WWE: Money In The Bank Results

After a shit show of a Raw this past week we’ve got high hopes for some money in the bank tonight!  Well lets not waste anytime and make a deposit….see what I did there, Bank reference, Yahtzee!

Money In The Bank: World Heavyweight Championship: (Cody Rhodes, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Tensei, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Santino, Damien Sandow)

Hell of an opening match with some really stiff spots, very impressed by all the guys in this match (Expect Sin Cara).  Christian came close to getting the brief case but Ziggler made it up just in time to dump Christian and grab the case.  Bout damn time.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Miz showed up and announced he’d be in the WWE Title latter match, which is fine, it needs more than 4 people…will Mysterio show up, will anyone care, stay tuned.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship) First off the car he came out in was some kinda roadster that I would have sex with…or in, mostly with, fuckin sick ass car.  Del Rio works the arm of Sheamus in a back and forth match that the crowd seemed indifferent about at times.  The finish was pretty weak, it was just a Brogue Kick set up and execute.  Sheamus wins.

Del Rio beats on Sheamus and Ziggler comes out and before he can cash in the brief case Sheamus kicks him in the face before the bell can ring.  There’s a collective “meh” around the WWE universe.  We can never have nice things.

The Primetime Players vs Epico and Primo: Am I alone loving The Primetime Players?? I enjoy the millions of dollars chants after a win.  Crowd was dead for this match, wasn’t terrible but that’s what happens when you shoehorn filler into a pay-pre-view.  Truth and Kofi did commentary and King  flirted around saying something dumb and racist and actually flirted with little Jimmy, it was as uncomfortable as you’d expect.  Anyhow, Primo actually wins the match single handily which does nothing for this story line.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Title) AJ is the special guest referee for this match and she gets dispatched immediately after getting hit off the apron by Punk who was pushed into her by Bryan.   This is a good thing because it leaves these two with no distractions to have an all out war.   AJ finally came back and seemed ambiguous about who she wanted to help.  The war continues and the big finish happens with a back body drop through a table from the top rope.  Punk gets the win and AJ stands in the ring confused.  The match was great, the story line did not progress one bit besides Bryan losing his title match.

Money in the Rybank: Ryback vs Curt Hawkins/Tyler Rekks:  Ryback actually gets beat up, a little….gets kinda winded too having more than a 30 second match.  Anyhow, Curt Hawkins wins.  Fine Ryback wins.

6 Divas Tag Match: I really racked my brain if there were 6 Diavs.  Kaithlyn, Tamina, Lyala vs Beth, Eve Natalya: Winner: Layla pins Beth after stuff happens.

WWE Title Money in The Bank: Kane, John Cena, Jericho, Kane, Big Show, The Miz: Cena wins.  Yup, finally John Cena will have an opportunity for a shot at the WWE Title.  A true rags to riches story……ffffaaaarrrrrttttttt.

Overall: Good PPV, not great.  The opening match was awesome and the WWE Title match also paid off as a great match.  Everything else was pretty eh.

~ by ATOM on July 15, 2012.

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