The Raid: Redemption: Review

If you’re one of those “action movies are dead” kinda people, you might want to direct your attention to an Indonesian action movie called “The Raid: Redemption”  This movie tore up The Toronto International Film festival last September so it’s been on my radar for some time and unfortunately I dragged my feet and waited til dvd/blu ray release and I can officially file this movie under “Wish I was it in the theater”

The strength of this movie is in it’s overly impressive and sometimes overwhelming action scenes, and not so much it’s simplistic but effective enough to keep you involved storyline.  The story revolves around rookie cop Rama who’s saying goodbye to his pregnant wife to join up with a swat team tasked with ambushing a tenement building with the objective of taking down crime boss Tama.  The high-rise is populated mostly by thugs, henchmen, thieves, and generally just bad guys who have an alliance with Tama.  Well once the Swat team is spotting making their way up the high-rise floor by floor Tama is alerted to their presence and offers free rent (sweet deal) to anyone who takes down the swat team.  This is as basic a premise as you need for a flick like this because once the building population is set out to kill this swat team it’s just one balls out action scene after another.

Cops and henchmen are getting cut up by bullets and machetes left and right but the films true strength are the hand to hand fights using an Indonesian martial art called Pencak Silat.  The action aside, I didn’t mind the clichéd dirty cop story lines and Tama the main badie although not on-screen enough is excellent and should have been used
more. The  Filmmaker Gareth Evans is great at ramping up some tense scenes in-between the insane action, complete with some great camera work to tie it all together.

This flick is an all out orgy of blood and fist, really just an ultra violent nightmarish free for all.  Once you get to the final brawl between Tama’s “mad dog” and Rama you are literally worn out from the amount of bloody fist-a-cuffs you’ve sat through.  To be perfectly honest this movie could have even used a little less action and integrated more story and I think it would have helped the over all product, but I guess that’s missing the point. This is one of those mid 90’s action fighting movies done well and turned up to 11.  If you wanna see a punch, high kick, bullet machete, gross out action bonanza (new genre) then this is one of the best in that line of film that I’ve seen a long time.



~ by ATOM on August 22, 2012.

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