WWE: Night of Champions: Results

Welcome to The Night of Champions results of Champions for Champions.

Pre show Battle Royal: Winner: Zack Ryder. I missed this match but the interwebs informed me that Zack Ryder was the big winner.

Lawler’s replacement at commentary is a good one, JBL! A great replacement and addition to the commentary team.

Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes vs The Miz (Intercontinental Title) Great match to kick off the night.  The final spot where Sin Cara placed a mask on The Miz who then blindly hit the skull crushing finale on Cody for the win.  Winner: The Miz

Right on cue with WWE keeping up with current events, Kaitlyn gets Nancy Kerrigan’ed backstage by a mysterious who ever.  I’m sure this will result in Eve taking her place in the match like it was originally planned.  Well played WWE.

Kane and Daniel Bryan (Dragonfire) vs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (Boring) (WWE Tag Team Titles) Daniel Bryan and Kane were great, I can’t emphasis enough how great these two are as a tag-team and have been the best thing going in the WWE right now.  Very entertaining match and funny, but the best part is Kane and Bryan picked up the win and are the new tag team champions.

Zack Ryder vs Antonio Cesaro (US Title) A quality match with Cesaro dominating most of the match with Ryder mounting a bit of offense toward the end but Cesaro over powers Ryder and picks up the win.  Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler: Another incredible match for this Pay-Per-View, and trust me I’m not over stating it, this match was a war.  The Boston crowd was hot and pro Ziggler (which JBL actually commented on) but Orton managed to come out on top with a great RKO off a back body drop.  It was this match that I stepped back and realized how good JBL is at making matches seem important.  The circumstances suck but I hope JBL sticks around on commentary for a long time. Winner: Randy Orton

Eve vs Layla (Divas title) This match kinda killed the momentum of the PPV. Not a terrible match but not a good one either. Winner: Eve (New Champion)

Backstage Kane dumps Gatorade over Daniel Bryan, Doctor Shelby and AJ saying he’s going t disneyland. Lulz were had by all.  No seriously, I love this angle. Also AJ in a wet t-shirt, yeah I know I’m 13, but seriously, love this angle.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus (World Heavy Weight Title Match) Booker T reinstates the Brogue Kick to kick off the match (wank) Whatevs. The match was pretty good, but sort of shuffled to the back of the line as far as the rest of the night goes.  Sheamus uses the Brogue kick for the win. Winner; Sheamus. too many pies.

Cm Punk vs John Cena: (WWE Title) First Punk in pinstriped trunks is a great touch in Boston, second even though Boston is Cena country (it’s not) the crowd was still split and this had a big fight feel.  The match itself was amazing! back and forth with finishers and the match ends with both guys shoulders to the mat and ends in a draw.  Cena gave Punk a german suplex from the top rope but didn’t bridge the pin. (lol) CM Punk walks out with the title.  Normally I’d bitch but I loved the finish, it keeps the feud going.  Hell in a Cell anyone?

So over all the best PPV of 2012. boom.


~ by ATOM on September 16, 2012.

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