300th Post (This is Pop Junk!)

It occurred to today at work while gleefully ripping off the July page on my calendar that I started this blog 1 year ago tomorrow, and not for any other reason but just as a creative outlet to write about shit that I find interesting.  This post here will oddly enough be the 300th Pop Junk post/article and I dunno if this is good or bad by blog standards but my blog has been hit 35,000 times.  Even if that sucks I’m still pretty flattered I’ve gotten clicked that many times, kinda blows my mind.  What is even more unfathomable is when you look at the country stats and see that people in Turkey, Egypt and Iran are reading about you pontificating on Superhero movies and airing your grievances about a program where men in underwear fake fight with a per-determined ending.  It’s odd to think some dude in Iceland was interested in what I thought about an X-Men comic I read while discarding last nights dinner in an unsavory fashion.   I guess my larger point is thanks for reading, thanks to all my friends who have helped contribute to the blog and here’s to many more years of useless time consuming content.  Thanks everyone.


~ by ATOM on July 31, 2012.

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