WWE: Night of Champions Preview and Predictions

As mentioned before I gave up on reviewing Raw every week because Brandon at WithLeather does too good of a job as predicted 3 hours of Raw is just too much.  This harkens back to the days of the 3 hour Nitro which no one enjoyed. 3 hours of NWO red and black jobbers vs black and white NWO jobbers was no ones cup of tea.   Pay-Per-Views can be three hours because you’re (usually…well sometimes) getting top quality matches and the pay off to what you’ve been watching for the last month of Raw and Smackdown.  There’s nothing that’s happening on a 3 hour Raw that couldn’t be condensed into a 2 hours Raw.  It seems cliche at this point but it really does seem like they’re just cramming in more commercials and references to social media which becomes white noise by ten o’clock.  Especially now that Monday night football has returned, I find myself channel surfing through most of the three hours of Raw.

Speaking of an extra extrusiating episode of Monday Night Raw, this past week after permorming in a tag team match and then returning to commentary during the Kane/Daniel Bryan match vs The Prime Time Players, Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack.  While the match was about half way in, suddenly the commentary siezed and people in the arena began to stand and look over at the announcers table.  You knew something strange was going down, I thought maybe a melee that spilled over to the announcers table or something comperable to that. Cole picked up the commentary after some uncomfortable silence but seemed rattled.  After the match Cole addressed the the TV audience and informed us that Jerry Lawler passed out and was receieving CPR in back.  I felt sick after hearing this, and rather than sitting around and finish watching the show so Cole can tell me The King died, I bailed.  I felt like a baby but I turned the TV off and went on the computer to do something else other than this horror show.  I was having flashbacks about Owen Hart and how terrifying that was, and all other nightmares wrestling fans have had to endoure, so i walked away with a pit in my stomach.  At 11:15 I put it back on to see if anything had changed, after catching the end of the Cena/Punk promo, Cole announced Jerry was breathing on his own, and I honestly couldn’t have been more surprised and relieved.  With all the bad luck wrestling has endured over the years I had my money on worse case scenario, but luckily Lawler was revived and that sense of dread faded away.  I wasn’t delighted by all the monday morning quarterbacking people did by saying “they should have stopped the show” or “Lawler shouldn’t be wrestling at that age.” I have no idea the logistics of advertisers, network time and all the particulars that go into ending the show an hour early, so I’ll leave it alone and let the people who do make those decisions.

Night of Champions:  The PPV is sunday right in my backyard at the TD Garden and I won’t be there because I work sunday’s and moneys too tight for steak.  That being said, much like Pro Football, I enjoy wrestling from the confinds of my home, not to sound corny but it’s the best seat in the house, for both.   So lets review the card and make some predictions.

Battleroyal for #1 contender for the US title: I’ll go out on a limb and say Tyson Kidd takes this, he’s been on the brink of a small push and this would set up an interesting match.

Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kidd (I Guess) If this is the case I say Cesaro keeps the title….if the winner of the battle royal is say….Ryback, then there’s no way Cesaro keeps the title.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler:  I think the feud between Del Rio and Sheamus has been putrid, so I say Orton despite leaving to film Oscar bait 12 Rounds 2: 13 Rounds I say he picks up the win with Ziggler cashing in MITB.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara (For the Intercontinental title) I say The Miz keeps this title, for no other reason than what else is he doing?

Daniel Bryan and Kane vs Kofi and R-Truth: Daniel Bryan and Kane is the best thing going in the WWE right now and the two of them picking up gold opens up more doors for this story. I say they pick up the win and the titles.

Sheamus vs Del Rio (World Heavy Weight Title) I reiterate, this feud sucks, both guys are better than this.  I hate when moves get outlawed, it reminds me of when they outlawed the powerbomb in WCW and reliving that crap is a nightmare in itself.  Sheamus keeps the title and hopefully loses it seconds later from Ziggler.

CM Punk vs John Cena: These two always put on a good match in the ring but I’m guessing with the help of Paul Heyman (Maybe Lesner) CM Punk keeps the title and defeats Cena.




~ by ATOM on September 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “WWE: Night of Champions Preview and Predictions”

  1. I enjoyed the NWO and WCW jobber, but you got a point with the 3 hour thing, because me and my brothers were so young we would always fall asleep before the main event :).

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