Punisher short film: #DIRTYLAUNDRY

I had heard rumblings about a short fan made Punisher movie with Thomas Jane reprising his (underrated) role as Frank Castle debuting at Comic Con a few weeks ago, but I quickly forgot all about it, never bothered to check for it and figured I’d made the whole thing up in my head.  Well today after work I came home to said movie posted on my facebook page by my brother the Norseman.  (It’s his real name, facebook says so)  Well I watched it and as amateur as it is, well it’s still really freaking good.  John Travolta and a shitty Miami setting aside, The 2004 Punisher movie was pretty damn good and vastly under rated.  Will anything come from this short film? Probably not, but it’s still a good watch and good to see Tom Jane kicking ass, along with a special guest spot by another comic book hero actor.   Check it out below, worth the 10 minutes.

~ by ATOM on July 31, 2012.

One Response to “Punisher short film: #DIRTYLAUNDRY”

  1. I loved this short. Thomas Jane, I felt, did a great job as Frank. He added the depth to the character that was needed for a film release. The biggest problem with the 2004 film was the villain. I would like to see Marvel give T.J. another go at the role. If they made the film more grounded, with real world problems, despite the violence depicted, it could be a truly great film. Much in the way that “A History of Violence” was – in that, although, it depicted extremely violent scenes – it still maintained three dimensional characters and a cohesive, realistic, story and setting.

    I know that there has been talk about a TV show, which I am NOT against if, and only if, it is on a premium channel like Starz or HBO. However, I would hate to see it on basic/extended cable channels. There would be absolutely no way for the story to be told correctly within those confines.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Marvel has the balls to ante-up, give T.J. another shot, and give the world a Punisher film it deserves.

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