20 Best Movie Themes of All Time 20-11

I decided to painstakingly make a list of the 10 best movie themes of all time and since there’s so many great movies made even greater by a kick ass score with a great theme I decided to bump it up to 20.  There’s some movies in here that I don’t even particularly love but the score or theme song can’t be denied as great.  What these 20 songs have in common is they make you feel something and when you hear them; you instantly think of the movie in which it’s connected to. The criteria for this list is an instrumental and original piece of music composed for said film, so when I say theme I use that loosely, it’s really the song that represents the movie.  So here’s my list.

20.  Inception: Get ready for plenty of Hans Zimmer on this list! kicking off the list at #20 is Inception.  This entire score is simply amazing, and anchoring that score is the main theme known as “The Dream is Collapsing”  Some may argue “Time” is the main theme but the scenes in which this song is used are so powerful that I had to go with it.

19: Rudy: There two kinds of people in this world: People who don’t like Rudy and people who fucking love this movie and aren’t afraid to admit they’ve shed a tear of two watching it.  You thought maybe it was the jersey scene that got you all choked up (Thank you Newsroom) but I think it was the score that cause you to have something in your eye.

18. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story:  I know I’m one of like 10 people who legitimately love this movie because it’s sort of all over the place and it does take liberties with Mr. Lee’s legacy.   All that being said, I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan and I thought this movie was pretty moving at times because of how epic a life this guy lived, and the score helps convey that.   That being said the main score is a great piece of music.

17. Beetlejuice: First of a few for Danny Elfman: This is a great supernatural comedy but I think what gets most underrated about this film is the music.  From the Harry Belafonte songs to this awesome opening credits theme.

16. Batman Begins: I know this theme was used in all three films but Batman Begins needs some love in the wake of The Dark Knight and Rises.

15. Robin Hood: No not the Russell Crowe one, the Kevin Costner one.  Yeah yeah, I know it’s not a great movie, but the main theme is awesome.  Most people remember the crappy Brian Adams everything I do song, but f-that song, the main theme should have been a summer song back in 1992.

14. The Avengers: This theme really had to grow on me and I liked it more the second time around seeing the Avengers in theaters.  In my review I compared seeing this movie in theaters to a lot of the great 80’s and 90’s classics and like them you will remember this theme and immediately remember the scene from the end of the film where it plays oh so triumphantly.  Stand up and place your knuckles on your hips and tip your head back with your cap waving in the wind right around 1:08

13. Requiem for a Dream: This is an amazing movie I’ve seen once and will never watch again (yeah I know I’m a huge pussy).  The main theme I have listened to and used numerous times, it’s flat out amazing.

12. Star Trek The Motion Picture:  I’m not even a huge Star Trek fan but even I can admit this is a great theme.  I think this is the best version of this song, used in the original movie which I’ve heard is garbage.

11: Batman:  No Matter how much you love the Nolan Batman films, you can’t deny how unbelievably awesome the original Danny Elfman Batman theme is.  No matter the situation, when I think of Batman kicking ass this song is playing in my mind, this song is just so Batman, everything about how it creeps around and then ramps up and totally kicks your ass.

1-10 coming soon.


~ by ATOM on August 2, 2012.

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