Movie News: Comic Con Edition.

Skip the lines, the annoying fan-boys, and those pesky comics that get in the way of your movie news, I’ve got a quick ass run down of all the goings on at this years San Diego Comic Con.

Arnold showed up and people shit ice cream in delight! He was in tow with his Expendable buddies to promote the sequel dropping in August.  He said Twins 2 is possible, I say nay! We want Commando 2!

The Walking Dead had it’s season 3 trailer premiere and had a pointless panel about how great the show is; hosted by Chris Hardwick who needs to take his dick outta this show and go back to “Singled Out”  Seriously, try and watch an episode of “The Talking Dead” without hurling the closest object at your TV in hopes that some portal will open and send it straight at that dudes ugly undeveloped head.  Anyhow check the trailer for Season 3 which looks good but ya know what other trailer looked good….Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  Beware! they couldn’t help themselves and spoil the fuck out of a cool return.

Looks like Deadpool is getting his own video game, might be a few years too late as his popularity seems to be waning but we’ll see how the game fleshes out.

WWE showed up and the only news I could get was that there was a major car accident involving Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder and Justin Roberts.  I guess their limo got run into by another car, everyone is said to be ok, no word on weather Ziggler sold the accident by flying through the windshield and flopped around on the pavement.

Iron Man 3: Release date: 4/3/2013.  The movie is set to be an all out brawl between Iron Man and The Mandarin played by Ben Fuck Kingsley.

Thor 2 is going to be called Thor 2: Dark World which is fine and probably makes sense in the context of the plot.  It’s a better choice than Thor 2: The Reckoning, Thor 2: The Revengance and The Thor. Release date: 11/8/2013
Captain America 2: The Winter Soilder 4/4/2014:  This will be based on the popular and highly acclaimed Winter Solider storyline seeing the return on the once thought dead Bucky Barnes.  Let Brubaker write the script!

Guardians of the Galaxy: 8/1/2014.  This will act as a prequel to Avengers 2 and will feature Thanos as the villians.  The characters being used will be Groot, Drax, Gamorra, Star Lord and Rocket motherfuckin’ Raccoon.  I’m pretty hyped for this movie, I’m not even a fan of the comic series, I just have a good feeling this will be a fun space adventure flick.  This is concept art that will make your pants tight.

Edgar Wright had test footage of what his Ant-Man movie….might look like.  This gets a sarcastic wank.

Man of Steel: There will be a short teaser trailer for The Man of Steel during The Dark Knight Rises and will be released summer of next year.  There was footage at comic con but it’s been pulled from the internet and no one was savoy enough to get some buttcam footage.

Big News: Another American studio is gonna try Godzilla one more time.  People seemed to react positively to what they saw and I hope everyone will learn from the abortion that was 98 Godzilla.

Wolverine Origins 2….is that the title, I’m not sure, but casting news seems Jessica Biel is playing Viper…a villain I defeated last week in the Avengers facebook game.  I know, you’re impressed.

The lovely ladies of Game of Thrones showed up.  No word on more crotch grinding by Ygritte next season, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Peter Jackson says there will only be 2 Hobbit movies, not 3…to which I say, good!

Someone camping out to get into the Twilight panel got hit by a car and killed. Sucks.

finally my favorite quote came from the Total Recall panel: “By the way, anyone who shows up with an implanted third breast gets into the movie for free,” said Bryan Cranston, who plays the film’s villain. “Pass that around.” Ya know what’s better than three boobs? 10! Happy Comic Con!


~ by ATOM on July 16, 2012.

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