The Grey: Review

A movie I dismissed as Liam Neeson fist fights a bunch of Wolves in the snow and really never intended on ever seeing, actually turned out to be anything but that.  The advertisements for this movie were very deceiving and had a known it was filled with a philosophical message about man vs himself and some deep shit about life and death, I probably wouldn’t have dodged this flick until it popped up on Netflix watch instant.  Well lucky for us instant streamers this relatively new flick is at the ready for netflix users, so before you do that here’s my review of “The Grey”

Much like Taken Neeson is a quiet stoic badass, but in this flick instead of dispatching kidnappers, his specialty is wolves, mainly fucking killing them.  In seriousness, his job is to protect Oil Workers in the arctic from Wolves while on the job.  The story begins as Liam seemly depressed and wanting to end his life travels with the workers via rickety old airplane over the arctic where it crashes and the survivors have to fight for their lives from the elements and of course blood thirsty wolves.  This is the set up for what seems like will be a pretty basic action/horror movie and it does have its exciting moments of action and gruesome horror, but the soul searching and over all preponderances of life and death is the heart and soul of this flick.

The Grey is a solid 90 minutes of action, nerve-racking terror and thought provoking, problem with that is the movie is 120 minutes.  If tightened up and omitted some movie cliches this movie would have been even closer to great.  Another complaint is the main character Ottway (Liam Neeson) doesn’t get the development he deserves.  Diaz, (Frank Grillo) the groups resident hard ass gets a great arc and the best scene in the film, I just thought Ottway deserved more than some fuzzy flashbacks.

Director Carnahan does a great job of crafting an engaging thriller with a lot of under lying themes and allegories without getting too preachy.  After viewing you’ll understand how impossible this movie would be to market which is why it didn’t get the buzz it deserved being lost in a sea of hollywood drivel. Some may dismiss this flick as a schlocky depressing horror flick, but there’s a lot of substance under the surface if you’re willing to scratch it.  It’s a movie with balls in both it’s texture and subtext.  When faced with life we want to die and when faced with death we want to live and this is what’s were forced to think about for the majority of this flick.  The film maker wants you to thumb your nose at faith and man up which isn’t a popular stance to take in a movie but it’s ballsy and I can get behind that.


~ by ATOM on September 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Grey: Review”

  1. Thank you for reviewing The Gray, Atom! I went online and rented The Gray on Friday afternoon, before I left my office at DISH. It downloaded to my Hopper and was ready to watch before I got home. I see what you mean with the subtext of the movie and the underlying message and I can respect it, but it wasn’t enough to over come the really depressing ending. I don’t expect all movies to wrap up in a shiny bow, but I do expect something to make it worth my time.

    • I know what you mean, the movie was sort of a downer but I enjoyed what it was trying to do, it was different and I enjoyed that. Glad you liked the review, thanks for reading.

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