The Dark Knight Rises is the most disapointing movie ever….

….Is what I would write if I wanted to get hits on a linked story.  I noticed this trend with Avengers on Rotten Tomatoes with all of the negative or indifferent reviews having thousands of comments with people losing their minds.  Well Eric Snider from took this trend a step further and decided to troll Rotten Tomatoes with a false negative review of The Dark Knight Rises and the shit hit the fan.  The comment section caught fire with negative feed back and death threats, and why wouldn’t it, someone disliking a movie I’ve never seen usually sends me into a homicidal rage.  The final point of the story is once Rotten Tomatoes caught wind of this they banned the user from the site for good because no one fucks with the tomato meter!

The entire story is better articulated by a better blogger than myself

I just wanted to reciprocate the story and see how many hits I could get in the process.  The bottom line is everyone needs to relax.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th….I’m going Friday and should have a full review up by Saturday.


~ by ATOM on July 17, 2012.

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