back in time and you will have to murder yourself, thus closing your Loop.  This is where Bruce Willis comes into play as “Old Joe” who is sent back in time and Young Joe must close the Loop.  Obvious from the trailer this doesn’t happen setting the story in motion from there.

There are many things I absolutely loved about this flick, one being that it is a stand alone property without a built in audience.   Once you enter the third act you as an audience member has no idea what’s going to happen and that is pretty refreshing in a world where it’s pretty evident that the hero will over come.  In this film it’s never apparent who the hero even is, never mind weather they’re going to make it out alive.  Johnson also pretty much all but steps out on screen and tells the audience not to pick apart the time travel aesthetics and just enjoy the ride, which is a brilliant piece of advice cleverly delivered  in a captivating scene.

Quick talking point is it was really nice to see Bruce Willis not phone in his performance and I thought he gave Joe just as much if not more character than Joseph Gordon Levitt.  The supporting cast is excellent with quality actors like Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano who is involved in one of the most terrifying movie scenes I can remember in a long time, and a great surprise appearance by Garrett Dillahunt.

I will give one negative remark to the film and that is to the make up job the film makers gave to JGL to make him look like Bruce Willis.  It doesn’t look bad, it’s actually impressive as hell, I just found it sort of distracting and if we’re as an audience asked to accept all this non sense about time travel and what have you, then we’ll buy JGL is young Bruce Willis, end of story. This is a film I plan on writing much more about in respect to everything that goes down, but I’ll wait for maybe a DVD release and save my ideas and theories for another time and just use this review to stress that you should SEE THIS FILM.  Original properties are becoming more and more scarce as Hollywood continues to churn out unoriginal content so when something like this slips through it would be a disservice as a movie goer to miss out.


~ by ATOM on October 8, 2012.

One Response to “Looper (review-No Spoilers)”

  1. Thanks for not spoiling this, I lost count of how many reviews I skipped over just to read some good/bad points on the movie without any real spoilage. I’ve heard mixed reviews from certain people I work with at DISH, who normally love ruining movies for people, but I wouldn’t let them do it to me this time! I decided to take a look at Rian Johnson’s other work first so I’ve added Brick and The Brothers Bloom to my Blockbuster @Home queue. I was happy to find that I could also add Looper despite the fact that it’s not on DVD yet. I figured that if I’m going to immerse myself in a new director, I might as well do it right!

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